Planning my Fue/fut Treatment Long over Due Mum of Twins - London, GB

So I'm new to this and I'm so happy that I gave...

So I'm new to this and I'm so happy that I gave found a forum where I can talk to individuals and see there shared experiences on this issue... I work in the fashion industry and everything is revolved around physical appearances and the lack of edges front hairline is starting to become unbearable...

I have tried just about everything onion and garlic rubbing on the area regaine ,10% minoxidil belgravia hair clinic, betacap, steroids injections and other anti fungi creams and to be honest they do work but the hairs that grow are slight and fair and just doesn't cover my problem area

I look great in wigs ????????and that's all well and good but after they come off I feel like I'm not me ????and this is not how I want to feel... I started going natural about 2years ago and this is great for me was the best decision but I can't wear any great natural hair styles ????

I'm at the point where I'm looking for the right doctor and practice that can help me along my journey... I'll be sure to document it all.... Because without me looking at others I wouldn't even know where to start...

So here I begin this journey... Please let me know about your stories your life on fut/fue

Thank you

Fut London to New York Hair Transplant Black Afro Hair

So after careful consideration and a lot of hours of reviews and finding others with similar situation... I have booked!

Yes it's really going to happen I'm still in a bit of shock but happy that dr Frank realised my issued and was willing to work with me...

We had a long in depth conversation and he was very attentive to my needs it's wasn't clinical very personal and that was also a great decider, as much as the cost is a heathy amount I want the best job and I believe that he can deliver.... I think a part of me is hoping that he. Going to look at me and say "it's not that bad ill do it at half the cost" but that is true wishful thinking lol

It think I have that after thought because I'm paying for something I used to have, whether self inflicted or other it was there before... But now there seems to be a resolution light and the end of the tunnel.

Operation day... Fut New York doctors Frank "black woman" Afro hair"

First before I start I have images of blood, so if your squeamish pass on the pics but, I'm about real self real life and images, I'm not pretending anymore I have done this for years I'm not going back now... Lol I guess that's my disclaimer

Wow so the day finally came, I'm not going to say I was nerves free, I was emotional because I couldn't find the damn place, lol... And In my state looking for the building that is attached near or on a restaurant had me believing it couldn't be it... Big gold and grand, As I'm from London I'm not completely familiar with how this could be possible, and in my hysterics " what a fool" baring in mind I decided and there was an opening on my birthday to get it done on this day I did.... Some friends and family members didn't understand why but what's the best day to fix yourself? Make yourself better, I couldn't have thought of a better day...

I might go a little off but I want you to get a full clear and concise picture of my experience because others help me when reading theirs and you will not know how important it is until either you have yours or how to care for others going through similar situations....

So I arrived at the clinic at 8am was greeted and treated from the very start just wonderful filled out the necessary forms pics ect...
I'm pretty open and chatty so I was at ease anyway from the start, realise that these people will see you in a state that you hide from the world so being tight for me would have been the most difficult....

Doctor Frank and I spoke before I stared a nice informal conversation prior to this day he hasn't seen me up close n personal with the traction alopecia... So like most I'm sure I was like " is it as bad as you think" but as he's so experienced nothing really surprised him anymore.... After our conversation he provided me with a Valium totally needed just to ease with relaxing for the strip removal process..

I brought my robe as most of the day I will be on a recline jogging bottoms ect... And as it is a clinic fresh air will be pumped into the room during the procedure they do supply you with a blanket "these are the little things I didn't know or realise" hair parted my two beautiful nurses proceed to shave and plat the area... as it begins.... As yes I had a tear in my eye once again lol....the anaesthesia I'm not gonna lie it wasn't the best there was two one that numbed pinched even and the other one was a little more intense all bearable but yes this was the most uncomfortable part for me personally at this stage...

Face down the began to take the donor area.... Being honest I remember it beginning then woke up to find I was stitched up and the nurses was getting my grafts ready.... I can't say I was uncomfortable slightly numbed but fine...

Now there is TV to watch movies ect... But as it was my b-day I had my phone n iPad as messages of good luck n happy b-day was coming through and at this time I was still sedated not in my fully right coherent self but ok cause I was taking images and face timing my mother and sister back in the uk "without the nurses in the room"

So on to the next... Doctor Frank comes in, he has such a peaceful nature and very calming he was ready to insert the holes, spots where the grafts would be placed. I do not know the right terminology sorry but the way I would describe it he was hers to prick each hole into my head like a stabbing motion so there was no pain but you sense that that is what's happening after I was numb a second time cause I was not trying to feel anything.... Your head does feel like rock (cold rock) strange but that's the only way I could describe it for my experience so poking away, I again fell asleep at this point, he kindly but on a movie but I was not trying to focus on this, I woke up being honest I lost all sense of the time your so dazed i don't think I really cared

By this time the grafts have been done... Now this is a image that I didn't get I wish I did though, the nurses one on each side yet again made me comfortable and eased my worries I asked lots of questions and they were only happy to ask.. But as everyone else I know it's a job and not everything was going to be about the procedure.... As I said I can talk for England I spoke about family life traveling a really nice situation even though they are doing there job and was extremely professional It was a great social get away from this time consuming experience.

I can't really remember how long I was in the chair while the grafts are being added before nurse 3 another angel asked me for lunch I ordered a chicken panini.... That was one of the best lunches by the way this time they took a break I continue to have the TV watch me lol and take a few more images they did cover my head so i know I shouldn't have but, I also had this forum in mind when getting it done to show you...

Once lunch was finished...

We continued the tedious process of each graft one by one apparently I had good grafts some was double (two hairs in one) so it would hopefully grow thicker....

All in all I was done at half 6 was I numb yes a little hazed yes a little pain yes but worth every minute thus far...

I know this is a bit of a long review but If your anything like me you want to know EVERYTHING

I go picked up was told how to care for my grafts the doctor called me that evening and asked about my well being ... So wonderful

Then I reclined slept this night... I would have slept standing up cause nothing was touching my grafts that night or the next... I had a slight numbing throbbing to my head but nothing sleep couldn't fix...

And this is how I spent my birthday 2015
New outlook and progression for better

I hope it helps others x

Swelling and hair style

So let's talk days after the procedure.... I'm 5days I and my grafts are all in place and keeping the area is moist, it can get dry very quickly, I have to say I am scared to touch rub put any pressure on the area it's still a little sensitive and I'm just a scaredy cat... Lol I can see it's starting scab a little.

In terms of hair styles I did look at other reviews and doctors recommendations and weaves are ok so after the numbness subsided I very very loosely plated the hair leaving the front area, I opted for big curly hair as it will hid the strip and the front when in a fringe (bang for the USA term)

Swelling after 4days I took the strip of the forehead now this reduces the swelling going to the face and it has been a great help, but it seems since I took it off I gave ballooned I was a little shocked, but I realise it's water retention it would have been a good idea if I had another strip to used as it does get manky (nasty)

So as I wright this now I am swollen but feeling fine the donor area still has a slight numbness I have kept it moist and lubricated with what they gave me..

All in all still excited, it's just dark glasses if I'm going out lol x

3 weeks post op

I can't believe time has flown.... There are a few things that I would like to address since the operation

Last week I had my stitches removed and it was pure bliss lol....

The first 2weeks for me was a little uncomfortable with sleeping, I felt the tightness of the stitches and it this is just something that needs to be put up with especially to get a clean result or the donor area would have not been able to heal as well,

thus far I'm really happy my donor are is very clean looking and family and friends alike have all said how it's healing and looking great....

Tbh this was one of my biggest fears, that I would keloid or my scar would be horrendous, touch wood all is wonderful so far...

There is a numbness to my donor area, the only way I could describe the feeling is that of my c-section after it was heald it was sensitive the nerves are out of wack and so I guess it's trying to find its rightful place lol....

But doctor did say that it could last a few weeks or months depending on the person, but nothing dreadful like you cannot touch or style your hair, and I have been doing this

In regards tony grafts I can actually see them sticking out growing, it's quite something the area is itchey I kind of do a patting motion on my head( not the itches weave pat) but gentley with 2 fingers.That eases it slightly, also wetting the area keeping it clean

As for wearing styles out I have got a wig, now I know it seems rediculous but it's far back from the grafts and I got doctors approval as how I was wearing it, the first style was a weave but the hair became heavy on my head and I just really needed hair for when I'm out on the roads not in the house so being removable but still being aware is good

A tip I took all of the combs/clips out of the wig so no pulling popping pins are ok

The first set of pics are 2weeks post then 3weeks as you will see the hair looks fuller 2weeks but as you massage the scabs hair also goes, I also think it looks thicker cause my scabs are dark, maybe that's just me, but you decide but not to fear cause it comes back lol

back dated updates 3-6 month post opp

its been a long long time, but i honestly thought that my journey was going to be one of the ones that it just doesn't not work, the first 4 pics is 3/4 months post op and, just like most others the hair absolutely does fall out and its left fully bald again.. i was like omg no this will not work.... patients people this is the most difficult park of it, i the mean time i was wearing my lace fronts very loose but i still was covering it up most of the time when i got home it was completely off.

after month 5, there is a significant growth for me, i didn't used creams or hair growth remedies i believe in hindsight i should have used them regain etc...
Doctor john Frank

The man is just great... The only reason why there are some 4* is that I know he has other patients so how could he be at my beck n call all the time but the nurses that was for me was just as beautiful as he was... He always got back to me within the 24hours even when I was in the uk. Payment cause it's expensive lol but you get what you pay for so let me dig deep a reap the rewards 10/10 If your thinking about doing it I'm not even jealous lol He's your man right there... And he's in New York I'm from London didn't know how to amend this

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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