Microlipo on Upper Arms - London, GB

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So no matter what weight I've been I've never been...

So no matter what weight I've been I've never been happy with my upper arms so I've usually kept them covered even in warm weather. I did seem to have extra fat in that area which was really not in proportion with the rest of my arm and I was also really not happy with the shape, my arm went from what looked normal sized to me to suddenly about twice the size from my elbow up so there was literally a lump there where it got bigger. The thought of being put to asleep scares me a bit though so when I found out online that I could get microlipo under local anesthetic I decided to go ahead with it. Everything went really well on the day and everyone I spoke to was really lovely and helpful. :)

On the day I didn't feel any pain except a tiny bit with the first needles but it was completely bearable. I was a little bit nervous about the actual procedure and what it would feel like but it was completely fine and didn't really bother me at all, I felt really relaxed. I also could not have asked for more from Dr Gupta or the nurses as I found them to be attentive and helpful. It took a few hours I was really sleepy once I got home so I went straight to sleep. The compression thing I have to wear now isn't too uncomfortable either.

The day after, I didn't do much and just stayed indoors. I felt fine in the morning but around midday I felt really sick and thought I was going to be sick but luckily the feeling passed. I suspected the antibiotics at the time, but I'm still on them now and feel completely fine so I think it must have just been from the anaesthesia wearing off which I was told to expect. I could notice a difference straight away to the size of my upper arms which was great, but I'll reserve judgement for a few weeks because of swelling etc.. also lots of the liquid stuff still draining so I didn't spend too much time looking because it would have been too messy.

2 days afterwards I worked and was walking around loads which was fine just a little bit sore. By 3 days after I was pretty much back to my usual activity level as I walk around loads, just reaching upwards and some movements were a bit restricted but by day 4 (today) I am not taking painkillers or anything and the anaesthetic liquid has stopped leaking so I only have to wear the compression garment for another 24 hours (yay). I have had the chance to have a better look at my arms now and I can see a big difference to the size but above my elbow there is still the 'lump' which I am hoping will improve in time as it's not even been a week yet so I'm not worried about it. I'll upload day by day photos soon :)


Day before vs day after

Day 4

Day 5

Dr Puneet Gupta

Great! Couldn't have asked for more.

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