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I had my op 12 days ago and can honestly say I...

I had my op 12 days ago and can honestly say I feel great and am healing really well. So I wanted to share with anyone wanting to have this procedure. Its something I have wondered about doing since as far back as I can remember and I finally bit the bullet and took the plunge. I went privately as I was turned down by the NHS about 3 years ago. Its something I haven't discussed with any of my friends as anyone reading this will understand the shame which is attached to this. So only my mum knows I have had it done. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask and I will be very open and honest.

Day 13

Ok so honestly feeling like I am almost back to normal... just sensitive along the scar line but pink is returning. When I felt the wounds had properly healed on about day 11 I started using these creams. The Bepanthen has just helped keep me moisturised so more comfortable - its a nappy rash cream. Then I got Kelo-cote to apply to the actual scar twice a day. Speeds up healing and works on keloid scars. Neither have irritated at all and been using for a couple of days now. Oh I also had a bit of an attack on the stitches today with some nail scissors... I made sure not to remove unless the skin was definitely healed. Hurt like hell to pull but when snipped, it was actually a relief as felt like some areas were restricting the area from getting blood flow so felt hard...


Hi ladies,
Day 15 today and all looking good. I just thought I would share some tips that I have mentioned before but I can't stress enough to anyone having this surgery or any sort of surgery how important a healthy diet is. Lots of fresh fruit and fibre and veg! My mum is a nurse so she had all the best tips for me so I thought I would share...
For 2 weeks before the op I came off all vitamins and just took vitamin c and arnica tablets. Through recovery I continued to take these and actually got at arnica cream to apply to the areas around the wound that were really bruised. My bruising was completely gone in 7 days and swelling gone right down by day 5/6. I took it easy the first couple of days but didn't let myself lie around in bed as this is not advised so day after surgery even though it was seriously uncomfortable I went and walked the dogs around the block once in the morning and once in the evening. Lots of ice packs every hour and a pillow under the knees. The swelling I found was worst on the 3/4 days. It's seems around this time you cannot believe what you have done to yourself and question your sanity! But I promise you are only a week off things really improving. Do NOT PICK THE STITCHES!! Seriously no matter how much you are tempted, it's not worth it and you could open up a hole in the suture line. Just stay patient. After day 14 you can start picking if you have to cause by then the skin will be healed together. There really wasn't any pain from the beginning more discomfort and that's what Ice and paracetamol/nurofen is for! Obviously you are not meant to take ibroprufen before or straight after surgery due to blood thinning but after day 5 I started taking it once a day to help with swelling.
On day 7 I started my period which was delightful!! But definitely manageable at this stage. Was so grateful it wasn't earlier. I just used pads as instructed and changed these frequently. I just made sure to 'douche' the foof a few times a day to keep any infection or irritation at bay! This is where the nappy rash cream came in handy to apply around the area as the skin can before a bit dry from all the washing. Just apply around the outterbits to keep lubed! Other girls have said coconut oil which I tried but found a little greasy. Although does work miracles! I also started applying the keloid scar cream on about day 10 but don't use that as gospel, I just felt I was ready for it so don't apply if your wounds are open or still not healed up enough.
Ok so I think that's it. It seems so unfair to have to go through this and the ultimate humiliation but as long as it's for you and no one else, there is no shame. Make sure you are doing it for your own self. No one would understand who didn't have these bits of skin hanging out of their lady gardens what it feels like but we all know it's not comfortable and we just want the freedom to walk around the bedroom with no pants on and feel sexy right?! We are all different and not one foof looks the same, so there is no 'right or wrong' and don't go striving for the perfect vagina because there is no such thing! I can't be more pleased they are gone and only wish I had done it years ago. Wishing you all the best of luck and don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any. I found these sites invaluable when I was going through it myself. Much love x

Day 15 and a half!

I am so pleased with results so far. Definitely still a bit swollen especially on 1 side but had read lots that this is common so just staying patient!


Hi lovely ladies,
So guess WHAT?! I had sex with my husband... day 17! Didn't hurt a bit, I think I was just more conscious of it hurting but it didn't at all. I also got no swelling or repercussions afterwards. The stitches are all gone and completely healed but as I said the ridge line is still very hard and its bigger on one side. Does anyone know how long this takes to soften up and will it ever feel 'normal' again?
Hope everyone is healing well!
;) xx
Dr Khan

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