20 Year Old Hopefully Going to Get New Boobs and Have a New Me :) - London, UK

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Hi, well I'm 20 years old, roughly 125lb (about...

hi, well I'm 20 years old, roughly 125lb (about 9st) and I'm currently a 32c.
I have been thinking and doing a lot of research about BA. I have been wanting bigger boobs for most of my teenage life...I am quite slim and also tall (5ft 6in) but I feel like my boobs aren't the size that they should. They are in proportion to my hips and shoulders so most clothes do not fit me the way I like or are too big over my boobs. Some days I feel boyish and hate looking in the mirror cause all I see is a boy like body.
I am having difficultly telling my mum about looking into having surgery and worried how she is going to react.

still dont know how to tell my mum :(

I keep researching and really wanting to get a BA but I don't know how to tell my mother.....she hates boob jobs and thinks everyone should be happy with what they have but I cant be happy when I feel like I'm a guy :(
I hate looking in the mirror and hate finding clothes I love but when I try them on...they don't fit properly :( and make me look even more flat chested than I am and just makes me sad :(
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