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I had tear trough filler in the past by a "medspa"...

I had tear trough filler in the past by a "medspa". Im a thin person with a thin face and into my 30s the hollowness under my eyes made me feel tired and old. I just wanted a little natural volume in this area to look like a rested version of myself.

I want to tell people who are considering this treatment - DO NOT GO to a medspa for a treatment like this (really for any fillers if you ask me). While they sell you the idea of fillers like its no big deal to administer and often give deals on their prices, they are not qualified to do this as they are not doctors / plastic surgeons and do not understand the anatomy of your muscles, tissue, etc.

After the treatment from this medspa I really started to feel like the under eye / cheek area was uneven, overfilled on one side, and just in general strange looking. This was obviously not the objective of my visit so I realised I needed to get this fixed. However, I was leaving the country (relocating) in three weeks and also attending an important event once we relocated so I was limited on time. In desperation and depression I researched and realised you need an oculoplastic surgeon to perform this tedious procedure of tear trough filler.

That is when I came across Dr. Malhotra - an oculoplastic surgeon specialising in tear trough filler. On my initial consult he knew exactly what I was talking about - where my under eye was over-filled, etc. He said he could definitely correct this by using Hyaluronidase to dissolve the fillers. After waiting a week for the Hyaluronidase to settle, then he could put in proper fillers in a very natural way. I was very nervous as I was leaving the country for good in three weeks and then attending an important event. So he said he could attempt to mold the current fillers. So I opted for this (safer approach) and there definitely was improvement after he molded the are. However, after I thought about it a few days after, I knew (even though he improved this by molding) this was always going to bother me so I went back to him to dissolve the fillers.

There is a lot of writing about Hyaluronidase. It is very safe if performed by a plastic surgeon and definitely gets rid of the fillers. I was actually quite shocked when the fillers were completely gone as I was back to my tired looking self so I made an appointment to re-fill with Dr. Malhotra. However I was so nervous about bruising as I had that event in a little over a week that I didnt want to be bruised for. Also to note, when I had this done by the medspa, I had a huge black bruise that lasted three weeks - again, they dont realise where major viens are or the anatomy of your face so Im pretty sure that is why.

Dr. Malhotra was BRILLIANT. He re-filled the area with absolute certainty and precision and it now looks completely even and totally natural. It does seem that fillers in the "restylane" family are the correct ones to use under the eyes, according to what most plastic surgeons on this website seem to say. So he did use restylane-perlane. He iced prior to the procedure as he was aware and very sensitive to my situation. I am literally bruise free except for a tiny mark or two where the needle went in, which is easily covered with make-up and sure to be gone in a few days. I did ice off and on for 24 hours after and used arnica cream. There is a bit of swelling but very little and Im confident all will settle within a week. Be sure not to mess with the area for a week after, just let it settle and the swelling go down. Also, the product has a numbing agent in it so it is really pretty pain free actually having it done.

So the bottom line is this. I completely understand what it is like to feel that you are not attractive / or tired / or older than your age because of hollowing under the eye. There is a non-invasive treatment of tear trough fillers that can very much change this hollowness and give you your confidence back. This treatment really can last about a year before you need a top-up so its not a major time commitment. HOWEVER, under no circumstances should you go to anyone other than an oculoplastic surgeon and preferably one that specialises in tear trough filler. Dr. Malhotra is certainly this doctor and I would definitely recommend him for your first appointment to have this procedure done, OR if you need to have it resolved from someone else not doing it correctly. It is obviously more expensive - £200 for consult, £200 to dissolve fillers, £1000 for 2 syringes of filler. But if you decide to do this, it is worth the money to see a true expert like Dr Malhotra versus someone who has very little qualifications - e.g NOT a plastic surgeon.

Thank you Dr. Malhotra for reconciling this situation with absolute perfection and sensitivity.
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