Almost 8 Months After Explant & No Looking Back!

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Hi all fellow explanters and explanters-to-be. I...

Hi all fellow explanters and explanters-to-be. I am due to be 'freed' of fakery in 8 days. YEH. I had my silicone gel 310cc implants done 9 years ago by Alex Karidis at St John St Elizabeth Hopsital. I was almost 31 at the time and had long researched it as had wanted them since I was a 17 as I was teased at school, felt inadequate, and as I got older and after having my 2 kids - out of proportion. I put on weight anywhere but my bust :(. I was married at the time of BA and my husband supported my decision to get them but wasn't bothered either way so it really was my decision.

I went from a 36A to a 36C. Presently I am a 38C as always put weight on my back. I liked the look of my implants once they had settled over the years BUT (I like BIG BUTS a this point) until I took some photos of them for here the other night I thought, YUK. Now I think they look sooo ugly and hope to get something back of my former, smaller, perter self. ALSO, I can no longer stand that my breast sensitivy and nipple sensation has been ruined. My fake boobs are painful and that makes for no good - espescially in initmate circumstances.

I also feel, probabaly down to my abysmal post-divorce relationships that implants have objectified me. I want to be appreciated for the person inside and at almost 40 I am on a journey to re-discover myself. I also discovered I have the 'dreaded' PIPs and as my surgeon is offering to remove them for free, I would be mad not tot take the opportunity to GET THEM OUT!! No more worries about future costs and health implications to do with these blobs.

I am, at present, more excited than scared. Yes I may miss being bigger for a while but the size of our boobs should not define us! I want to set an example to my teenagers to love their bodies naturally. They are much more confident than I was. The silicone was just a temporary fix... Posting some pics and will keep y'all updated when my little ones return...xx

Well today I received my pre-op pack of...

Well today I received my pre-op pack of instructions and forms to sign, post-op instructions etc, and was happy that I was sent plenty of Arnica tablets gratis. Arnica is great for aiding healing naturally. Now I 've just remembered that I forgot to pick up some scar pads - those moist gels ones. They worked wonders when I had my BA so fingers crossed they will again. Had my bloods done too so it's really hitting home. Not enough in one phial so have to go back to my GP at 8 in the morning. Really can't wait as my left breast is niggling me with this pain which has almost been constant for the last 2 days. Now praying my blood results will come back in time and be ok to proceed. Six days to now!

I was thinking - should I keep the implants - as a post-op souvenir? When I was going through my divorce - my ex husband started a joke website called 'Boobs for Justice' (a spoof on 'Fathers for Justice' - the paternal, custody rights campaign for divorced/separated men). He put a mission statement on there saying something to the effect of how men should get a right of regular access to their ex-wives 'fake' breasts. At the time I had to laugh it off even though he was being an A-hole. Well, many thought, (especially other guys) it was hilarious. So I thought, if I do keep them, I could wrap them up for his impending birthday. HEHEHE.

I am gowned-up, in my room at hospital, have seen...

I am gowned-up, in my room at hospital, have seen the anaesthestist and Dr. Karidis who said I will be going into theatre about 10.30. He took some pre op pics and asked if I was totally sure about this and I said 'yes' though I have had some doubts since yesterday and did get emotional. I will miss having a full C/D bust and being more in proportion. However, my health has to come first and I am determined to get the extra weight off through exercise. Feeling pretty relaxed at the moment. Staff here have been lovely. I will try and post later on today post op.

I was out if theatre by 12 and could not believe I...

I was out if theatre by 12 and could not believe I woke with no pain or sickness! Just a wee bit sore where incisions made. Had a peek at boobs when nurse put my sports bra on. Nipples ok. No more bulgy vein on left side. And the feel as soft as putty which is much nicer I think. Enjoying a super lunch now. So far - very pleased! Thanks for the good luck messages. X x

Been home almost 4 hours and feel very relaxed....

Been home almost 4 hours and feel very relaxed. Only had one painkiller (Paracetamol I think) at the hospital about 2.30 and didn't really need it. Just slightly sore under the dressings but sooo coeable at the moment. Brought my PIPs home and said to the kids it would be fun to make them into some modern art and disguise them completely and have guests say, 'I love your lamp' or whatever...
Anyway, I am very deflated as expected and ddn't fill the B cup bra I was advised to get (had bought 2). Did anyone's size change once fluffed up? I guess I'll go back to being an A-cup though. Keep having a peek at them every once in a while and will take and post some pics later tonight. Still can't believe how soft they feel. And though the skin is so soft it doesn't look stretched and veiny (my BA breasts always looked much paler too). A short while ago I had a little spontaneous sensation in my left breast but think it will be some time maybe before proper sensation returns IF it is to. Nurse said it's okay to take off my sports bra once in a while - luckily I took another - Reebok one - that fits perfectly presently. I will be going for a post op check in 2 weeks to have the dressings removed. Stitches are desolvable. All the staff were fantastic today and family and friends that know - including you lovelies who have sent messages on her have been really supportive! I wish all you ladies the very best! xxx

Day 4 post op: thought I'd give a little update....

Day 4 post op: thought I'd give a little update. Got a really good night's sleep last night which was needed. Yesterday the soreness kicked in a little more under the dressings as I could feel the stitches knitting the skin together and getting some itchiness too. Pain scale only 2/3 out of 10 and just feels like a tight rubber band under my ribs where the dressings are. Obviously boobs still look quite flat/floppy but the dents by armpit area are gradually diminishing. I had got a bust firming serum from Marks and Spencers (£12) last week with lots of lovely botanicals 'ADVANCED BODY FORMULA - SOLUTIONS BEAUTIFUL BREAST FIRMING SERUM'. It's not perfumed and soaks into the skin lovely and my decolletage area has never felt so smooth and hydrated. Been putting this on morning and night since the op. Just trying to keep positive about the whole 'fluffing up' and saying to my body 'I know I've hurt you and you need time'. Just so glad I can't feel all my nerves being under the pressure of those horrid implants and they ARE getting the chance to heal. What a joy to get an itch I CAN scratch! The positives of feelings far outway the aesthetics - which I know will improve given time, time, time... Guess once the dressings come off and I feel ready to go shopping for new bras I'll feel like a bit of a teenager/young woman again. Gonna find me the prettiest bargains I can to cherish my new small bust with! Focusing on my writing career will hopefully help take my make my mind off them, and I feel ready to give it my all again now I'm non-toxic. Strange how life imitates art as 'small boobs' is a main issue for one of my characters who is on a journey to love herself. If I had to pick a field I'd say the grass is greener on the natural side, but I will also, always understand and be sympathetic to the reasons why most women turn to cosmetic surgery. I'm just so grateful I got the chance to undo some of the damage I've inflicted on my body over the years. Peace, hope and love to all my sisters. xx

I know it's only day 8 post op but thought I'd...

I know it's only day 8 post op but thought I'd measure myself as I need another sports bra as the one I have squashes my nipples and I am worried they'll cave in (left one always looks a little droppy when I take off the bra) so thought I'd try and get a new one - with an actual size attached. However, I'm getting some really odd measurements from various websites/bra size calculators. I think - and this is a really odd size - and I am really, really out of proportion - a 38 A. Though I've had a range of AA to even a D cup on some websites!!! Ridonculous for the D cup!! Possible that I'm only an AA.

38 A bras are quite hard to get as this size is barely catered for. The 38 B sports bras I bought from Tescos do not offer a 38 A size instead. If were a 36 I would have more options - that was my pre BA size and for many years after I was the perfect 36C cup, but I've put weight on the last 2 years and my 32 inch waist measurement is around a size 14-16 according to - again - 'standard' UK size charts. Has anyone else got an odd size as in - large band - small cup? If so, any advice on where to buy bras - and not just plain ones that look like training bras for teenagers which are referred to as 'crop tops' ? I know it's early days yet to go proper 'nice' bra shopping but I was very curious to see what's out there already. Maybe when I fluff up (hopefully) I'll go back to a 36. Some women who've explanted have said they go smaller - by that do you mean band width or cup size or both? Always confusing and I usually just go with what fits and feels comfortable in the end. Can't wait to hit the gym after the dressings are off and drop some serious weight so I don't look like Baba Papa lol! Nonetheless, I've accepted that at almost forty my body has changed a lot and I'll never be the slender twenty-something I once was and if I'm meant to be bottom heavy then so be it. As long as I'm healthy that's the main thing. Maybe I'll concentrate on my gluts more and get some magic underwear for the hips and belly! Never thought I'd actually say that hehehe. All in all I like the 'look down' view of my boobs - small but perky-ish. They disappear when I lie down lol but least they don't sit upright like to hard domes, with my poor little nipples sitting erect like glace cherries on Belgian buns. When my nipples were erect on those bangers (most of the time) they looked out of proportion. The only pain I have on occassion in the actual breast is a very mild, dull ache where I guess the inner tissue/nerves are slowly healing.
I know my concerns are trivial compared to some of you brave explanters who have had awful problems as a result of your BAs and having cancer worries etc or finding it harder to adjust post explant and I'm in awe of your courage and candid posts. In a way, it's helped me put things in perspective and make me realise how blessed I am. I also hope if I do meet someone in the future he will be attracted to the woman 'in me'. If not, he can take hike lol. I wish all brighter days! xxs

I have ordered some wheatgrass powder to put in...

I have ordered some wheatgrass powder to put in juices and smoothies. Apparently it has loads of healthy properties and helps with cell regeneraton so thought I'd try it. Oh and my ex husband came round to see the kids and I gae himhis early birthday present wrapped up and he thought it was a book or something and the looke on his face when he opened implants still in their clinical waste packaging! With a note FOR JUSTICE...HAPPY BOOBDAY. "What the (bleeps) this?" His expression - priceless. Me and the kids were in stictches and so was he once he realised what they were. Funnily, he said he was going to ask me for one before I explanted and wants to make a display feature or use it as a stressball. So he has one and I have one. I think if mine does go on dispay I put RIP above the PIP.

Hey ladies! Had my first post op check today with...

Hey ladies! Had my first post op check today with Mr Karidis' nurse and scars looking good now the dressings are off. They're about 1 and half to 2 inches wide at a guess. My (sensitive) skin's a bit rash-ridden from the dressings so will post pics when that's gone down - hopefully soon, but definitely seeing an improvement in the firmness. Have a decent handful if I cup my boobs now and that's enough for me! A tad tender still if I press them and still numb underneath the nipple area unfortunately, but overall I'm really pleased with the progress. Got to see Mr Karidis next time - in about a month and I'm to keep wearing the sports bra and can massage the breast (which I have been doing) but not the scar for another few weeks. Hope you are all well. xxx

A few more pics to show progress. Took them...

A few more pics to show progress. Took them yesterday day 16; 15 days after explant.

Hey ladies! I haven't been on here for a while as...

Hey ladies! I haven't been on here for a while as started a new job a few weeks ago so life's been pretty hectic since, and for a while I hadn' thought too much on my post-op boobs. I have to say it's weird looking at my most recent update pics on here because my boobs definitely look bigger than they actually are. Guess I am feeling it more at the mo as the women (all younger) I work with, have natural (I presume) big boobies, so feeling a bit deflated at present. Does that sound awfully lame and selfish? Don't get me wrong, I have no regrets about having my implants removed, but as I haven't lost any weight elsewhere, I am terribly out of proportion which is what I was worried about. Not much up for getting dressed-up for our Christmas party next week - and it's areal posh do! Today I tried to get a padded strapless bra that fitted...No chance. Couldn't even fill an A-cup in Marks and Spencers, and had a bit of a cry in the changing rooms, and as I do lately, vowed never to let a man see me naked again. Looks like I'll have to go without a bra for the night if am to wear the evening dress I have in mind. Maybe get the magic knckers instead lol. A full-A cup is on my Christmas list! Hope you ladies are all well! XX

Just wanted to wish everyone on here a happy and...

Just wanted to wish everyone on here a happy and healthy new year for 2013! I also went for a proper bra fitting yesterday and was surprised to be told I was wearing completely the wrong size at 38A and I am in fact a 34C. Hey presto when I tried on some new bras they fitted lovely because though I don't protude as much as I used to I still have the width on each breast. Got some nice padded plunge bras so feeling more confident for the new year ahead, and, that I at last have the right bust support. Onwards and upwards to all of us on here!

I am almost 4 months post explant and just since a...

I am almost 4 months post explant and just since a few days ago my boobs have started to feel a little heavier and painful. I guess the nerves are really starting to knit back now as though due on, I never used to get sore breasts or weight change there - before my BA. Pleased to say I have a decent enough handful now they are firming up. Went shopping for some more pretty bras and am anything (averagely) between a 34 - 36 B I would say, though some of my old 36 C bras fit too. Just goes to show how different bra makes comes up so different in size and shape. Has anyone else noticed more of change around the 4th month?

Alert! Hold Tight - Don't Bin Your Old Bras (unless they're really old).

Hey Ladies,

I am 7 and half months post explant now and just tried on a lot of my BA bras (36Cs and even some Ds) that fit me again! Unbelievable! Of course I don't have the bulging fake cleavage but I can do without that. What I don't have in front I make up for in width (have always had very wide boobs, so I can tell you there's a good chance of having a good handful months down the line after your op. Still a bit numb in some areas as I was from having implants, but on the whole they aren't painful to touch like they were with implants in. Sometimes they get a little sore naturally and I think they are still healing even now - which is good and the body tissue changes heaps over time. Oh and had a bit of 'crease smile' under my left nipple which seems to have gone now too. Hope this helps and gives hope! X

Dr. Karidis performed my augmentation back in 2003. Good results with no complications and I have every faith he will do an exemplary job in explanting them too. To add to that, on the day of op Dr. Karidis came to see me beforehand and totally put me at ease, asked if I was sure about op and didn't make me feel as though it would have been bad to back out at the last min. I was able to ask more questions too and he made it seem, as guess it was in my case, a simple procedure I wasn't to worry about too much. He was honest in saying he couldn't guarantee I'd regain full, normal sensitivity yet instilled me with hope that there was chance also. Alll the staff were very caring and considerate and good to know there is someone to contact in case of an emergency.

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