27 Year Old Male, Chin Implant & Septo-rhinoplasty - London, GB

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13 months ago I had a chin implant and...

13 months ago I had a chin implant and septo-rhinoplasty with Basim Matti and I am happy with the results, they are not perfect but then perfection rarely exists, they are however dramatically improved so much so that I can not reasonably expect for more.

Thank you Mr Matti.

Long story
I chose to go with Mr Matti because he has a good reputation online and I liked him in person, a feeling shared by my family when they finally met him at my bedside after the operation.

Some reviewers have complained that they felt rushed in their consultations however each time I saw Mr Matti I took with me 2 pages of A4 full of questions and he answered every single one without a hint of impatience. I get the impression some people arrive at consultations badly prepared and hence end up feeling unaccomplished.

I don’t like to use the word perfect when referring to cosmetic surgery, but it's hard to imagine how the chin implant could possibly be better. Despite going against the advice of numerous surgeons who suggested a genioplasty would be more suiting (to be performed by Henri Thuau, nice guy), I cancelled at the last minute and went with the chin implant and I thank my lucky stars that I did.

Cosmetically the results are incredible and it's cured my lip incompetence, something that no surgeon wanted to commit to saying (including Mr Matti). The swelling around my chin had also gone before the cast was removed from my nose, incredible really.

Mr Matti has a reputation for doing difficult noses and revisions, in my consultation he rated my nose as being 8/10 for difficulty. Despite this I was shocked when he visited me after the operation and he said “wow that was a difficult nose, I don’t normally do them that difficult, that took a long time”.

I’m paraphrasing of course as the anaesthetic had incapacitated me, but he does refer to me though as the man with the difficult nose each time I go for a review.

Both my nasal bone and cartilage were deviated in opposite directions, I also had a sharp bony bump on one side as well as a high radix, overall my nose was long and hooked.

The nasal bone was broken multiple times and is now straight and bump free, perfect!

My septum had to be completely removed, straightened, and have the support of a spreader graft before being put back in my nose. I think that's fascinating even if it was at my expense.

The radix was lowered so that the nose no longer starts at the forehead, the tip was shortened and lifted.

You can only work with what you have to begin with so undoubtedly there are some imperfections.

My nostrils are horribly asymmetric, they were similar pre-op but now they are not only different sizes but also shapes. They would scare a small child but unfortunately this is a common consequence of a septo-rhinoplasty. I have thought about getting them revised but it's not worth the hospital and anaesthetist's fee I don’t feel.

As the swelling decreased it started to become apparent that my septum was deviating again, unfortunately cartilage has a memory and it has gone slightly in the direction it once was. Still I knew it was a risk and the other changes still made it worth doing a million times over.

I’m not sure what other people think of this, but I think I preferred my nose the most when it was 3-4 months post op. The swelling gave it a bit of size and softness that it lacks now, and my septum was straight at the time.

Perhaps the radix was lowered a little too much, it depends on the angle, maybe that's called not being photogenic?

Despite these little quirks the reality is they don’t really bother me, I’m just grateful for the results I have now.

I’ve included some photos (apologies I can’t smile!) but I don't think they do Mr Matti justice. The final pictures of me in the red parka are 8 months post op but are not entirely flattering, I was ill at the time, had lost a lot of weight and was on antibiotics.

I will try and answer any questions, one thing I’ll point out is from one particular angle my nose seems to have a kink in it; it does but it was there pre-op. I think it’s just caused by one side of my nose being fuller than the other and it’s not like you can add more soft tissue I don’t think.

All in about £11,500 including sundries etc.! Worth it? Damn right.

Good luck.

14 months post op

The last photos I uploaded were at 8 months post op, so I wanted to show some which I took today @ 14 months.

I've also included one I took @ 3 weeks post.

Happy days.
London Plastic Surgeon

I like Mr Matti, I'm happy with how everything went and I believe he is sincere. I would recommend him but of course see him for yourself and make your own mind up.

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