My Journey into the Unknown - London, GB

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Well. To be honest this is really new for me, and...

Well. To be honest this is really new for me, and i dont really know where to start in terms of talking about my vaser, but i think its really helpful to keep a diary to keep track of my progress and what i'm feeling and to be able to share and inspire people like me who might also be considoring surgery.

Im 25 years of age, female and well, my vaser is booked and 18 days on countdown. I'm actually having it done at the same time as my mother with Dr Grant Hamlet. I think he seems like a good surgeon, but as i havent had it done yet, i just genuinely have no idea what to expect. I've heard some excellent things about him, and then the odd review or comment online that leaves you with a lump in your throat wondering if you've made the wrong decision.

I believe i am having my flanks, outer thighs, and the "love handles" removed.
I am excited, having only 18 days left and also apprehensive. I'm definately not the biggest person, but i'm not really slim either. I'm on average a size 10 top and 12-14 bottoms, but can fit into most 12's without any trouble. My main body insecurities are definately my thighs and love handles. They give me a horrible shape which is difficult to hide with clothes and means that i must be very selective regarding what i choose to wear. I inherit these from my mother and no matter how much i've exercised, what i've eaten...never have these horrible pockets of fat shifted. I've had this bigger middle since i was maybe about 14-15 so having this proceedure, could easily be life-changing for me.

Although i am aware that reasonable expectations are required, i hope to achieve a much slender silhouette, and ideally a dress size, even two would leave me overjoyed without words. Since the proceedure is still over 2 weeks away, i'm currently feeling quite excited, nervous and just wanting it to hurry up so i can start making comparisons.

We shall see how this changes as the weeks go on.
For anyone reading this, ressearch your vaser, but dont go too far into looking up your surgeon, as you will start to doubt everything; even having it done. Thats my tip.

7 days left until the op. I'm not sure how i...

7 days left until the op. I'm not sure how i should be feeling at the moment either. Have gone without any alcohol and avoided cigarettes too. Thats been the hardest part. I'm still waiting for more information regarding the aftercare from Mya including the actual time of the operation so there isnt much i can do until then.

Okay. I had the vaser yesterday and I've woke up...

Okay. I had the vaser yesterday and I've woke up pretty much feeling like I've been run over by a bus. On a scale if 1-10 it's defo a good freaking 7-8. I've felt worse but believe me when i say, this day will only involve me laying down. I cannot see me being able to do anything but this because just moving hurts. Laying down even hurts. So my experience if yesterday. I am a little mixed tbh. I was originally told that I would be having the vaser at 11.30am so I ate the night before at 8pm ish. When we got to the Mya clinic, we were told there was a delay as the anesthetiser hadn't arrived. There was someone in front of me having it done but she had to wait in the operating room. What we thought would be an hour or two turned into hours. I was still waiting at 6pm meaning I went 22 hours near enough without food AND water. When I was eventually called in I was drawn on, taken into the other room and then a little (I don't know what their called) needle with a pipe was attached to my hands. They had problems finding my vein at first, squeezing my arms several times. After this I don't remember. I do not remember being in the operating room, just waking up. Apparently i tried to jump off the operating table and I was saying it was burning. The good thing though is it felt like I was sleeping the whole time. Afterwards we got a cab home and I've been leaking like crazy since. I advise putting a sheet down in your bed if you don't want to stain anything. Day 2 is DEFINATELY more painful than day 1. In this compression garment there is an embarrassing pee hole as I'm not allowed to take it off yet (atleast for 2 days I think). Ill keep you updated and post some pictures. I was told yesterday I would "love" the result but lets see. The good thing is that the doctor and nurses and very reassuring so, I was able to be more calm than usual. Don't get me wrong though going in, you will feel anxious, but once your given the drug, doesn't matter because if you was screaming in pain you won't remember. Just bare in mind after, the real fun begins....I say that with little enthusiasm. Vaser is a tough experience. But lets see if it's worth it later down the line.

So its been a while since i left any update on my...

So its been a while since i left any update on my vaser experience. The feelings are a little mixed at the moment. My back has seen a dramatic improvement, and is certainly a lot slimmer. My feeling is that my flanks are still exactly the same as well as my thighs. i have seen little to no improvement in those areas which is a little disheatening. I am trying to remain optimistic as its only just been 2 weeks, and i am not sure if i am supposed to still be swollen. The bruising has mostly gone.
I have a feeling by the end of this, i might be a little disappointed; but lets see.
Grant Hamlet

I liked the sound of Dr Grant Hamlet on his website, but ended up booking surgery through Mya, suprised to learn he was doing it. I feel confident in him that he cares about his patients and the results, particularly with his high profile with the media.

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