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Disgusted at my experience and I haven't even...

Disgusted at my experience and I haven't even walked through the door !!!! I'm an overseas patient and applied for a consultation with a provisional date of July 21st for my procedure !! Great I thought as I'm a teacher and I can have the procedure during the summer holidays . Whilst looking on realself over the weekend to my horror I found someone else was booked in for the procedure on July 21st . I felt physically sick ! Hotel booked ,flights booked and even the dog was organised .
After many attempts somebody called Karen finally answered her phone and as I suspected I was told that I wasn't booked in for July 21st and I should have not been booked for a consultation on July 5th as this is a Tuesday and Dominic does consultations on Wednesdays ???
Both appointments had to be changed .
I was then contacted by Lucy to be told that they had 2 available dates for the procedure one was for the 30 th June which was no good as that's the last day of term and I had already booked my flight for July 3rd and one for August 30 th which was no good due to the new term starting on August 23rd . I wanted the 21st July !! Anyhow I agreed to a Skype consultation for that evening and if I was happy with everything and Dominic was prepared to operate I would do what I could to get to London for the procedure .
Guess what Dominic didn't Skype !!!!!! I waited up all night until 1am my time no Skype, no email , no text to say he's trying to get through or an explanation as to why he couldn't Skype ?????
Stating that I am extremely disappointed with my experience with Dominic Bray and his team is an understatement I refuse to have anything else to do with them and have found another surgeon who is just as good and whose team have fell over backwards to accommodate my dates in fact I've got in for the procedure 3 weeks earlier ! Dominic Bray is not the only top surgeon in London and his team are certainly far from that !!!!!
Dominic Bray

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