If You Have a Consultation with Dominic, You Really Don't Need to Go to Anyone else - London, GB

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I will be having a facelift with Dominic later...

I will be having a facelift with Dominic later this year - unfortunately for me this will be a revision facelift as I had a botched facelift with a different surgeon last year.
The tragic part is that Dominic was the first surgeon I consulted last year, and although my instincts were telling me to book straight in with Dominic, I saw 3 other surgeons, as per all the recommended advice. In the end I chose a different surgeon, and have regretted it ever since.
I think I was fixated on going with a maxillofacial surgeon with an NHS position, and having the procedure in a hospital. I thought I was being very sensible. The surgeon I chose had many years experience (perhaps too many years, leaving him jaded, without passion for his job and just going through the motions).
Well, the facelift managed to result in both no improvement AND disfigurement. You can see a few questions I asked about the first facelift on realself if you click on my username.
This week, 5 months later, I contacted Lucy who told Dominic what had happened, and he was concerned enough to ask me to come in and see him the next day, if I could make it.
As soon as I arrived Lucy gave me a big hug and listened with genuine compassion and heartfelt sympathy to my sorry tale. Dominic did the same - he even personally made me a cup of tea as I was so upset (how many top surgeons would do that?). I instantly felt safe and cared for. He spent almost an hour with me (sorry to any of the subsequent patients I kept waiting!) and thoroughly examined my face, took lots of photos and explained what could be done.
I have to wait several months for surgery, as the first facelift has to fully heal, so I will post again as time passes.
I just wanted to put it out there that if you are able to see Dominic, you really should book your procedure with him, and don't bother going to anyone else. Take it from me as someone who made a big mistake in not listening to my gut feelings.

Forgot to fill in the stars, and I meant to put "Haven't done it yet" instead of "Not Sure"

Everything has been 5 stars so far, but I forgot to fill in the section - is there any way to go back and do that?
Also, I'm sure I ticked "Haven't done it yet" instead of "Not Sure" (can I edit that?) . I will be having the procedure in a few months when enough time has elapsed from the previous botched facelift (NOT done by Dominic!).
London Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dominic really is unlike any other facial surgeon, he is genuinely caring and passionate about his work. You really need to meet him (and Lucy) to understand why is so refreshingly different.

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