Consultation review: London Lip Queen? London's Top Not All What She Seems.....!

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Where do I begin. I have always disliked how my...

Where do I begin.
I have always disliked how my top lip is so thin and lousy compared to my plump bottom lip. I know that there should be a considerable amount of difference in volume but my top lip is extremely thin and narrow, making everything look unbalanced.
I searched best lip dr in London and came across some reviews on Tatler about Rita. Her website (a little old fashioned looking) has countless celebrities all claiming to have had their pouts perfected by Rita. She advertises a free consultation on the site, this immediately attracted me. Not because I would not want to pay for a consultation but because not all non surgical procedures have the option of coming having an informed consultation before going ahead. Her website states how she is happy to give her opinions and chat with you about the procedure. What a load of rubbish.I have never felt so horrified with a service in all my life. I was expecting to meet with her and for us to chat about how she performs the lip enhancement, what dermal filler she would suggest and why and what I should expect from the surgery. Let me tell you, the 'consultation' was nothing like this.
I waited for an hour in the room in which was very old fashioned with classical music playing. I did not mind having to wait as I know that surgeons have a busy schedule and that to have some information and advice about the procedure was vital. A young girl who was the assistant handed me some individual sheets of paper with a medical questionnaire and fee outline. The fees stated £650 for lip enhancement . This had me concerned as not only did this sound way over priced for dermal fillers but it did not specify the ingredient used nor the ml/syringe which again is vital as the various mls are indications of how much volume you desire and vary in cost. She then told me to follow her and I was shown to Rita. She asked 'Why are you here'.
I smiled and explained how I wanted lip enhancement and why. She did not seem to listen and replied 'Do you have any medical conditions'?
I explained that I had slight asthma and that was all. She said ok and asked her assistant to apply the cream. She then said there may be a little bit of a bruise and pointed at her assistant to show me the bruise would look post op as her assistant must have just had it done which was all quite strange really. I smiled nervously and said 'they look lovely' to the girl. She did not reply nor even react my compliment. In regards to the previous question about the cream...well n my naive state, I assumed that maybe this was done to test the skin or something. It then clicked that they were ready to do the enhancement there and then without the following:
-a consultation of explaining what ml she offers and what she would advise/what I want
- the filler used
- how she would perform it
- asking my desired effect and shape
- failure to even ask what lip I wanted injecting
It was a shambles. I then stuttered filled with embarrassment and dread, 'Oh, I'm sorry , I did not want it done today...I thought that was optional'
Rita then looked at me with horror. 'Fine' she said, 'Well, when you are ready to book, give us a call. ***assistant name, give her the brochure. Thankyou and bye'.
This was almost verging on comical as the girl handed me the 'brochure' which was a few bits of printed paper with instructions for pre op and post op. Which I must add were not even asked verbally , for example things about pregnancy well...I was not pregnant but she was so needle happy that had I been, this could have caused severe complications.
The cold assistant asked me to follow her out of Rita's room. I then asked her if that was it and she said yes and showed me to the door.
Never have I felt so unwelcome and such a huge amount of miscommunication. I know that a non surgical procedure like lip enhancement does not require an in depth consultation unlike say a BA BUT, in hair salons and beauty parlours, I have seen the nurses at least explain the procedure and ask the client about their desired effect before shoving a needle in their face and asking if they were ready to pay by card.
AVOID at all costs. Considering her CV boasts about her appearances on 'Richard and Judy' (which hasn't been around for some time', and although a number of celebrity reviews and testimonials, it's funny that despite being labelled as London's Lip Queen , there are very few 'real' people online who comment about their lip enhancement.
My plan is to visit some other non surgical clinics for a consultation to compare and I will provide an update when I do. Maybe, I am expecting too much but in terms of medical compliance and care quality commission, I am left feeling a little apprehensive about her services. ' All patients are given advice' Well, not for me. Maybe once applying the fillers, she would have been happy to discuss the process more but I would feel a lot more at ease , this being done prior to the filler and prior to me paying over 600 pounds for the same procedure at countless clinics for over half the price.
Rita is extremely cold, unhelpful and does little do make you feel at ease. Stay away.

Flawless Cosmetics- Holly

Just an update, I have had fillers 3 x sinse with Holly at Flawless Cosmetics- far more professional and the REAL reviews speak for themselves. Proves that the 'tatler' label is not always an indication of success ....My fillers last ages and are always performed with accuracy and look fab!
Dr Rita Rakus

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