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Ok so I am booked In for this operation and it...

Ok so I am booked In for this operation and it will take place in April 2015. I have wanted this surgery forever and I will be taking a before and after photo plus progress pics. But I really just wanted to hear from people who are thinking about having this done or have had this done. Any tips you can give me for the recovery time. Any info you can give me on surgeons to ensure I have picked the right one. My surgeon Is a gynaecological surgeon and he has over ten years experience! I've read a lot of good things about him but I have seen no photos. I have found it incredibly difficult to find before and after photos for surgeons in the uk London area and this is one reason I wanted to write this review, to help others in making the right decision and with the right surgeon! Please do contact me with any pointers you think I could do with. I would really appreciate it!

The big day - Surgery day!

So, I have been lying down in my hotel now for approximately 1 and a half hours and I'm already bored out of my mind so I thought I would finally upload my first post so you can all have a look.

So my story ... I was signed in early morning to the clinic, in theatre an hour later after speaking with my surgeon and anaesthetist and I had all my relevant checks with the nurses who were amazing, so so lovely. Everyone made me feel so comfortable. I was not nervous, no nausea .. Nothing. I guess I prepared myself. Once in theatre I was just chatting away to all the staff about work.. Standard life jibber jabber.

My surgeon showed me the area he would alter and I immediately didn't think that I would like the results as he said there may be some labia protruding through my labia majora once healed. Initially he was doing a simple labial reduction and decreasing the size of my prepuce ( folds around the clitoris ) but after I knew labia would still show through my outer lips I opted for the trim method. He said this would result in a much smaller appearance and this is exactly what I wanted. Nice small labia with a nice camel toe shaped vagina, just a slit with no skin peaking it's self through haha!

Next was the cannula which was placed into my hand ( not painful at all ) I felt a cold sensation up my hand and arm, this was the anaesthetic in my veins working it's way up. This is what I was most terrified about and I'm a wimp so if I can do it, then please be reassured that you should be just fine to. I was also given some gas that made me feel drunk as hell which was great! Then before I knew it I was out like a light.

What felt like five minutes later I was awake in my bed as happy as could be. No pain no nausea no nothing. I was bursting for a wee so went straight to the loo. And again twenty minutes later... After half hour or so a slight tingling stinging sensation started. This pain is bearable nothing to worry about. Also going to the toilet didn't hurt at all. I've been for a wee at the hotel to and it is pain free so that's hopefully reassuring to you guys who are dreading the toilet experience.

My only down fall of the day was the fact that I almost fainted after the cannula was removed, this is purely because I am baby and things in my veins freak me out. I turned around to soon and saw a long bloody stick of plastic popping out my hand. I advise if you are a bit squeamish then do not look at all until it's been taken out and put away ! Other than that I felt absolutely dandy. I was then discharged and went upstairs to book in my follow up appointment ( 2 weeks post - stitch removal ). Once this was done I suddenly felt very hot, sweaty and nauseous. I guess I only just thought about everything that had happened and got overwhelmed. So I sat by the toilet and the receptionist called for a nurse who then wheeled me back down to the ward to monitor my blood pressure and make sure I was okay and healthy to leave. I think this is purely because I went as white as a ghost so they thought it best to play it safe lol. Sitting down wasn't to uncomfortable so for people who need to drive home with a friend. Riding passenger for half hour to an hour would be okay. I apologise this is so long I just wanted to share my experience so far. I will be uploading photos later or tomorrow. At the moment it's a bloody gory mess but not really swollen, it looks like it's all tucked in nicely, minor swelling, dry blood around the area and slight stinging. I'm expecting tomorrow to be a lot worse than today.

Will update in due course :)


I was just wondering if anyone knows the best way to lie on the bed. So do I need my legs elevated so the pillow under my knees or my bum elevated ??

Also I have been using the water spray to rinse the Area after using the toilet and then applying the topical ointment. I don't want to wipe incase the stitches rip open. Any advice on better drying methods would be fab. Thanks

Day 1 - surgery day ( bloody mess)

I wanted to upload a photo of my before and after for day 1 and pre surgery photo so you can see what has been achieved so far. Please excuse the blood it's a bit gory but it bled a fair bit. You are advised not to shower either until tomorrow which isn't ideal!

Day 1 - the day after surgery

Very emotional today, had a cry about the stress of lying down so long. Feel useless when I'm in bed. Minimal pain/ slight swelling but no change from surgery day photo. I have tried to get the dried blood off the wound but it's so awkward! Nurse advised me to try use water to soak it off as it may lead to infection. Hard to tell what it'll look like at the end. Today is an emotions running wild day with full bed rest. Don't feel capable of doing anything ! Will update when I feel alive again xx

Day2 - still bloody, a lot more swelling

So last night was a traumatic experience. Unsure whether or not this was related to the surgery but I had a lot of nausea and vomiting through the night. Now I am having to deal with the after math of feeling sick. My nurse believes this is due to being constipated from a type of pain killer that aids constipation( not ideal considering I was already struggling on the day of the op to go toilet so this made me poorly- at least I think it did ). In regards to going to the loo I finally had victory this morning after being sick for several hours. My stomach emptied itself it was a very strange experience, never have I ever been so sick to the point that I was hallucinating throwing up tablet packets/boxes. Just weird. But anyway! I don't know If it's surgery related.. I am hoping by tomorrow I feel a lot less nauseous. I thought I would upload a new photo to show that I'm not looking so small anymore, I have swelling mainly on the left labia and some specs of blood where the stitches are around the bottom. This usually washes away in the shower but I'm only allowed one a day so I have to try leave it until tomorrow now ... I haven't iced the area as of yet but I think it is time to give it a go this evening. When things look different I will upload more photos. It's all very gory and bobbley at the moment.

Exposed swollen clit!!

Ok day 3 I know it's still very early but if anyone knows how to make the swelling of my clit decrease it would be amazing! The hoods ok but the actual clit gland is exposed like a little peanut haha. Creeps me out ..

Day 5 of recovery

Errrrr still early days. For anyone considering this surgery PLEASE TAKE NOTE. It is not a minor surgery, you do not just bounce back into normal life after a day or two. Everyone is different and so far my journey has been a roller coaster. I didn't know it would effect me like it has.. I knew it would be sore, itchy, red and ugly as hell for however long before seeing the final results but I didn't know the following.

I never chose to do this lightly, I had planned it for years but I just wanted to be financially ready to pay out nearly four grand, it was not easy parting with my precious savings haha but I knew at the end of the day it's worth being more confident and less insecure about your own body ! So anyway . . .

Day one was a doddle, minor swelling, no pain, no nothing. I didn't even freak out when the cannula was put in my hand in theatre which I thought I would as I hate cringy veins and needles etc.

Day 2 I was throwing up, hallucinating and sweating like mad ( maybe a bug, maybe food poisoning maybe my body flushing out the toxins of the drugs as I had taken soooo many but who knows. Whatever it was it was horrific) day 3 I felt so so weak I couldn't eat or sleep, let alone move this wasn't due to pain in my lady garden this was probably due to dehydration and exhaustion from lack of sleep the last two days. Overall pain level downstairs was no higher than 2/3 out of 10. I had the occasional stingy tinge but that's it. Day 4 still exhausted, by this point I had started sleeping pills. Still ridiculously tired, no energy and so so weak. Started eating again but not much. I lost weight around this point so anyone wanting to Lose a few pounds you probably will after this op haha. The worst part of day 4 was having to get home ....

I had no seen anyone ( no other humans except my boyfriend for a few days now ) I was not ready for this. I walked out the hotel door where I had stayed post op and just wow ... My vision went I could barely walk in a straight line and people ... Seeing people didn't go down well. I turned around and went back to my room. Felt like I was on some weird crazy trip haha. Not sure if this was anxiety or what ...

I advise people who have been away from it all for a few days ( if in a hotel ) to maybe go on a corridor walk once or twice if you feel up to it or you may be weirded out like me!

Day 5 TODAY. I FEEL ok. I have over come the hardest part and that was getting out of London. I'm now lying down itchy as hell wanting to do as little as possible. My clit is still stupidly swollen, I think this is because my surgeon took away a column from next to my clitoris. Resulting In what could only resemble a purple pink peanut sticking out of a fat eye lid shaped thing. It's horrific ... Don't care about the rest of my healing hurrying up I just want my clit to go down ?!

No new photos as of yet as it all looks the same. Just a bit less angry. Will update around the 7 day mark.

AAAHHH FrankenClitoris

Just wanted to upload this photo so you can all see my swollen clitoris dilemma it's outrageous!! Any advice on how to get the swelling down would be amazing haha.

Day 8 ...

So it's post op day 8 ( my review dates seem to be all wrong but to clarify im on day 8. Resumed normal activities like walking, driving, socialising more. I still get the occasional quick sting pain then it's gone. It doesn't look very nice still, the whiteness is where antibiotics have been rubbed into the stitches and the labia minora still looked very odd and puffy at the top. It's early days and I'm prepared to wait for the final results ! Roll on 7 more weeks of healing time. Hope everyone is healing well, this surgery was definitely worth it xx

9/10 day post

Feeling good, hardly any pain. The lips are still quite hard though but they are healing nicely. Still swollen around the clit but I am just letting it get on with what it needs to do, leaving it be. No pain Meds I stopped them on day 2/3 just because the pain wasn't bad enough to need them. Everything is going smoothly, even went to The gym briefly ( you're not suppose to ) but I was feeling lazy after lying about so just had a light weights session. Not much leg movement so I was ok! Here's a photo, just so show slight difference from 7 day post op. The pink pigmentation is slowly coming back yaaaay to pink lips.

Day 10

Still clitoris swelling but the lips have completely gone Down. Thought I would share this angle instead of a gynaecological view !!

14 days post ( follow up consultation day )

So today I had the majority of my stitches removed, a couple were left in to come out in there own time as per surgeons wishes.

He said it would feel like a paper cut but it didn't quite feel that way. The first one taken out was around my still very swollen clitoris, this made me swear F*** and I actually slightly kicked my surgeon!!! The nurse found this very funny. The rest of the stitches being removed just felt like he was nipping at my skin with scissors which is pretty much what was happening! He said I have looked after it ' beautifully ' which is nice to hear, and was happy I have not had any problems ( infections, bleeding, abnormal swelling or pain etc). I can finally safely use the gym again and I can have baths again now! Wooooooohoo. Here is a photo of my fourteen day post off pic before stitches came out. I will upload one with the stitches out at the three week mark as it doesn't look any different ...

Happy healing ladies xx


As my labia slowly start to heal I am growing more and more concerned that the area around my vaginal opening looks odd. It has loose skin left around it and I feel compared to my minuscule labia this area looks weird and baggy. Starting to panic about getting conscious of it and needing a revision around that area. Before my surgery I never had an concerns about It because my lips were larger. But now they are small it stands out. Please give me feedback on whether you girls think I need a revision to remove this skin or if I'm being silly. Really don't want to pay for another operation. My boyfriend think it looks nice and natural and I don't even think two weeks is long enough to tell if it's going to look how it does now three months down the line. I'm on day 16 so far...

Please help xx

Day 17 - in need of suggestions for creams to use

Hey All, I am just wondering if any of you ladies know of any good creams or moisturisers I can use on my new lady bits. I want to prevent scaring as much as possible and I also have run out of my sterile antibiotic ointment which was prescribed by my surgeon. I feel weird not putting anything on it. I have used Vaseline a couple of times but I'm not sure if this actually helps... I read somewhere that it does. I have no pain but I am still slightly swollen And scabby in some areas. It is hard and tender to much. Would really feel better rubbing something In twice a day !? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

No photos as it looks the same as the most recent pic. Will update at 3 weeks then 4 weeks etc.

21 days post - still unsure about the skin around Perineum area ( vaginal opening - bum area !haha)

thought I would upload a quick photo before bed, it doesn't look much different from the two week mark. It's still red on some days and still feels odd. I'm annoyed because I really want to like the final result and not keep comparing mine to others. I like it but I am still unsure about the area around the vaginal opening. I think to much skin was left. Because the labia is now very small the skin around the hole is more noticeable. Not sure if this is still swollen or not. I just really hope it goes down or gets smaller?! Or I may have to pop back for another snip down that end! Not what I want to do. It's the LAST thing I want. I just want a happy nooni again !! Slowest healing ever. Ps please excuse the hair in the 21 day post photo, to scared to shave incase I nip anything.

21 days post op photo update.

Not entirely sure what is happening downstairs

So ERM I have this weird swelling on my inner left majora lip it stretches across from wear my labia minora was cut across to my actual outter lip ( but the inside of it ) it's like a big lumpy type of swelling but a single very large lump. Very worrying. I feel like it's getting worse instead of better. My clitoral area is still ridiculously swollen and everything is still tender and feels weird to touch. I'm panicking because this coming Wednesday is my four week post op date and things are surely suppose to be improving and not still looking ugly and swollen. I didn't want to upload a photo because it's just very ugly at the moment. It doesn't look good at all.

I need reassurance that this healing takes time and things can go from bad to good to bad again !? Is It normal to still have swelling at nearly four weeks ?

Thought I would just upload the photo as otherwise no one can advise me on why this swelling has suddenly reappeared !

It's all on the left hand side and is very sore and puffy. It wasn't like this a few days ago. It could be the coconut Oil irritating it or maybe gym clothes rubbing?? 25 day post.

26 day post. Coming up to 1 month

Swelling around the clitoral hood is persisting. Anyone recommend any anti inflammatory? Going to call my surgeons nurses to see what they recommend. I have noticed there's lots of stitches on the top left side of my hood area maybe that's causing the swelling. Who knows! Two more long months of healing. Who knew healing would be so slow ! I barely even recognise my anatomy right now! Some days it's small other days it's all puffed up! Girls this healing is a roller coaster and shouldn't be taken lightly. It is and up and down spiral of emotions and well swelling goes up and down to!!

Exactly 1 month post

still swelling in areas, still impatiently waiting for the final result. I realised that this surgery wasn't going to give me ' the perfect vagina ' it was simply going to give me a neater more tidy vagina. I wanted to improve my appearance , not change it completely. I am happy with how I look now but yes I still nit pick areas. I'm only human! Like the skin around the hole or how in my case I have a tiny bit of skin from my nooni to my bottom! We are all so so different and no two people look the same facially and vaginally ! If you choose to have this op have it because you want it not because anyone else thinks you should. Do it for you and you alone, I'm happy I had this because I no longer catch my labia in French knickers which wow really hurt. I'm happy because it looks pretty! Hey it isn't perfect but it is perfect to me :)

Embrace your lady bits girls! It is unique to you and if you're confident with it. Anyone else you let near it will love it just as much as you do.

5 weeks post this Wednesday

I have slight pain in some areas where I can feel a stitch poking through my skin. Feels like a splinter really hurts! Also I have got over my complex of the area around the opening. I am happy with my results and won't be having any work done anytime soon ?! Maybe after babies in ten years haha! Reccomend this to anyone! Xx

Top photo is before sex below is after sex

This is just a little message to say guys please don't have sex until you're properly healed because I tried and it was pain free until the after math kicked in. Super swollen and super sore?! Be careful girls ! Xoxox going to have to do lots of icing from now on!

Before op and now 6 weeks post pics

Love my results so so much. Looking back and seeing my old labia has made me so grateful of how my results turned out. I don't expect everyone to love my results, some may think it's to small but it's how I wanted it :) you can see In the photos why I didn't like it before but I am very happy now and recommend this surgery to anyone unhappy with their lady bits! The wet area in the second photo is lots of coconut oil , it's a god send!

Nearly 7 weeks and so itchy and red

Probably have thrush yay. Not ideal !

PARANOID POLLY! Have I been botched ???

Girls please give me your honest opinions. Have I been botched? Do my results look awful? I am paranoid about how small it is labia wise I didn't want this much taken off !???? I have attached photos ... I am seven weeks post op. Do I need a revision. I was so positive but now I am missable.

Time to leave this review behind and love my lady garden!

This has been a long and emotional journey and I think it is time to stop updating my blog now I am 8 weeks post. I have gone through ups and downs with my vajay, I went from looking mutilated to hating the small excess skin to then thinking it's to wide. Whatever ! It changed a lot throughout! However despite my imperfections I am going to learn to love my lady bits. We are all different, and my surgeon did what I asked for. I asked ' please don't let my lips hang out and please keep them tucked in lower than the Labia majora'. That's what I got so I cannot moan that now maybe compared to others, mine are very short. I will learn to love them like my boyfriend does... He seems to have a visual obsession ( haven't let him near me just yet haha ). 8 weeks and still fragile down there! I thank all you kind lovely ladies for all your help, advice and suggestions with what products to use to soothe the pain.. Oh and reassurance when I thought I had been botched ( when I got super paranoid like a fruit loop). I will always be here to answer any questions if anyone wants to ask me any or please personal message me if you want to know any info on my journey :) love your lady gardens my friends because it's the only one we will get and we need to look after them! There may be times where you think you hate your results or still pick out imperfections like I did... But looking at my nooni for the first time since I had it done, I actually thought yes I can like this! Even if It has crinkled skin and a column next to my clit! Who cares, we are all perfect In our own ways. There is no such thing as a perfect vagina! Love your hoohoos girls!

Here is one last photo of my 8 weeks vajayy :)

ALSO DO NOT ' ask a doctor ' for advice post op. It'll only make you feel worse.

From experience after asking several questions about my results I received a lot of feedback from USA doctors. These surgeons have a different taste with results when it comes to labiaplasty , uk and USA do the job slightly differently. I am not knocking either ones opinions and I don't believe one is better than the other. But USA doctors think all the skin needs to be gone and very minimal, whereas uk doctors like to keep it more natural. I asked how do my results look, will I need revision etc, and they all said I need revision but realistically I don't. I think my results are fine as did most of you girls who fed back to me. So just don't always pay attention to the feedback you may get. Xxx

Promised I wouldn't come back but..

Just wanted to update and show that even 9 weeks post ! You still may have bumps , lumps , weird edges and scars from horrible tight stitches ... Any advice on how to get these Awful dent marks gone would be appreciate. You can't see them in the photo but you can just see my ridiculously small labia lol!

3 months post

I just wanted to upload my three months post photo, so here it is :)

Girls, there will always be parts of you that you don't like, especially when it comes to our lady bits. But rest assured we just pick things out because we can ... You need to love yourselves. Love your hoo hars whether you have had surgery or not. We are all beautiful in our own ways, all unique and different. My lips will never be perfect, I still have a larger clitoral hood area than I would have liked, but I think my labia are looking pretty darn good! I even like the fact one is bigger than the other because it looks more natural that way ! Be happy , I am !! Xoxox

4-5 months post op

Hey all

If anyone reads this I just wanted to ask if I'm looking normal ? I did go for the small look but I think one side is longer than the other around the vaginal hole. Any opinions on how my results look would be appreciated. I'll take any negative comments also haha ! As yes I did ask for the minimalistic look but I don't know if I need to get surgery to even out the lips.

13 months on ... Here's an update

So i had my procedure last April 2015 and it's now may 2016 so about 13 months since! It feels great. It's healthy, nice and pink. You know it isn't perfect and I had a roller coaster of a ride when I got it done with the uneven length etc of my Labia and the slightly long Labia near my entrance. But at the end of the day we want to look natural right. Like we have a reallllllly nice natural vagina haha. We don't want a guy to go down and think yep this has had work done. Because in this day and age some people aren't so understanding. So I am happy my result looks so natural, not perfect but small ish and neat. After a baby I would prob get a vagina plasty to tighten up and look prettier but I'm happy for now ! Any questions about my journey please hola me xxx

Nearly 18 month's post

Hey guys

I rarely use nice page now but I like to update you all here and there so here's my nearly 1 and a half years mark photos. Xx
Private message for details

Fantastic results, fab surgeon, amazing staff all so friendly and kind. Great sense of humours and good atmosphere all around. Lovely surgery based in a lovely area of London.

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