Don't Know Which Surgeon to Pick for Sever Balding - London, GB

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I have looked through the Internet as much as...

I have looked through the Internet as much as humanly possible for information about where to go in London UK and which surgeons get the best results yet I am completely lost.
I am male, 29 years old and have severe balding. I am looking to regain a full head of hair but do not know where to go to get it or if it's even possible.

After spending years hiding underneath a hat and using hair fibres, I simply couldn't keep going on like that. Having gone through bariatric surgery and having lost a lot of weight I want to continue striving towards hopefully some day having a little bit of confidence.
My partner is going to leave me and I need to make sure I don't regress into depression.
I need to get this operation done but I cannot bare the thought of spending so much money and getting a bad result which will ultimately seriously hurt my confidence.
I'm in between three at the moment. Dr. Ball , Dr. Zioga or Dr Ganesh krishnan

I would very much appreciate any help any one could give me on the surgeons named above. My preference at the moment seems to be Dr. Zioga but this is such a massive deal that I'm scared I'm going to pick the wrong surgeon or that I simply won't be able to get my hair back. Has anyone had the surgery with any of the above listed surgeons? Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm seriously struggling with the pressure. I've gone through 2 other unrelated cosmetic surgeries but a hair transplant is the one thing that means the most to me. Not being blessed with good looks, being very short and still quite fat adding baldness to the mix and zero confidence really isn't optimal. I'm begging all you guys and girls our there if you see this post and have ANY knowledge I would appreciate it so much! Is it possible for someone as bald as me to get a non shameful head of hair again? I'll take all the pills the docs give even if they kill my libido. This is just too important for me and my hopes of a brighter future.

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