Uplift With Implants 350 & 375 CC- London, GB

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So after loads of reading, researching and reviews...

So after loads of reading, researching and reviews I thought it's my turn to share my experience as I wouldn't know what to expect without all these reviews...I am hoping I can post updates on this review as not sure how this works to shall my full journey and I'll be starting with my consultations.


Hey ladies, so as promised my review on my consultation.. So initially I have seen Dr Frati twice privately and then for a second opinion Dr Mark Solomos at Harley Medical Group.. 6 months ago.. I finally too the plunge to go back to Dr Frati through MYA instead as I liked the hands on with the team and the support you get. I went and saw him 1 month ago, and said I want what you advised me 6months ago.. He looked at my breasts and his mind had changed advised I'd need an uplift but I could have just a nipple lift .. I was advised this with Mark Solomos so I wasn't to dis heart ended it was the extra scars I wasn't keen on. He then advised as his not the neatest in the nipple lift and he'd rather me have that to go see Linda .. Off I went back to my patient coordinator Natasha at Chelmsford Essex - who I can honestly say has been great throughout the whole process - I'm a massive worrier and she has been there answering all my queries .. Anyway The day was to to see Linda what can I say so friendly and less blunt than Dr Frati, but he is very good at his work so I trusted him when he recommended me to Linda as there's not a lot on Linda in reviews etc.. But the girls all say she is a perfectionist and for
me that is key as I would be so upset if they looked like sisters not twins .. She took my measurement - see photo ;) as I like to know everything .. And the advised me round implants dual plane position to create the tear drop look - which I hope will look like that as I do not want two melons stuck on me.. Hoping with the Brest Tissue I have this will be the outcome - I will have to have two different sizes I think due to size and my nipples were advised quite puffy( not sure if it was because I was due on) and dropping hence the nipple lift.

Sizes 300,325,350 & 375 HP- I have advised I was looking for DD/E size so I am really
Hoping I will get this! ..

I then had my pre op on the same day as surgery was already booked!!!

Pre Op

I went to meet the nurse after my consultation with Linda, I knew I was having it done , I have waited to make my choice since April and when I want something I have to have it booked and sorted once I've made my mind up!.. The nurse at London Fitzroy London was lovely - Emmy.

She went through so much with me that you probably thought damn I should of asked the surgeon but don't stress they know all of as they work so closely with the surgeons..

I had height done 5ft 6 and bang on 10st.
I also had two blood tests for all examination and MRSA swabs.
She also took photos for progress I need to upload some before so I won't forget!

My surgery is booked for the 21st November with over night stay so excited and nervous .. Keep looking at boobie pictures and after care advice!

I've booked that whole week off work and expected to go back that following Monday but will see - I work with a bunch of blokes so might try and have a few extra days don't want it to be too obvious - hence wearing lots of padded bras lately! Ha ha

Before! - countdown begins 21 days from tomorrow!

So tomorrow I can start counting down the days as we are in boobie month! I am
So excited/scared I keep having second thoughts whether to have anatomical implants or stick with round! Ahhh.. Here's a before picture aswell!

Visiting the surgeon - 2nd time

Hey girls ... I am 6 days Before Op. and I have my second appt to see Linda just to get some more clarification on the lift the 1st time I met her and was so taken in with all the information that when I have left I have now got all the questions I never asked! I have also take 6c nelsons arnica tablets! Started yesterday.. I will move on to stronger ones 30c Post Op. once I have met Linda today I will write another update xxx

Op Day!

So today it's surgery day! I went and saw Linda again and nothing is final to the procedure I am having in regards to the lift and size it all depends in surgery how the implants sit to what will be done to the nipples! I am shitting it I washed my hair last night took my eyelashes off :( I look rank! And no nails! Packed my bag ( over night stay) and I'm leaving home with my best friend in about 45 mins so I best be quick! Lol .. here are some before pictures! I will try and get my friend to take some so it's level and also once I've been drawn on! Xxx

Post Op!

Flip! Someone is sitting on my chest! lol I have had it done still abit high but want to keep updating so I don't fall behind! Heres a pictures xx

What I had done..

So my last post wasn't very informative - sorry about that. Lol .. right boobie I had 350cc HP with a full lift and left boobie I had 375cc with mini lift (nipple) had the worst nights sleep think I got half hour sleep each time I fell asleep - nurses were lovely I kept bugging them .. pain killers galore but wasn't really touching the sides .. just had breakfast and waiting for my best friend to come and collect me for me wonderful 1hr 40min drive home ????????.. I kept trying to distract the nurses to talk to me throughout the night to keep my mind off things as there's only so much Facebook and Instagram scrolling one can do before getting bored ! lol xx I have taken two arnica tablets this morning as well as I didn't take any yesterday well two in the morning not sure if I was allowed.. xx


This was yesterday so post op day 3.. as u can see I am very swollen and my nipples look so puffy! I can't wait to see the new shape of the nipples after the lift though! Xx

Some before and after pics

Hey ladies so it's day 4 and I feel ok! The meds are making me feel so tired and I'm still very swollen .. I'm rubbish at taking pictures but I need to so I can track progression! Here's a few from this week and clear before photo! Can't wait to see the new nipple position from the lift!

7 day post Op

Hey girls , so u can see my before and after 7 days from the side I have also added some pictures from the front .. they look disgusting .. I really have no idea how they will look perfect again but it's all in the healing process... if anyone out there that has had a lift and can give some advise please share! Xx

My boobs are red from the patches! Can wait for them to drop and skin to repair! Xx

Dropping Slightly

So this was taken yesterday and u can seen dropping has started! Left side is still slightly higher , I find in the morning I feel more sore and swollen is that because I'm
Not sleeping up right enough?? I'm still wearing the breast band it's really getting on my nerves though! Lol xxx


I'm sorry ladies I have not updates for a long while - as requested here is a picture of my scars I have been adding bio oil day and night but looking into getting silicon strips ? What are your thoughts? Xxx
London Plastic Surgeon

Very professional, awaiting results - hopefully I can add to make this my journey to share with you all

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