Brow contouring, lift, and hairline lowering in London

Well my project of going under the knife to have a...

Well my project of going under the knife to have a nicer face had to be postponed because I got pregnant. So 4 months now after having my baby, I'm starting again to evaluate my options. I contacted Dr. Capitan from Spain, they gave me an updated quote. I will see Dr. Noorman next month again. This week I book a consultation with Dr. Inglefield from London Bridge Plastic Surgery (I hope it's worth cuz i paid £250). Anyway I will keep my expectations lower. I just wish I could go to Spain but it's almost impossible. They said I would have to stay 14 days there! In Belgium around 4 days. It would be easier to have the surgery in London. Well let's see. I already spoke with 2 top surgeons in this field in Europe: Dr Noorman and Dr Capitan.

Consultation was great

Better than I expecTed, Dr. Inglefield told me that he performs this surgery on average 3 times every week, so it's getting more popular. I felt relieved that is possible to have this procedure in London. Going to Spain for 15 days was an impossible dream with two little kids. Going to Belgium for almost 1 week too. Well its more expensive compared to Belgium, but the same price as going to Spain. I had my consultation and received the quote in the evening. That was the scary detail: £9989!! just the hospital _ weymouth fee is £4200!! I kept in contact with them discussing possible dates for surgery. Initially they told me there was a place for the 27th November. I told them that I could do between 21-30th October only (half term). If not during this time I would have to think. So they arranged an extra space for me on the 27th October. I had 2 days to think and confirm that. So Belgium was still in my mind, but in the end, I'm a mother, I have small kids, and I need to do easy and simple things. Belgium its cheaper (around £6500 plus train and hotel), but I need to have after care in hand, just in case... so London won! I've booked my surgery for 27/10. Its now or never! It will be in the st annes Hospital - good thing is that its cheaper compared to weymouth - £2935.

Before pics

Forehead bone reconstruction

Booked for the 27th with lbps. I can't believe its finally happening. The surgery will involve bone work - thats the main thing, brow lift and hairline lowering. The bones in my head are all irregular, and I suffered all my life because of that. I've been taking a few suplements such biotin, vitamin c, zinc and will start regaine 5% this week. They will send me a serum to be used 1 week before surgery. And also I will have 1 drenage lymphatic massage before surgery, and 2 after to help with the recovery.
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