27 y/o Removing 7 y/o 380cc Silicone Implants - London, GB

I had 380cc round, textured, high profile, ...

I had 380cc round, textured, high profile, cohesive silicone implants placed 7 years ago at the age of 20. I've been quietly considering removal of my implants for a little while. I love them at the beginning but I just don't feel like I need them any more and don't like always having the thought at the back of my mind that I might need to remove/replace them at any point if they rupture.

Recently I've developed pain in my ribs and at present I don't know whether it's related. The opinions of health professionals have varied. The NHS thought it was probably a pulled muscle and did the standard "come back in 6 weeks if it doesn't go away". The first private surgeon I saw suspected I had capsular contracture. The second private surgeon I saw didn't think I had any sign of rupture or capsular contracture. So who knows at this stage!

I'm in the process of meeting another surgeon next week and then I plan to choose between them. Hoping I can book in for the removal next month as I'll already be off work for a while for the Christmas holiday, and as a contractor I don't get paid for my time off so I prefer to limit it as much as possible.

I've attached photos of myself before I had implants placed, along with immediately after the operation and also how my implants look today, now that they're 7 years old.

Macom Minimizers purchased

Hearing lots of recommendations for the Macom Minimizer bras, intended specifically for implant removals without replacement.

The Macom website advises buying the size in your measurements and trying it on pre-explant, and that if it fits it should be sufficient post explant.

This is a pretty massive bra, but it was quite a squeeze getting my current 32G boobs in the size S bra. It rolls up a bit at the bottom of the band when I'm sat down which I'm hoping is just because of my current size.

I have one more consultation next Wednesday, the 30th November, and then I think I will be ready to move on to actually choosing my surgeon and booking a date. I'm mostly feeling excited right now, looking forward to not worrying about finding clothes that fit my boobs which don't hang like a sack from them, being able to sleep on my front again, not getting back aches and not having that cold, numb feeling I get - hopefully anyway!

2nd quote

So I've just received the quote for the second surgeon I've met with.

The first surgeon quoted me £5250 which really shocked me to be honest. They originally said £3295 and then added a massive £1955 extra after the surgeon advised removing the capsules as well.

The second surgeon said removing the capsules was "a given" which I felt was pretty reassuring. He's quoted me £4000, much more reasonable.

I've a 3rd consultation with a separate surgeon next Wednesday, looking forward to it!

Pretty excited

Thought I'd try on my Macom Minimizer bra again tonight, but this time under my clothes. It really smooshes down my current implants quite a lot so I was able to get a slightly better idea of what I will look like without them. I've now technically had implants for longer than I've had natural breasts (from the point of developing them around age 13) so I'm finding it hard to remember what it was like to be small.

I was happy with what I saw, I looked a lot slimmer. All in all, I think bigger boobs are pretty unflattering in most outfits. Unless I'm wearing a cinched in waist (think fifties style dresses), most clothing just hangs shapelessly off my boobs, making me look much fatter around the waist than I actually am. Jumpers look awful. Shirts bulge and burst open.

I do remember back in my teens it wasn't so much the size that bothered me, it was more the shape. They were perky and pointy, too much so in my opinion. They made me feel pre-pubescent at the age of 20, and I hated that. Now that I'm approaching 30, I don't think I'm going to be as concerned about looking younger! I'm intrigued how similar they will be to my original size and shape.

I'm hoping after tomorrow's consultation I will finally be in a position to book my surgery. Getting pretty excited. Sorry to ramble on here, there's not really many other places for me to discuss this! :)

3rd consultation

Had my third consultation this evening and it was definitely the best. The surgeon was easily the friendliest I've met, and instead of trying to push me in to getting an uplift, he was quite the opposite, making sure I definitely wanted them removed.

He didn't think an uplift would be at all necessary and said he suspected I would have very good results. He was also the first surgeon to show me photos of removals he'd done, everyone else only had photos of putting them in.

He said it should be a very simple removal, he foresees no issues at all and that he could even do under local if I preferred (although it would cost the same).

So now I just eagerly and impatiently await their quote, hoping it comes tomorrow. The initial price they suggested was very reasonable but was subject to the surgical consult, hoping they don't spring a huge increase on me like the first company did (they added just short of £2k).

Booked for the 22nd December

Well, that's it, I've booked in for the 22nd December with Dr Bassem Nathan at Transform. Fortunately out of my 3 separate consultations he was both my preferred surgeon and the cheapest - I'm glad I didn't feel like I was choosing between quality vs. cost. The procedure will be removal of the implants and any of the capsule he feels it's necessary to remove. He said as my implants are soft with no noticeable he didn't suspect a need to remove that much.

It's pretty good timing for me, I'm a contractor and so I lose money if I'm not in work, so combining it with the Christmas holiday I'll be taking off anyway is the most convenient option for me. I have no plans over the holidays (other than eating and watching a lot of movies) so it's a pretty perfect time. I just hope that I'm well enough to cook Christmas dinner on the 25th. I'll buy all the food, drink and toiletries that I need for the holidays before the 22nd so I won't have to worry about anything else.

Any tips for preparing? I've been using Bio Oil for twice a day for the last couple of weeks, I've also heard good things about coconut oil with frankincense. I've seen some women take collagen supplements but I've also heard there's no proof it does anything, but as long as it doesn't hurt I'm not opposed to trying. I took arnica for the implant and didn't suffer any bruising, so I'll likely try that again too, although I've also heard mixed views on that.

I definitely have a planner personality and like to feel like I'm covering all basis!

Pre-op Prep

Started my pre-op prep shopping today. Along with stocking my cupboards with some easy meals, I've purchased some warm button up PJs and some collagen supplements. Not sure if collagen will help, but happy to try.

Think I'll take off the day before my surgery too just to get my last bits and bobs, clean the flat, put everything I need in convenient places.

18 days to go!
Bassem Nathan

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