Primary Rhinoplasty with Mr Matti -London

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So i had my first consultation with mr matti at...

So i had my first consultation with mr matti at harley street clinic on 12th november 2013 and have to say he is a lovely man and i could tell he was good as he identified the three things which bothered me about my nose. I have quite a small face and my nose i believe is prominent due to the slight nasal bump and width. Mr Matti was very complimentary of the rest of my features and was honest. He said i would look much better and my nose will fit better if i went through with the operation but even if i didnt i would still look attractive which was very sweet. However, as i am sure most people on here are paranoid about certain parts of their face i am about my nose and really want it done.

After much research and reviews read on here and other sites i found mr matti was one of the best in the UK which is where i am from. although he is a bit pricey i do believe u get what u pay for in life. The total cost including possible overnight stay in london is going to be £8000. I am new to this site in terms of writing reviews and looking for anyone who has had a similar operation with mr matti and their experiences.

mr matti will be doing my operation under GA and closed approach which brings me to my next question i dont know how nostrils and width can be reduced with closed approach which i will definately ask at next appointment. but another fear and guess the main one i have is going under GA, i feel so scared and think what if i never wake up as a i have a little girl. Any support and advise will be greatly appreciated

GA really scared

Guys my op is getting closer and closer and all i am obsessing about is the general anaesthesia i am absolutely petrified help :-(((

2 weeks left

Well i am now officially 8500 down ...operation is on the 16th june and i feel like crying ...i am so nervous about being put to sleep and thinking i am not gonna wake up or make it back from the op this community has given me so much support any further comments to put my mind at a bit of ease will be appreciated but i dont think i have ever been so anxious :-(

Getting closer

16th not far off i am really scared

Today is the day

So I am getting admitted later today at 11 am I feel so sick with anxiety and can't sleep feel teary and emotional I don't know if this is normal. Any support will be much appreciated just don't know what to expect and lying here with my little girl thinking will I ever see her again

i done it 3 days post opp

So I had my op on Monday. Today is day 3 and I feel hardly any pain in my nose but my head is banging and I feel very nauseous can't eat much in fact hardly anything as I keep being sick :-(, is this normal and if so how long does this last

The op itself didn't bother me don't remember anything considering I was so anxious but yes i feel sick and dreadful now :-(


Hi I am having my cast removed tom can't wait as u feel so crap need my life back lol excited and nervous about tom hope i don't have any regrets Tom let's wait and see :-) thought I'd post my before pics up so can get opinion on my nose when cast off tom x

cast off

So this is my cast off pics straight after it was removed ...still very swelled but massive improvement already ...hopefully only can get better from here finally can breath lol. ..have been advised to tape can't wait to see the difference in few days fingers crossed

nostril scars

Excuse the inside believe me it's not a snotty nose just scabs ...which I have to allow to heal them selves ...I've got no make up on here so that's as obvious as scars r c

update 2 weeks post op

So these r pics I took two weeks post op as u can see I am still swollen and nose is looking fat so can't assess properly but the bump is not there which I am glad about
London Plastic Surgeon

From the consultation i have already had i really liked him he was very friendly and sweet very uncle like and i felt very comfortable talking to him

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