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Hair lowering diary Hi, this is a long post but...

Hair lowering diary

Hi, this is a long post but I've been constantly reading people's posts and like to hear all experiences etc as its a massive step for any of us to take and I wanted to read as much as I could to get a true picture. I will be posting photos but this is my diary and feeling so far X

Originally I wanted to go to the best surgeon for this procedure and that's dr Kabaker in Los Angeles but for me it wasn't an option to travel there so for 6 years I've been researching for a surgeon in the uk that was capable and familiar with this procedure, many said they could do it but for me I wanted someone who does it weekly (at least) not few a year as we're talking about your face, you can't hide it if it's wrong!! Finally after many appointments and loss of deposits I found my surgeon Dr Chris Inglefield :-)

This Thursday I arrived at Queen Anne medical centre in London at 7.30am bricking it. A very caring Nurse took me through and explained all, i was very teary and scared stiff as never had any form of surgery before. The anaesthetist then came in and talked me through what she was going to do and ask if I had any questions, I realed loads off lol and she had all the time in the world to assist, I felt very comfortable with her and knew I was in safe hands. Then dr Chris inglefield came in he greeted my mum who was there every step with me and came over and hugged me, he sat cuddling me and holding my hand, he is soooo caring and really does have the patients best interest at heart. He spoke of every step of the procedure and drew the previously agreed hairline and discussed any alterations, all was done and again my questions rolled off my tongue again, the day before my procedure I was eating breakfast and put This Morning on to find a doctor and patient sitting and a phone in.........OMG was it a sign as it was about people waking on the operating table or paralysed so we're unable to let them know they could feel everything!!! This was a a massive scare of mine like anyone's dr Inglefields reply was............yes that could happen but not in this case as id be having a deeper level of annithecia which you will definitely not be waking from. Well time had come and I went into theatre, thought we were having a party as there were 9 lovely caring assistants to assist Dr Inglefield, through my tears I new I was safe. As I laid down Dr Inglefield came in and gently held my shoulders and explains that all will be fine and that I'm safe, I cannot tell you what a fantastic surgeon he is. I felt the wave of drug working round my body wow what a lovely feeling and before I knew it, it was done. I'm now in recovery and apparently mum and dad have been here twice and sent away as they couldn't wake me lol they had obviously given me lots of anethesia lol I was drowsy very pale mum said I looked like Frankensteins bride........great!!! we eventually left the hospital at 6pm, we stayed at a hotel round the corner as I wanted to be close incase I had any problems. 

Well first night I had NO sleep the drugs had worn off and firstly sleeping completely upright is strange so clock watching every 10 minutes, it was a long night it got to 2am and I needed honey for my thoat it was very dry from the tube and at 3.10am I needed ice pack for my head but reception were closed and nothing to be found without waking mum and asking her to traipse the streets looking for an all night convenience store........mmmm so next best thing, we had a fridge so not the best but I borrowed the coke cans and placed them on my head. Day after surgery we came home on train at 1pm wore a trilby hat, definitely suggest that as you would feel to constricted with a beanie or bobble you need something that gently covers but doesn't touch the front of head as you don't want any pressure a silk scarf or something light would be ok I just felt frumpy lol anyway I'm drugged up I've got so many pills to take! I've actually had to date and time all of the boxes and tick them when I've taken them as you get so confused but they all help but they do make you feel drowsy. Mum and dad said the stitching and hairline looks very neat and I will be happy. Your probably thinking same as I was how painful is it? How does it feel? Well I'm shocked really I had read so many bad effects that I'd imagined the worst which isn't a bad thing as your prepared but for me it's not as bad as I thought, but it's still early days, I wouldn't say I have had bad pain it's been more of headache pain and uncomfortable and my worst part is the temples they are very very tender but bearable the painkillers help, 

I must say I haven't had to use the extra strong painkillers the hospital gave me I've been ok with paracetamol, so that says a lot, I'm lucky as its now just over 2 days since surgery and I haven't had any bruising or swelling (that my mum, dad and partner have said) I haven't looked at myself yet!! It still feels like a strong headache And i think the nerves are trying to connect or somethings happening as every few hours or so I keep getting a sensation odd places like a slim snake sliding across sections of the top of my head or a drop of water dripping down the side of temples or another sensation is when your recovering from pins and needles, these only come randomly for about 4 seconds a time but again early stages, people have said that the itching can be really frustrating (something to look forward to! ) oh the one thing that I really don't like is the touch of the top of your head, everyone said it will be numb with no feeling, well that's what I expected, or maybe I didn't imagine how it felt but I would describe it as yes numb but when you touch it it feels no word of a lie like a plaster cast like when you brake a bone it feels heavy and very thick and horrible, it doesn't hurt as you can't feel anything but I'm hoping the feeling won't be upto 2 years as surgeons have said. mums coming over today to wash my hair for the first time, I'm dreading it as my left temple is sooo tender but I've been told to wash it today. Also I forgot to mention they recommend manual lymphatic drainage before the operation to clear the body from toxins and it makes it easier for surgery, Dr inglefield includes 3 of these in your surgery costs but I also had my own treatments locally to me for convenience I had 3 the week leading upto it and I believe it really has helped so definitely do that if you go ahead with this procedure. Also forgot to say you have contact number 24/7 for the nurse and although I haven't used it they have called me on first night, and twice yesterday to see how I am, I'm surprised by there aftercare I couldn't ask for more. Hope this section has helped and I'll update soon xx

Forehead reduction I hate my high forehead

Hi, I cannot believe how quickly time and passed, the emotions and stages I've been through and where I am today. Well mum washed my hair, it was great fun sitting in a bath in my undies whilst mum delicately washed my hair, but it felt so good afterwards, clean :-) I let it dry naturally, I still hadn't looked in the mirror, they were all covered with either paper or towels lol I was too scared to look, not because of how my new forehead was but I didn't want to relate the tenderness etc to the look (if you understand) I'm still all dosed up lots of pills and tired, think they make you drowsy, the next 5 days have been very similar, my head feels weird and tender, I must say that there has been no pain as I had expected, the worst was the tenderness on the temples, not if you touched them it was just like a bad temple headache, but the constant feeling has all been acceptable, obviously the pills have helped, but it still hadn't been bad enough for me to need to take the really strong pain killers the hospital gave me (phew!) sleeping is great fun............... I stack my pillows so I am almost completely sitting up and each night I listened to a hypnosis for pain relief on YouTube it really helped and always sent me to sleep, I highly recommend it, I'll send you the link if you ask. Day 5, I caught sight of my head arghhhhh the towel had fallen off one of the mirrors, OMG I was amazed, it looked great and not nearly as red or ugly as I had imagined, I even had a closer look, I was pleased, ok I still couldn't touch it, not because it hurt, because it didn't but because it made me cringe lol. I also had a manual lymphatic drainage today, first one since surgery, she kindly came to my home as I wouldn't have been able to drive (because of the pills) plus I still wasn't able to lay down. It was nice to have an hours company lol you get bored being alone when everyone's at work!! Well day 6 & 7 was horrible, as day 5 I'd finished two of my many tablets, one being antibiotics and the other for swelling and now it had time to get out of my system and for my body to fight alone, the best way I could describe the feeling now was a very Woolley head, it felt...............Woolley lol how can I explain, if you can imagine you had flu (not Man flu or cold,) but flu, when your heads full and you can feel it in the ears too, it's not a pain, well that's the best way I could describe it and it completely drained me, I was sooooo tired, but come day 8 I felt almost normal woohoo. Ok it's now Day 12, 4 days have passed and each day I felt clearer, I've washed my hair alone twice now and I haven't taken any paracetamol for 2 days and tomorrow I have my stitches removed, can't believe how time has flown by and it's healing so well. It's Wednesday 20 January and I arrived nervously at LBPS, can't believe how worried i was, I was here to have the final stage completed and I felt like I was having surgery again.........what a Wally. Mary greeted me, it was lovely to see her again, although we had spoken several times whilst in recovery at home, she TRIED distracting me whilst I was laying there anxiously waiting for each stitch to be removed........I got a sweat on and looked like a tomato at the end of it lol............ok it wasn't that bad, took about half hour though :-/ here comes the mirror, wow it looked amazing, she said that I had healed really well, I am convinced it was helped by the manual lymphatic drainage. I'm really looking forward to being able to just pull my hair back and not worry about the wind blowing my fringe. Today is 24 January and it was my first day out in the wind, guess what I had no spray, no hat and the wind blew through my hair and it felt amazing I wasn't hiding and my head was still looking straight , not looking at the floor trying to control how the wind blew my non moveable sprayed fringe!! A dream come true :-)

I know this has been a long review, In fact it could be a book lol I hope you didn't fall asleep but I just wanted you all to have a full understanding of what and how you will honestly feel as I know I really wanted honesty when I was looking.

So the questions are,
Was it expensive? Not to how it will change you.
Was it painful? No, just tender and a little uncomfortable.
Am I glad I had it done? 100%
How much was removed? Was 8 3/4cm now 6 1/2cm
Do I have any regrets? Yes, that I didn't do it sooner!
Would you recommend Christopher Inglefield? Most definitely.

Hope this has helped anyone thinking of having this procedure good luck and let me know if you book in with Dr Inglefield, if you do please mention that Nicky on real self recommended you xx

Forehead reduction massive forehead

Oops sorry I forgot to post the before photos, it would help so you could see what a transformation it was. Be warned it's massive lol can't believe I'm posting it as the only person to have seen it in this state is my partner and obviously the hairdressers :-)

Forehead reduction massive forehead

Tonight's photo

Forehead reduction photos

Forehead reduction photos

Forehead reduction photos

3 weeks since my surgery and I'm healing well x

Forehead reduction female london

Sorry for not updating sooner. I've been back to work and time has flown. Anyway I'm glad my post has been helping some of you with making decisions. I've tried to be honest and as helpful as I can. I have posted some photos taken today to show you how my scar has been healing. I have been really luck but I have been very good with maintaining lymphatic drainage and not being around people when they are smoking along with every evening massaging c e ferulic antioxidant into the hairline, but it's paid off :-)

As mentioned I have had a small amount of hair loss, but it's to be expected due to trauma to the scalp. It scared me as I have fine hair and thought losing some would be quite dramatic, but to be honest you cannot notice and I have already got new hair growth woohoo. I still have no sensation at the top of the scalp, but I expecting this for upto 2 years and if it comes back sooner then it's a bonus and numbness is a small price to pay for the new life this surgery gives you. I've been out in the wind with no hat, no hairspray and my head held high, wow I've NEVER EVER done that before, I can't wait for summer to arrive so I can tie my hair back away from my face without a worry :-)

I cannot believe how quickly time has passed and it seems such a longtime ago now that I was in recovery.

If anyone is considering this surgery I truly recommend it, just do your homework like I did and make sure you chose the right surgeon for YOU, take care xx

Forehead reduction female london

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Forehead reduction update

It's been 3 months 2 1/2 weeks since I had the operation and all is going well. After about 4 weeks after surgery I did have some hair loss in places, but nothing to severe and I was able to style hair differently to cover it up. I was so scared of this happening as I have fine hair and losing even just a little was too much!! But I am pleased to say that there is new hair growth in these spots and there is new hair growth in the new hairline, disguising my already faint scar. I've posted a couple of photos just so you can see the new growth. I still cannot feel a thing on the top of my head, it it could take upto 2 years before the sensation returns, a small price to pay for the change in my life :-D. I can now go out with my head held high and feeling the wind blowing through my hair, and if I get up late and have no time to fix my bloody fringe with spray, those bad hair days have gone, as now I can just pull it back woohoo, something people take for granted, but I'm grateful now every day. I would definitely recommend this surgery to anyone who is very unhappy with their forehead and if it controls their daily lives, we all have to understand that hair loss is a possibility but in time it will return ;-) xx
Dr Chris Inglefield

Amazing, caring, honest and trustworthy he puts his patients first and understands the emotions behind us all.

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