Tip Rhinoplasty 2 Weeks Ago - London, GB

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Please see photos below. Not sure if it looks...

Please see photos below. Not sure if it looks longer..I had tip rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. Nose bulbous and excess car tillage on end of nose. The surgeon said my tip was very buckled and he had to flatten it all out and use cartilage to use a graft to fix it. Please see below the results 2 weeks on..


3 weeks on profile

four weeks on

See below progress

More profile pics

4 weeks on

Front view

4 weeks on

4 weeks on more before and after pics

Please see some below and after pics.

6 weeks on

Hi please see below pics 6 weeks on. I think my profile looks too long I hope it will change and shorten still

Not happy with results. 6 weeks on

Saw my surgeon today and told him I feel nose looks longer. He agreed he has lengthened it to improve it. I am not happy as feel it looks too long now. Preferred my nose profile before.

does my new profile look worse!?

Hi please see pics. The ones on left was my profile before my nose was more up turned but to me it looks smaller and better. My new profile after op has been lowered but to me it now looks too long for my face. Appreciate and comments feedback. Thanks

more pics

Took couple more pics earlier to compare to old nose.

front view

Front view 7 weeks on

not happy with my profile

7 weeks on and I don't like my profile it looks longer and more pointed. Really unhappy with it. Already think I will be getting a revision to try shorten tip and lift it. I never asked to lengthen of lower my tip.

how I want it to look from profile

How 8 want the end to look on profile. Too long now

9weeks on from rhinoplasty

Couple more profile pics. Have appointment with surgeon next month and will be asking for a revision to shorten my nose.

How I want my profile to look.

I want my profile to look like the image on left. Shorter and softer on my face. Will be asking surgeon for revision to achieve this.

9 weeks post op

Left and right profile post op.

front view 9 weeks on

9 weeks on front view

More pics.

I find all I do all day is take pics of my nose from profile views and it's become an obsession. I never liked my nose before but feel it's worse and I am more conscious of it now than ever. If i could turn the clock back I would 100 per cent of not had it done had I known it would look like this.

want my old nose back

I want my old nose back was smaller and suited my face better. Hope I can have a revision to sort it out.

Front view

New pic front view

closer up pics of front view

Closer up pics of front view

old front view.

Closer up of old front view

Does my old profile look better?

I think my old profile looked better. See below pic

Week 11

Still hope profile will improve. Don't like the length of nose and feel it's too pointed front view I am OK with.

More profile pics

I keep taking profile pics as it bugs me how pointed and long it looks. I wanted it rounder and softer it's too harsh for my face.

old nose and new nose when smile

Pic of old nose when smile and new nose when smile.

smiling pics

To me this now confirms my nose looks longer and more pointed. Even in smiling pics from earlier it looks worse. Cannot wait for a revision now.

3 months on

See pic from front view smile 3 months on and old nose. I prefer my old nose even if it was more bulbous

I think the tip is going in slightly

Seems a bit softer at tip hope it deprojexts more.

more before pics to compare

Some more before and after pics. To me looks better before still. I have put all before pics in black and post op in colour.


Saw surgeon at weekend but said he would not do a revision on my nose.

Recommended surgeons in a london for revision?

Hi I am not happy with nose and will be having some revision done end of year. Does anyone know of any good surgeons for revisions. Thank you

Final result.

Pics from my final consultation. Pre op in black and white.

Pre op and post op pics from final consultation

New smiling pics 6 months post op

New post op smiling pic and pre op.

Pre op and post Op

Please see my pre op and post op pics 6months on

Hate my profile

Hate my profile even more after rhinoplasty. I hope it can be fixed


I spoke to lucion ion but have to wait til November 1 year on before he will see me. I hope he can fix it I'm really unhappy with the result. Wanted my nose to be flatter but surgeon has made it longer.

Revision needed

Can't wait for revision

Pre op and post op pics

Pre op. Nose looked more upturned but I belive it suited my face better. I didn't ask surgeon to lower the nose.

Hope revision will improve tip

Have my consultation next month to see if a revision will improve my nose. Still feel the tip sticks out too far and is too large/long for my nose.

Can revision fix the tip projection?

1 year on can revision fix my nose. The tip projects too far and I want it less projected and softer I feel it's too harsh.

Revision consultation

I had my consultation today for a revision rhinoplasty as I wasn't happy with my results. Below is pics of my nose and the morph below. I am happy with how the morphs look and booked in for surgery in Feb.

New morphs

Have put pics of morphs with my current nose. May ask to see if can take the tip in slightly more. Will see what surgeon says

New morphs

Had consultation today for revision next month very happy with the morphs.


I had 3 different morphs done for revision. I like all 3 of them but think the first one suits me best

Which morph suits me best?

Which morph suits me best 1 or 2?

Morphs Lucian Ion

I like both morphs much better than my nose now. number 1 looks slightly shorter and rounder.

Op next week

Have my op next week fingers crossed.


which front morph do you think looks best I have my op next week. There all ok anyway just wanted 2nd opinions. thanks


Still trying to decide which morph I prefer out of the 2 in the pic. I think there both good. Number 1 looks slightly more narrow but I worry the Colmella will still stick to long out at bottom which bothers me at moment. Morph 3 is rounder and flatter but wider. Still I would.be happy with both as it's an improvement still.


Sorry Larger pics of the two morphs!!

Revision done!

I had my revision done last wknd and had cast off today really pleased with it so far!

More before and after pics

So happy with Mr Ion can't recommend him enough!

3 weeks post op

Couple more before and after pics.

New front view

Quick pic of nose front view now and old nose.

4 weeks post op

few before and after pics 4 weeks on now

6 weeks check up with Lucian Ion

Had my 6 week check up yesterday happy so far still some swelling but happy with results

Nose vs original nose

Forgot to put my original nose against my revision pics. Original nose in black and white pics.

Sorry you can't see black and white will try again

Original nose and now

2 months post op

Few more pics 2 months post op now

2.5 months comparison pics

couple of comparison pics 2.5 months post op


Some new pics 4 months on

Still don't like end of nose after rhinoplasty

Still not happy with my revision I wish I never had anything done in the first place. Preferred my original nose especially the profile as I feel it looks longer now
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Surgeon was very friendly and honest with me about what could be achieved. I only wanted the tip reshaped and not the whole nose. He explained what could and couldn't be achieved but I decided to go ahead.

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