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BACKGROUND I am a 27 year old male from England...


I am a 27 year old male from England and have suffered with Axillary Hyperhidrosis since 14 years of age. Similar to the other reviewers, I have tried to keep this embarrassing condition a secret. I won’t go into detail, but like most here, my wardrobe is full of black and white clothing (dark jumpers and jackets have been a blessing!) I am generally a ‘sweaty person’; for example, if I workout or am in a particularly hot environment, I sweat far more than the average person (not just armpits, but all over my body). However, my armpits sweating are disproportionate to the rest of my body. On a daily basis I go through the following cycle like clockwork: Armpits sweat > paranoia of anybody noticing > armpits sweat more. Repeat.

Following on from non-surgical treatments not working (prescription deodorants, iontophoresis), I had come to accept that this was how it was always going to be. However recently (around 6 months ago), I started to smell of sweat (not BO) and have been getting white patches on my clothes. Although a nuisance, I could hide sweat patches, but smelling and white patches, too!? I needed a solution! As a result, I [re]considered surgery and botox. I wasn’t prepared to accept the risks associated with surgery (compensatory sweating), nor the long-term costs of botox. Enter, miraDry.

I have been aware of miraDry for a while now and have been impatiently (!) waiting for it to arrive in the UK. That moment finally came in January 2014 to Doctor Tapan Patel’s PHI clinic in London. I was the first person to book for the treatment, which, to my surprise, meant I was eligible for a promotional offer – first 6 bookings get around 50% off. This meant the treatment (2 sessions) would cost £1,500. On a less positive note, I never received a reply from my emails enquiring about miraDry and 7 days before my appointment, the clinic called me to say it had to be rescheduled. But, the benefit of 50% off outweighed all of these slight hiccups.


I had a consultation with Doctor Patel’s assistant, Jodie. We ran through the procedure, level (decided level 4), potential side effects, what to do post procedure etc. Following this, Jodie cleaned my armpits in preparation for the Doctor to inject the anaesthetic. It was a busy day in the clinic; this was evident by the fact that the only time I spoke with Doctor Patel was when he was to preparing, and injecting, the anaesthetic. In addition to this, when he had around 5 injections left to inject, another member of staff entered the room requesting Doctor Patel’s assistance. That said, Doctor Patel was great; he showed genuine compassion. He asked me questions such as ‘how has hyperhidrosis impacted my everyday life?’ and ‘How would my life change if the procedure was a success?’. I opened up to him and he seemed as excited as me for the results! He thanked me for being so open about my condition. He said it’d help him improve his services to others as he now has a better understanding of what sufferers are going through. We decided to carry out the procedure on level 4.

Doctor Patel gave me 32 injections in both armpits. Whilst uncomfortable, it wasn’t too bad – and this is coming from somebody who has a phobia of injections! Bizarrely, the injections were considerably more uncomfortable on my left armpit (the armpit that sweats the most); this did not surprise the doctor at all. The injections had the desired effect – both armpits completely numb. At this point, Doctor Patel left and handed it over to Jodie, who proceeded to carry out the procedure. Not much to say regarding this, I felt absolutely nothing. A painless procedure. Once done, Jodie gave me 2 ice packs and had them on for about 10 minutes before departing. All in all, the procedure took about 2 hours.


Swelling peaked 4 -24 hours post procedure. Felt like I had golf balls under my armpits. Wasn’t really in pain, just uncomfortable.

It’s now been 6 days since the procedure, and my armpits are still swollen, lumpy and bruised – but have dramatically improved. I have lost about 50% sensation in my armpits and surrounding skin. Haven’t got any concerns, they appear to be healing nicely. It feels like there is a plate of dead tissue under each armpit.

So far the results have been fantastic! In normal situations I haven’t sweated at all, and in stressful situations I would say there has been a 98% reduction (slightly moist, not enough for a wet patch on shirt). It often feels like I am sweating, and, upon checking, I am not. In stressful situations, it appears my hands are sweating considerably more than before; however this does not bother me in the slightest.

I’m not building my hopes up at this point because initial elimination of sweating appears to be common amongst many of the other reviews – even of those where the sweating returned. However, if these results last I will be the world’s happiest man! I've rated the treatment as 'Not sure' simply because it is too early to tell; I will update the rating and the review as time goes on.

Excuse me while I put a yellow t-shirt on!

10 days post treatment

Firstly, I sweated! However only to the point of small sweat patches. Still a HUGE decrease compared to pre-miraDry. However it looks like I will need that 2nd treatment. It’s worth noting that I am only sweating in stressful situations. In all other situations I am dry. Haven’t experienced any odour yet.

More surprisingly though, the amount of pain I am in has increased. Visible bruising has completely gone, however lumps remain. My armpits, bicep and tricep muscles are very tender. Also, the skin around my armpits, extending to the corners of my back, is also very sore. And finally, if I put my arms in the air, reach behind me, or apply pressure to an upper-central lump, it feels like a nerve is being ‘plucked’. Said nerve runs from my armpit to the upper corners of my back. Despite this, I am not concerned; I think all will heal in due course.

No regrets thus far!

23 days post treatment

A brief update that I'll split into 2 sections: results and recovery.


Unfortunately sweating has returned to about 50% of what is was pre-treatment. However, I have not had any no odour.


Lumps have reduced in size, but, as expected, still tender. Muscles and skin surrounding the armpit are sore - both on the surface and 'deeper', if that makes sense. Not so much on the armpit itself, but above and to the side of it (when I say to the side, I don't mean chest side, I mean towards my back)

I've also developed a small blue area on my armpit which I suspect to be a [newly] visible vein. Other veins have appeared around the blue area, and have also on the other armpit, too (albeit not as visible). Unfortunately the pictures do not capture it very well, but it's quite prominent.

67 days post treatment

Unfortunately sweating is slowly creeping back; I would say it is about 60% of what it was pre-op.

Lumps still present, however they're very small now (pics don't pick them up); they are tender if pressed. Nerve twitching and blue area now healed. Hair growth is starting to return. Upper armpit (where arm meets pit) is still painful if I press it.

Looking forward to having the 2nd procedure carried out at level 5.

76 days post treatment

Something odd happened a few days after my last update: my sweating completely returned. As said by somebody else who has had the procedure, it was as if my body suddenly turned on a switch for the sweating to come back. I've been doing some physical gardening work this week which started to hurt the 'arm meets pit' joint that I previously mentioned.

I'm a bit disheartened, because, as it stands, I am still sweating, however have gained new aches and pains, and am £1500 out of pocket.

Looking forward to having the 2nd procedure carried out, even more so now!

2nd treatment scheduled.

I've received an overwhelming number of private messages regarding this treatment, from people all over the world. I am glad people have found this review helpful.

All pain has subsided, but, as stated before, sweating has returned.

I have my 2nd MiraDry treatment scheduled on 3rd October. I will update this review just as I did the first time, then follow up with less-frequent-long-term updates (6 month+ post procedure).

2nd procedure @ level 5

Hi all,

I had my 2nd procedure done Friday 3rd October 2014 at PHI Clinic in London.

PHI Clinic were great; they were courteous, friendly and professional. It was the same set-up as last time: Dr Patel did the local anaesthetic injections and Jodie performed the MiraDry treatment.

The injections were much worse this time round. On a pain scale of 1 to 10 (10 being really painful) it was about a 7 / 10, whereas the first time round it was about 4 / 10. The Miradry treatment itself was a doddle; I felt the heat of the 'gun' once, but no pain. It took about 1.5 hours to complete the injections and Miradry treatment, followed by a 10 minute cooling period with ice packs.

Whilst the injections were worse first time round, my recovery has certainly not been. I had bruising and swelling for the first two days, but could still fully function (extending arms etc.). From day 3, besides the usual numbness and swelling under my armpits, I am pretty much pain-free. I am hoovering and dusting, I mean ummm, drinking beer and boxing, as I usually would be.

One final thing that's worth noting: whilst I believe my sweating has returned 100%, Dr Patel noted that last time when he was carrying out the injections the stencil ink was running due to my armpits perspiring, however this time they were dry(ish). Now I am not sure whether that it was because I wasn't as anxious this time (as I wasn't entering the 'unknown') or whether Miradry has had an effect. Hopefully the latter!

Nothing else to report. I will keep this updated like I did last time.

Oh, I forgot...

.. I am not sweating at all. Got the 'phantom sweats' back though! (where you think you're sweating, but upon panic-checking, you are not)

2nd Procedure Pictures

3.5 months post 2nd procedire

It seems my previous review update did post or has been removed. Anyway, here is a brief update:

- Side effects: nearly fully healed. Still tender if pressed. Hair growth returned. No issues or concerns here.

- Results: the important bit! I would say my sweating has reduced about 60-70%. As stated previously, I now only sweat when nervous/anxious; it's still more than the average person, but less than I did before! If these results last I will be fairly happy. I would love to be closer to the 90-95% reduction mark, but, as they say, progress not perfection!

I'll put a reminder in my diary to update this at the 6 month mark.

Final Update

It's now been 1 year and 3 months since my 1st procedure, and 9 months since my 2nd procedure. Unfortunately I am one of the unlucky patients - my sweating has returned 100%. As such, I have adjusted my rating accordingly to "Not worth it". My armpits are still lumpy, but pain free. As it stands, I cannot justify going for a 3rd treatment just in case it didn't work.
London Physician

Overall I was happy with Doctor Patel and his assistant Jodie. Please see the review for further detail.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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