Extra/ultra high profile Natrelle Inspira TSX (soft touch) 445cc

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So I'm 22 days away from having my BA and I'm so...

So I'm 22 days away from having my BA and I'm so excited. Ever since I had my daughter 20 years ago I've felt self conscious about my figure, I'm 5ft 5, about 110lb and a UK 6-8. I've always had a curvy bum and small waist but no top to balance me out. (I'm a small 32b) Pre children they were small but pert, but having breast fed both my children for a year each I lost all upper fullness. In my thirties I suppose I relaxed my attitude, my husband says he loves me figure the way it is, but hey I really really want to fill a decent sized bra and basically feel more womanly!!!
Size is sooo hard to judge, I've been back and forth to the clinic several times to try the implants out, how on earth do you cope with a 10 year + decision!! I'm pretty sure I'm going with 470cc Natrelle overs, (it sounds scarily big, but I've been assured that my pockets are big enough)
The whole don't go too big or small dilemma occupies my thoughts constantly. I've read so much about boob greed versus they're to big I hate them!
Is 470 too big for me???
This site is full of "under" reviews, but here in the UK it seems overs are more the norm...
I had my pre-op with the lovely nurse yesterday - all fine and well, she advised my to take Arnica one week before and after to help with the healing.
Now all I can do is wait..... Hopefully the next 3 weeks will fly!

Paranoid I'm getting a cold ????

Did anyone else feel like this?? I'm 3 days away from my BA and I'm convinced I'm going to come down with a cold and that surgery will be cancelled arghhhh!!!

BA 3 days ago 445cc really happy????

So I had my op on Saturday and it's now Wednesday morning. Took these photos yesterday. Just thought I'd post them for others to look at as I found making a decision on size so hard! I must have looked at hundreds of pics! So here they are. Thought I'd have frankenboobs but they actually look pretty symmetrical and round, just sitting really high and a bit swollen. I cannot stress enough how relieved I am to be on the other side, the run up to the op was so nerve wracking!!! I have boobs yaaaaay!

Problems uploading pics!

30F :-) :-)

Got measured on Saturday - 3 weeks post op - 30F, so happy :-) Just thought I'd upload a couple of pics, the top pic is 12 days post op - the sides were looking quite flat and far apart, but they've rounded off again (phew!) as you can see in the bottom pic - 20 days post. Cleavage is getting closer together too. Still feeling quite tender when I wake up but the elephant on the chest has finally gone :-)

Underwear shopping :-) :-)

I'm only 3 1/2 weeks post but today I decided I couldn't wait any longer - went underwear shopping, and felt like a kid at Christmas!! It's such a great feeling walking dismissively past all the padded bras!!! Found out I had been wearing the wrong back size for the last 30+ years. 30F is a bit of a tricky size to find much choice but hey I've finally got plenty to put in a bra so I'm not complaining :-) No more desperate struggle looking for bras that would hopefully make me look like I had boobs!!

Recovery bra - highly recommended :-)

Just thought I'd mention bra troubles during recovery - the hospital recommended I buy a total support bra for recovery so I found what I thought was going to be suitable - a massively covering and very supportive sports bra - pre op I judged it to look really comfortable - was I wrong or what!! The first few days the band felt so uncomfortable - I wasn't prepared for how much you can swell post surgery! Then i heard good things about the Macom bra - so I ordered one up, it was delivered within 48 hours, and believe me, it was like wearing a little bit of heaven!!

25 days post op

So I'm approaching the month mark - for the first 3 weeks I hardly looked at my boobs at all for fear of judging/worrying too much in the early stages of healing. It worked really well for me and kept me calm and happy :-) Now I can't stop looking at them!!! They are still sitting quite high and I can't wait for them to squish up but they're getting there day by day. I can't wait to take my strips off - my surgeon requested no baths for 4 weeks for the best result on my incision scars, and at last I'm nearly there!! :-)
Its been so encouraging reading all the great reviews on here from all you lovely ladies xxx

Pre op pic

Just thought I'd show what the surgeon had to work with - not a lot!! After breast feeding I was left feeling very skinny and not at all feminine :-( Having the surgery has boosted my body confidence so much :-)

A real investment in time as well as money

I just thought I'd put a little note about this - recovery for me has been pretty much total plain sailing compared to what a few of you lovely ladies have been through. I've been so lucky.
but.... What I wished I'd mentally prepared myself for was the cost in time. Don't get me wrong, this experience has been so totally and wholeheartedly worth it - you just need to have patience and a lot of it!! About a week after surgery I spent a whole day crying much to the frustration of my husband. I couldn't even explain why to him! It's not easy doing nothing when so much around you needs doing, despite what well wishers may joke! Feeling useless and tender was not great!
I have a busy household and lots of big children. They helped a lot, but what I decided to figure into the cost of a BA was a cleaner for my first 2 weeks of recovery and also a couple of extremely good bras - I had after all forked out £4500+ on surgery. That's a lot of money when you stop and think about it. These may seem like "luxuries" but the need to protect my new investment was to me a must, and it amounted to £300 on top. My sister had her BA shortly after mine so she invested in a couple of weeks of childcare too, and just resigned herself to not being able to pick up her children in that time too.
I didn't want to risk my boobs healing wonky etc by trying to do too much too soon, the key word is RELAX! The nurse told me that stress and worrying prolongs healing :-)

Re upload of pics!

Pics :-)

4 weeks - shower day!!!!!

So my surgeon specified that I must keep the incisions completely dry for 4 weeks. Today is the day I can finally have a bath, I can't wait, I'm so fed up of sink washes!!!!! Looking forward to seeing how my incisions are healing!

Breast scans

I know it seems a bit like locking the gate once the horse has bolted but.... I lay in bed freaking myself out last night about future mammograms.
I asked all the right questions before my op and was assured by all that screenings can still take place, they just take a lot more angles but.... I've heard that they have to push the implant back towards the chest wall to get a clear picture of breast tissue, does anyone have any thoughts or advice on this???
It's freaking me out, will it harm the implants, placement etc? I know I won't be called up for a scan for 8 years, but it's playing on my mind :(

New sleep bra

So I've got another 2 weeks of wearing total support bras 24 hours a day then I can wear basically what I want. Eek!! Quite a scary thought having protected them for so long. Scared of them being a bit too free at night So I picked this up in my local Asdas! Cute pink colour and very very comfy :-) they have it in black and white too and only £6! looking forward to being able to wear it. Morning boob has now pretty much gone, although my left breast is still tender. Anyone else still feeling much pain at the month mark? Should I be worried? :-/
Also, anyone have any suggestions for nipple covers?? Tried some clothes on without a bra the other day and they're embarrassingly noticeable!!!!


No more morning boob!! 5 weeks and a little new underwear

So tomorrow is 5 weeks - this week seems to have gone faster as my boobs aren't constantly reminding me they are there any more - no more twinges, pain, or morning boob! :-) :-) and I've been allowed baths and showers this week - 4 weeks of sink washes was pretty hard going!
Haven't dared push a vacuum round yet - going to hold off till 6 weeks but I'm feeling more back to my normal self now, well, a new improved more womanly and sexy feeling me!!! Having a BA was the best thing I've done in a long long time, I just wish I hadn't waited so long!
Indulged in yet more underwear shopping - I used to dread trying to find a bra that would even remotely fit and give me shape, and now every shop I go in I'm like oooh I wonder if they do underwear.....
Posting a couple of pics for 5 week reference - my boobs look wonky in one, but it's just where one shoulder is lower than the other - not easy being your own cameraman ;-)

Side boob

My sister looked at my boobs the other day and was like wow you have a lot of side boob going on.... (She hasn't, hers are more in line) I really like it (just as well really!!) having a narrow chest (28") I guess I didn't have any option unless I'd gone for a dramatically smaller implant.
What I'm thinking really is that I must have looked at hundreds and hundreds of pics of boobs before my op, and apart from the poor souls with botched ops I've realised that pretty much everyone post op looks fantastic, just all in their own way!
The happiness that radiates from this site keeps me coming back time and time again to chat, share and support with you lovely ladies, such a lovely community :-) !!

Before pic

I originally had this before pic up but cringed every time I looked at it - keep getting asked for a before pic so here it is - my sad pre op teensy 30Bs
Boy how they've changed my whole appearance, don't feel skinny anymore :-) :-)

Grumpy day

I've actually had a bit of a grumpy day today - husband says lets go to Bluewater and get you a dress (I have a ball coming up soon)
So off I go all excited....
must have tried 20 long occasion dresses on and nothing fit my hips, boobs, and waist all at the same time!!!! Arghhhhhh
I'm a size 6 bottom but now a size 10 top - good luck to me ever fitting in an off the peg dress again :-/
Just got to figure out what I'm going to do, love love love my boobs but shopping definitely isn't as easy.

Hurtful comments :-(

Yesterday I received a potentially very hurtful comment from another member here on realself.
My first thought was run away, hide and feel wretched!!
Today I decided to take a picture and post for all to look at.
I am 5 weeks +2 days. I am fully aware they will change ALOT in the coming months.
I have a slim build and I am really happy - I finally feel womanly with boobies :-) :-)
I of course understand and accept that they will certainly not fit everyone's perception of good, nice or even attractive, but ladies please, this is a support forum and not a place to bash the post surgery ladies!!
A huge huge thank you to all the lovely ladies that have given me support and left me kind words on my review - it means a lot xxx

Feeling brave enough to wear a "normal" bra

Wore a normal non-wired bra for the first time today and typical for me it had to be pink ;-)
When I ordered this one all the online reviews were from women aged 55+ Ohhhh well it's great not to be wearing a huge bra!
Soon as I was home I rushed to get my sports bra back on though!
Still so scared of doing then harm, hopefully the feeling will fade as I grow used to having them!

Sleeping on my side?

I'm nearly 6 weeks (yaaaay)
Does anyone have any thoughts on sleeping on your side? I keep trying it but then roll into my back again scared as my implants start to ache :-(
Am I trying to early maybe, Will I do the implants any harm?
Thoughts please? Apologies if this sounds silly ladies x

6 weeks picture update

6 weeks today - the shape is starting to soften - husband says he can't see my insicions anymore when looking straight at them.
Ones sitting distinctly higher than the other but I'm trying to stay calm!!!! Argghhhh
- a bit of positive thinking- if they end up slightly wonky at least I now have BOOBS :-)

Before and 6 weeks post op 445cc

Wow the only giveaway that this is the same person is the mole!!


Beautiful early autumn sunshine today so took my dog out for an extra long brisk walk - covered about 8 miles - the most exercise I've had since my BA 6 weeks ago. I was really glad I was wearing a sports bra though!
I don't experience any pain or discomfort from the implants now, no twinges or zingers - they really feel like they're settling in nicely, which makes me more confident in getting back to normal routines.
I've got my 6 week check up tomorrow so I'll be asking about sleeping on my side and also checking to see if I can start wearing regular bras more often rather than the ugly sports bras that have been my constant companion for the last 6 weeks.
I've got a mondors cord under my left breast - have read up and learnt that it's just a little inflammation of a vein and will clear up by itself. It's feeling a little sore tonight though - probably all the walking ;-)

6 week nurse appointment

So I had my 6 week check with the nurse this morning - she checked my boobs and took post op pictures.
All healing well - I've been given the green light to return to all normal activities - gym, full housework, etc
I can now also wear normal bras yessssss!! Finally get to wear all my new purchases :-)
Asked her about sleeping on my side and yes that's no problem - just maybe give myself a little extra support with another pillow - just as you lovely ladies had suggested.
I also asked about the numbness around the base of my boobs - I can only liken it to touching a padded bra as I have no feeling there - the nurse did warn me that in some patients the feeling never returns - but a little circular massage may help. I've reasoned with myself that I really don't mind a little loss of feeling underneath - it's not like it affects me in any way?!
As far as my scars go, I've been told to massage them with pure coconut oil twice a day to soften them up - so I've already been to the local health food store and picked some up.
I can now also go braless overnight, I may have the odd boobs free sleep but due to my subglandular placement I think I'll be sleeping in sports bras on and off for the foreseeable future - don't want saggy boobies any time soon!!!
So that's pretty much it - I've been discharged and I've been told to get back to normal and start enjoining my new figure :-)
I have an appointment at 3 months with my surgeon for a post op check but apart from that I'm done!

8 weeks

8 weeks ladies and this is still my sexy bed attire - the husband puts in a complaint pretty much every night - paying for great boobs and then wrapping them up in an ugly bra every night was not what he imagined!! He's bought me several really nice slips and cute pyjama sets recently that would show off my boobs great but I can't bring myself to wear them yet much to his dismay! Maybe wait til 3 month mark for the odd bra less night - got to look after these overs :-)
Will post 8 week boob update pics tomorrow x

1st day with an underwired bra

Thought I'd give a new underwired bra a try today - few pics to show 445s with no padding!!!! Honestly never thought I'd see this day, really happy. Boobs also getting a lot squishier - could have a cleavage is a push up bra - but I think I'll leave that a few months! :-)

Pic didn't upload 445cc subglandular 8 weeks

8 1/2 weeks 445cc HP overs

So here I am just past the 8 week mark - boobs are softening up nicely - still looking a little wonky though - my left is dropping faster than my right. I keep asking husband if my right feels firmer than my left but he says they feel the same! Doh ;-) paranoid about capsular con atm arghhhh.
Apologies for the shiny looking boobs - just used my coconut oil - the nurse recommended it 2x daily to soften the scarring.
Anyone else notice their boobs are veiny since having a BA? Do you think this will disappear?
High profile - you either like it or you don't - I wanted plenty of upper pole fullness - so I'm happy :-)
Have been wearing an underwired bra for about a week now - so far do good, by the evening though it's off!! Think I've just grown used to extra comfortable bras - pre BA I used to put up with all sorts of uncomfortable padding, wires, chicken fillets etc to give me shape!!!
Still sleeping in my sports bra

Old scary pic - day after surgery!!

Just looking through my phone and came across this picture - this was taken 24 hours after surgery. I thought I'd post it to show the huge change that happens in the weeks after a BA.
Pretty scary looking and abnormal looking boobs day 1!!!
Wow I'd forgotten how lop sided and strange shaped they were immediately after surgery - this look only lasted a couple of days, thank goodness - they then took on a very even round appearance.
The beauty of this site is that all us ladies can see how much a BA transforms from day 1 to 6months - mine are still changing lots.
Had it not being for Realself I would have been pretty much in panic overload looking at myself day 1!!!
Ladies try to stay calm and just relax in week 1 - your boobs will change massively!! :-) xx

Day 1 / day 60 comparison

Changed so much - and still changing :-)

Sensitive skin post BA?!

So last weekend I stuck a plaster over each nipple so as not to look indecent without a bra under my outfit..... Took them off and had really itchy red skin in the shape of the plaster!
Today I wore a new bra and where the seam was I now have an itchy red line across each boob!
I have never had sensitive skin before - I could safely put just about anything on it with no worry - until post BA!
Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Any thoughts on wether it'll settle again? Thank you for your thoughts on this, it's baffling me!!! :-) :-)

10 weeks 445 hp

So I'm just coming up to 10 weeks since my BA - 445 high profile subglandular.
My boobs are no longer reminding me they are new, I'm now just really appreciating and enjoying having a more shapely figure.
I don't feel any pain or twinges on a day to day basis - the only discomfort I feel is when I lay on my side in bed before I put my sleep bra on. The weight of the implant feels heavy so I'm still in a bra at night for the foreseeable future.
I've tried tentatively laying on my front once - and that didn't feel too good!!! But I'm not giving up hope - it just feels a bit strange at the moment.
Anyway here's a few pics to update - I specifically went for hps as I wanted plenty of upper pole fullness - not a look for everyone's tastes but I love them :-) :-) just feel really happy with how they've turned out - I was so anxious pre BA!
My incisions are still quite red (2nd pic) - I'm using coconut oil x2 day and also taking evening primrose oil capsules daily for general good great health :-)

TSX 445

Just looking at my warranty booklet again and have noticed I had the 445 TSX
These are textured soft touch extra full (extra high) profile. They are slightly firmer than the TRX
All this time I thought I'd had high profile - apologies for the confusion!!
Apparently these have a narrow base and more protrusion so slim girls like me can still have reasonably big implants :-)
And I guess that's exactly the look I've ended up with - so it all makes sense.
I'm a jargon numpty - I left my boobs completely in the hands of my surgeon knowing that he understood exactly the look I wished for

Day 10 / day 70 comparison

Any one else having trouble updating reviews tonight??
Found this day 10 pic on my phone so thought I'd post a quick comparison for all you lovely ladies in early post BA recovery.
I remember being pretty happy at day 10 (mainly because I finally had boobs) but I didn't realise just how much they'd change as the weeks passed!
Wishing you happy healing xx

Approaching 3 months

Hello lovely BA ladies, It's been a couple of weeks since I posted any new pics so here's a few I took this morning after showering. I'm just coming up to 3 months post op.
I've got several reasons for posting.....

I'm 43 - I initially thought I was a little over the hill to consider implants - glad I changed my mind!!! Real Self has really opened my eyes - it's not just for the young, lots of us older girls are doing it too :-)

Size - I tried to take the photos to give a bit more perspective on size - like pretty much everyone - I agonised on what size implant to go for!
This is what my chosen 445 extra high profiles look like on a UK size 6/8 ish me - hands under and over boobs to show actually how big the implants are. Also pic shows how much side boobage I have - my TSX implants have plenty of front projection.

Pain - I've had shooting pains in my left boob this week - took me by surprise after feeling no discomfort for weeks. Apparently nerves can take u to 2 years to completely heal. Is anyone else experiencing this ??

Weight gain - I've probably put on 6lb since having my BA - (hence blobby looking tummy) From what I've read it's pretty common - are we subconsciously balancing ourselves out a little??

Bras - I didn't realise how awkward it would be to find bras to fit post op! The one I'm wearing is an every day number - for all you UK ladies I highly recommend Boux Avenue.

I still can't lay on my front - feels too much pressure - any of you ladies a little further on than me - advice please?? Will I eventually be able to?

Scars - softened up loads now - alrhough they're still quite dark - hope they'll fade more.
Wishing you all happy healing xxx


No boob greed here - 445 was definitely enough for me - any bigger and I might have looked a little cartoonish!!

Some 3 month pics 445 extra high profile

Some 3 month pics. Extra high profiles seem to have a bit of a reputation as looking stuck on etc, but I really don't think they have that look at all :-)

Also 2 bra pics - I purchased these at 3 weeks (see earlier pics) here I am wearing them at 13 weeks
Exactly the same fit - so no loss in size of boobies since week 3

Black one still has label on - oops haven't got round to wearing it yet - went a bit bra shopping mad post BA!

Apologies for messy bedroom in background - I'm still trying to find a ball dress to fit - nightmare!!! have ordered and tried on so many this morning arghhhh!!!!

Wishing you BA ladies lots of happiness xxx

Sleeping in a bra?

Hey lovely ladies, I just wanted to ask your opinion on sleeping in a bra at night.
- I'm 3 months and have slept in one every single night. My husband is not too impressed, he can't understand why I got myself some nice boobies abc then insist on wrapping them up every night!
Any one have thoughts on long term wearing? Will there come a time that I can go braless at night?
Thoughts please :-) xxx


I'm a little bit grumpy tonight. I've been having my usual little read of various reviews on here tonight - and I'm just astounded by how much negativity is given to ultra high profile implants.

I read that they ALWAYS have rippling and ALWAYS look fake. Really??? This is definitely news to me.

So many times new ladies are told to stay away from uhps when in fact they may be the must suitable implant for their size and frame.

It makes me feel a little sad!! :-(

Not really an update - just a few old pics :-)

Apologies for last nights vent lovely ladies - I've nicely calmed down thanks to you all xxx

Just thought I'd add a pic I took literally just before my BA -
I took it so I could look back and see what I used to look like. (Just in case I missed the old me!!) well you never know how you're going to feel after changing your body....

This was me wearing a padded bra!!! :-O ! As you can see, I had pretty much nothing, no upper pole, and definitely no cleavage! The boobs of a prepubescent girl - just saggier!

Also pic taken in PS office with 445 sizers - I actually found that they didn't give a very good representation of what my boobs ended up looking like - the real thing is a lot more flattering. In my opinion they serve as a rough guide for size only :-)

My stats just for info:

5ft 5"
UK size 6/ sometimes 8
Currently 116lb
Underband 27"
Over boob 35"
Waist 22"
Hips 34"
445 uhps TSX (soft touch)

Happy healing xxx

Scar update @3+ months and a new distraction

Hello lovely ladies, hope you're all healing well xxx

I'm about 15 weeks post BA now so I thought I'd post a quick update on my scars. At around a month they were still very raised - i could feel a definite hard ridge when I ran a finger across them. Now they're completely smooth and flat, although I didn't expect them still to be quite so dark. Maybe it's my age! Hoping they fade as the months roll on.
Still wearing my comfy Macom bra to bed - bit of a passion killer - waiting for my slightly sexier nightlift bra to arrive :-)

Still waiting for sensation to return to my nipples - if I squeeze really hard I can feel my lefty but I could probably snip my right nipple off and not even notice it had gone!!
:-/ hmmm
Still no feeling in the lower half of my breasts - bit of a thumbs down for the "bedroom department" - any attention husband gives them is purely for his benefit as I can't feel it!! C'mon nerves, heal!! :-)

Life with 3+ month boobs

I'm about 16 weeks - my new breasts are a good 3+ months old. So what does it feel like at this point I ask myself.....
, I feel well and truly over surgery, I can stretch into any position laying down, on my front, side etc without feeling any twinges. Of course it still feels a little funny lying on my front as I've got two bags of silicone there, but it doesn't hurt or feel awkward any more as my breasts are soft and squishy.
They still feel very much a novelty to me - even after 3 months I still get excited looking at them first thing in the morning, laying in the bath at night, trying on a new outfit.... You know what I mean :-)!!

Pain wise I have nothing at all now - last month I was still suffering occasional twinges but they've now eased off. Pain around the time of my period made me panic but I had to remind myself that I've always had it - so why should it feel any different now.
I'm still seeing subtle changes in their appearance as the weeks roll by - looking forward to how they compare at the 6 month point.

Have added a few random pics of life with bigger boobs - just feel so happy about the surgery, it's a +++ for me all the way! :-)

3 days Versus 3 months

Thought I'd just do another quick comparison -
3 days post op versus 3 months post op, and still changing :-)

445cc subglandular UHP Inspira TSX (soft touch)

Something amusing immediately post op

I don't know what reminded me about this but....

For the first two or three weeks after surgery i kept knocking my boobs on everything - a simple task such as opening a door and walking through it - baaaaam knocked my boob again!!!

It's pretty amusing thinking back to it now, but it scared the hell out of me at the time - I was sure I was going to damage my new breasts!!

Of course I didn't though!! and they're still here jiggling as I laugh about it now - boobs that stick out further take a bit of getting used to!!! ;-) xxx

No longer using my account

Hey lovely ladies

I'll keep this short and sweet - this is unfortunately my last update.

After a lot of thinking I've chosen to remove myself from the negativity - I've simply grown tired of playing target practice and life is too short.

I've so enjoyed chattering to so many of you lovelies on this site - sharing stories, advice and positivity, but haters love to hate so I'm off! :-)

Wishing you all happy healing and happiness on your journeys

PussicatEF xxxxxx

Adding some pictures

Hey lovely ladies, wishing you all a wonderful Christmas xxx

I removed my pics from here a month or so ago, but I find myself still frequently messaged as there are so few UHP profiles on here.

After all the help and guidance I received, I thought it wise to put a few pics back up for all you lovelies pre BA :-)

Lots of love xxx

A few more pics to end the year :-)

Hello lovelies :-)

2015 has been so good to me. I chose to do something purely for myself and it was an immensely positive leap. I was never unhappy, but having a BA has given me so much more personal confidence. Oh and the husband finds it hard to keep his hands off them too, so Win Win yaaaay!!

I'm 5 1/2 months now.
I saw my PS for the last time 2 months ago, I told him I was still wearing a bra every night in bed and his response..... Why?? In his professional opinion wearing a bra at night has no positive effects, it might make me feel more comfortable, but that's it. Apparently I would have to be wearing a cast iron tightest of tight harness to stop any droop. From that day on I've gone bra free at night. The result? I feel released from my negative circle of overprotection, I worry and think far less about my new breasts. I'm now in a place where I just enjoy them.

The first few pics I took immediately on getting up this morning - no strange shape boobs from laying on them and no harm done bra free at night.
I know this view might be met with fear, horror or disbelief - that was my view 3 months ago, but now I just feel free. I took my surgeons advice because he knows breasts.

My 445 extra high overs definitely have a lot of front projection and side boob. I can play them down (the rust top) play them up (the cream top) and sometimes just about hide them all together. The size has not been an issue. I Love them. A bit more cleavage might have been nice but ohh well, for me it's just great having boobs.

I occasionally, and I mean very occasionally ponder the thought that I would like bigger, but then my husband reminds me that I have big boobs. Any more and I might risk looking comedy, obviously fake etc. So phew thank goodness I listened to my surgeons advice on size.

My black and white bras are my best friends. I remember at 6 weeks when I was given the go ahead to wear underwired they felt soooo uncomfortable, and did for several weeks. It was only really past the 4 month point that they started to feel comfortable - obviously where my breasts were softening up. So don't panic ladies if underwired feels odd, it does get better :-)

New strapless bra - has any one else struggled to find one? I must have tried a dozen on at least, they all felt as though they were going to slip down, and were completely uncomfortable until I found this nude coloured one (pic) Boux Avenue is my saviour as far as undies go - and I find they always run true to size.

Twinges - the only pain I have is when I'm on my period. At first I did the panic, "oh no what's wrong" but then realised that they hurt pre BA so of course they're still going to feel sore post BA when I'm on! :-)

Scars - well they're totally smooth and fading, but not as rapidly as I'd like. I've just got to be patient, but I'm really pleased with the scar placement (pic)
And that's about it for this update. One happy Cat.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year xxx

Cold breast implants.....

Since having my breasts done, one thing that did take me quite by surprise was how cold to the touch they sometimes feel. I've not read this anywhere else - but quite often when I get into bed at night my boobs are really quite cool to the touch and hastily get pressed against husband to warm them up, he of course doesn't complain ;-)

Has anyone else noticed this? I'm presuming silicone takes longer than real boob to warm up and maybe doesn't hold onto heat as well either. Also I don't have much of a layer of natural breast tissue insulating the implants.
I asked my daughter how she gets on with hers - and she confirmed that when sunbathing, her breasts feel surprisingly cold.
Don't get me wrong, it's not invasive/ off putting, just a little curious side affect! :-)

6 months with extra high profiles :-)

Hello lovely ladies xxx
It seems like a loooong time ago since my BA last July, but in fact it's only been 6 months. 6 months of loving my new figure, I keep saying it, but it's the best thing I've done in a long long time!!
Just a reminder, I had 445cc sillicone extra high profile, with subglandular placement.
Original bra size 30A/B
Post BA bra size 30F/28FF
An increase of 6 bra sizes.
I'm a uk size 6/8

Thought I'd add a few pics braless in vests to show their shape and projection in clothes without the aid and push-up of a bra - to me they look and feel bigger strangely enough although I couldn't go out in public without nipple covers!!

Also pic in simple black daytime top to show their side projection. Slim fitting tops are my best friends these days - anything too loose and I end up looking like a blob on a stick!

2 bra FAIL pics - I was so excited before my op, I couldn't resist trying to guess my eventual size so bought these two numbers. My advice save your money and wait!! Neither remotely fits - they both shove my boobs into weird positions, and are far too tight - definitely destined for the charity bin.

Quick couple of clothe-free boob pics - extra highs definitely have plenty of upper pole - a look I love, thankfully! ;-)

Pain wise I've been having stingy nipple pain on my left side. Post op I was left with no sensation in my nipples, so actually it's quite reassuring to feel something at last. I'm putting it down to the nerves repairing - I'm very body aware - if I had any worries about the tingling pain I'd definitely be giving the PS office a quick call.

Wishing you lovely ladies lots of happiness xxx

Fact versus fiction - extra/ultra high profile

Those of you that have read previous updates from me will know by now that I'm forever trying to fly the flag for extra/ultra high profile implants! ;-)

They are perfect for petite chested women like myself - I wear a 30" sometimes 28" bra so to go as big as 445cc, extra high was my only option.

Many times I have read how "scared/worried/unsure" they make ladies feel. They conjure up visions of the highly fake, over exaggerated implant look so..... I thought it useful for any pre BA ladies contemplating extra highs to take a look at a whole big bunch of photos of mine, and decide for yourself.
:-) xxx

Bigger CCs is not necessarily better.

I went underwear shopping at the weekend.
At just shy of 4 weeks post BA I got sized - a 30F. This is the size I have been wearing since then. In the last month though it was becoming more apparent that my bras were digging in and I had a little overhang, so off I went to get sized again - same shop - same assistant. I'm now measuring a cup size larger - a 30FF/30G.
I'm not sure how the breasts have got bigger, they don't feel any bigger nor have I put on any more weight since gaining a little immediately post BA, but my bras were definitely starting to dig in - where they'd been fine at 3-4 months hmmmm.....!
My new black bra in the pic has cups the size of small hats - hubby put it on his head to demonstrate the fact!

Have any of you ladies found this? I'm Wondering if they got bigger as they dropped? At 6 months they've definitely softened and changed a lot.

Anyway, I have never had boob greed. 445cc UHP was the size I could sensibly go to without risking looking completely shelf like. My husband takes great delight in telling me I have big boobs. I DO have big boobs. There is no escaping it, it's the first thing any one looks at if I walk through a busy room. Men and women stare at them.
They are like magnets - I even caught my daughter staring at them last night when I said good night - she said she just couldn't help it! ;-)

445cc doesn't sound huge - indeed some of you lovely ladies easily carry 600-800cc. However....
On my 5ft 5 UK size 6-8 frame they look big. They are big.

Don't get me wrong, I love my boobs. What I'm trying to say is that if any of you ladies are still chosing size - please bear in mind, you may look fantastic naked, but think what they'll look like in clothes.

I could try and hide them but I cannot wear baggy tops - they make me look like a blob!!! However, under a jacket they are fine :-) BUT they have limited my wardrobe choices somewhat.

I'm being realistic here - Do you want people to see you or your breasts first? Bigger CCs is not always better.

Ps I'm not on a Debbie downer here, I do love love love my boobies, it's just a little food for thought :-)

I've added half dozen pics wearing a simple black top (supposedly a slimming colour) taken at different angles, hopefully to demonstrate their size.

Wishing you all lots of happiness Xxx

This is what I love :-)

Hi lovely realself ladies, I hope you're all well :-)

Just thought I'd do a really quick update as for the very first time since boobs I wore a strapless dress with no bra and I'm all excited! :-) :-)

For years I avoided this sort of dress like the plague - with my previously very flat little boobies it just wasn't a flattering look (in my personal opinion) but now I can amply fill it and feel womanly and good about it too :-)

My extra/ultra high profiles are definitely pert - I can get away with no bra under this dress yipppeeee!!!

I started out with a pretty skinny frame - but I don't think my extra highs look stuck on, nor ball shape - they have a pretty nice slope if you ask me - I mention this as I know this is a big concern for ladies on the slimmer side. I have the soft touch implants - and so far, 7 months in I have no issues with rippling either - also surprising as my pre BA size was a small 30B

I have this last month started sleeping in a bra again ( I spent 2 months braless at night which the husband loved) I found that I was starting to suffer a few twinges and aches on waking in the morning. I'm mainly a side sleeper - and I guess they were just weighing heavy in that position. These aches completely disappeared when I started wearing a bra again at night. To be honest it's just a lot more comfortable having them supported.

I also tried laying on my stomach - it's not uncomfortable in the slightest, no pain, but I am aware I am laying on two "cushions"

I've been asked if I ponder the fact that I have two bags of silicone inside me, and wether it bothers me - I know I certainly worried about this pre Op. In all honestly, I do occasionally think about it, but not once have I thought "ughhh get them out" simply because I love having bigger breasts, and quite often I forget that they're not naturally mine, if that makes sense.
Anyway, here I am waffling, this was supposed to be a quick update so..... wishing all you lovely ladies lots of happiness xxx

A little reassurance

Hello lovely ladies xxx
I hope you're all doing well :-)

One thing that's pretty much guaranteed having a BA Is that it's a pretty emotional experience. The run up to the op is fraught with questions, plenty of sleepless nights, and worry...... And then it starts all over again! -
Post op we can't stop looking at them - will they look okay? Will I get some cleavage? Will they drop? Why isn't time going faster? Can I fast forward 3 months? Is all this surrounding familiar?? :-) I certainly shed a few tears along the way.

I thought I'd post 4 pics to demonstrate where I was and where I am now:

Present day - normal full looking boobs yaaaay!!! I won't bore you with more up to date pics yet as there's plenty on my profile :-)

Day 1 - my boobs look pretty horrific. Wonky, swollen, and very uneven eeeekkk!!!

Day 10 - well they'd evened out by this time but boy, they still look a very odd shape!

Day 28 - getting rounder - but nice and wonky, and still no sign of the cleavage fairy!

It's the reassurance we all crave - that everything is going to be ok, I know me and my wonky boobs would have had a pretty hard time coping early post op without the support of wonderful ladies on here, so I'm always about if anyone just wants a little proverbial hand hold :-)

Lots of best wishes to you all xxx

Ultra/Extra High 445s a gentle slope with added Vavavoom :-)

Hello gorgeous BA ladies :-) xxx

I'm wondering when this "borderline obsession" with my new breasts will fade, 8 months in and I'm still completely fascinated. Every night when getting ready for bed I still have to check them out in the mirror, what's it all about??! I guess I spent pretty much all my adult life with no breasts so now it's like Christmas morning every day!

A BA is certainly life changing.

Now that sentence could be considered shallow, and maybe odd, but how we ladies feel about our bodies counts A LOT! Well it does to me - something as simple as feeling better in clothes puts a spring into my step every single morning, and I'm sure some of you will be nodding in agreement here.

Well anyway, I'm starting to waffle again so these latest couple of pictures are to demonstrate the joys of UHPs :-)

A lot of pre BA ladies fear the ugly false looking upper roundness. My UHPs DO have a gentle slope, as the first pic shows - just with extra added VaVaVoom pertness. My 445s took me up a whole 6 cup sizes - B to FF/G but at the end of the day it's just numbers (and bras the size of 2 hats sewn together)

Yet another new bra! I went up a good cup size at around 6 months (strangely). I now wear a 30FF/G depending on brand, so it's been a good excuse to up the anti on bra shopping all over again whooooo (my husband is so over being dragged into underwear shops!) came home with a couple of new ones for the collection.

At 8 months I think they're pretty much done with changing. They are feet squishy now, although I don't think they'll ever jiggle like naturally big breasts.
I have the soft touch version which are slightly firmer due to high fill. The only time I notice this is when I lay on my back. When I'm standing, laying on my side etc they feel extremely squishy. At the end of the day they are implants - but as husband says - if he didn't know I had implants he would never have guessed by touch alone. Yaaaay for Inspiras :-)

Wishing you lots of happiness on your journey xxx

Missing Pics!! :-)

Well these were supposed to be attached to the update ;-)


It never gets old :-D

Hey beautiful ladies, I hope you're all doing well - I so enjoy reading all your updates - it's simply amazing being able to chat to so many ladies around the world :-) !!
I'm fast approaching 9 months post now - and all I can say is it never gets old; I'm sitting here getting ready for the day with my towel on as I always did, but these days I'm not wrestling and fighting for it to stay up and in place!! Whooo hooooo. My boobs make me smile. Endlessly!
Ok so boobs certainly don't maketh a woman..... but how we feel about outselves does.
So what if it takes a set of silicone bags carefully placed?! It's changed the way I feel about myself and even my whole posture, no longer do I hunch my shoulders. And don't get me started on how liberating it felt to throw out all my horrendously padded bras!!!! :-)

In my humble opinion, anyone with a negative opinion of implants through sheer ignorance can, to politely put it..... Go away !! ;-)

Wishing you lots of happiness and smiles xxxx

Just shy of 9 months post op 445 uhp

Hello gorgeous BA ladies!
I hope you're all doing well xxx

I'm just shy of 9 months post op - 445cc ultra high profile Natrelle inspiras

Time for a few pics and yet another new bra! I'm a 30G, and I've found that not many shops keep that size in stock, but one local lingerie shop has been nice enough to order in a few at a time (sorry dear husband) I'm so glad I couldn't have any bigger implant than this - I might have been tempted, but I would have given myself such a huge pain in the arse task of finding any bras to fit - past G cup it would have been online shopping only - nightmare!!

My breasts look pretty massive when I hoist them into a bra - I've placed my hands on the cups to try and show scale, and yet they're only 445s - petite ladies this size implant will look sizeable on you. I'm 5ft 5 and I have what most people regard as "big breasts"
Pain wise - up until a few weeks ago I was still getting quite regular twinges and soreness especially around my nipples. You wouldn't think they'd hurt this far out, but mine did. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't daily pain, but they'd be regularly reminding me that I had implants. This has settled right down in the last month or so (finally!!) They still feel uncomfortable at times but now only if husband grabs at them a little over enthusiastically, or its that time of the month.

Scars - they're completely smooth, soft, and no sensitivity what so ever.
They're still darkish red but fading gradually - if you look closely you can spot them in my pics - I'd hoped they would be a lot less noticeable by now, but I'm not exactly a spring chicken = skin doesn't heal as quickly these days (I noticed that when I burnt myself with my curling wand last year ughhh)

Cleavage - my cleavage did drop a little closer over the first few months, but there's still a gap - not one you could drive a bus through but more than I'd like - can't have everything though can we, it's just great having breasts :-)!!

Just a note, even though I don't have the closest cleavage I tend to avoid push up/together bras as I've read plenty about implant distortion - id love to hear If anyone has thoughts on this?

Sooooooo..... I'm adding a few pics, I know all you beautiful early post op ladies appreciate seeing what's in store a little further down the line.

Wishing you all lots of happiness xxxx

Pics for my latest update :-) xxx

Warning - my Realself pictures are appearing on porn sites :-((

Hello beautiful BA ladies xxx

Unfortunately this is not my usual upbeat bright and breezy update.....

Today a fellow Realselfer took the time to email me following an unsavoury revelation - my Realself review pictures have been found on porn sites. Ughhhhh!!!!!!
I guess this was always a risk/threat but I never thought for a minute that it would actually happen. Maybe I was just naive!! :-((

My review has always been purely to help you lovely BA ladies through a stressful, daunting, but very positive experience. It's just a crying shame that there are shady individuals lifting images off this support forum for unsavoury gain.

So the question I now face is .....
Do I remove all my pictures from my review?
Thoughts lovely ladies please - what would you do?
Do I in future only post fully clothed ones such as this pic attached??

Wishing you all lots of happiness xxxx

Lets talk rippling and strange angles

Hi gorgeous BA ladies xxxx
I hope you're all doing well :-) The sun is finally shining in the UK today, whoop!! feeling happy happy happy.

Huge apologies for the lame text across my pictures, I've never considered any of my images "pornworthy" but I don't wish to get proverbially burnt again.

So...... 9 months. I've been asked what my implants look like lying down, leaning over etc, questions of do they move like real breasts or do they look bolted on at all angles.
Mine squidge and flop around plenty when I'm on my side etc - I don't mind that they drop towards my armpits like real breasts when I'm on my back as one of my big fears pre BA was that they'd be firm and look stuck on at all times. Thank goodness that was just a load of nonsense, phew!!!! ;-)

The same pictures nicely demonstrate the complete absence of rippling. I don't know how I've escaped it, my cringeworthy pre BA picture shows how little natural breast tissue I had to cover the implants, yet here I am ripple free. How about you other lovely gals, maybe the newer implants just perform so much better?!
I had the Natrelle Inspira "soft touch" UHP implant - it's supposed to minimalise the chance of rippling, and in my example it sure did.

I'm currently on the hunt for some decent bikinis - any suggestions where to buy "little back + big cup" very gratefully received.blots of you have been travelling recently, where do you get your gorgeous bikinis?
To say I'm having a bit of a mare about it is an understatement!! Pre BA I longed for something to put in cups other than padding, Post op I'm looking for something to make them look smaller round the pool beach etc! I ordered a nice black one from Asos recently all excited that it would fit, looked in the mirror.... My first thought ??
"dear god I can't go out looking like this, I'll take someone's eye out!!!"

(Picture attached) New bigger breasts are not exactly child friendly - My 21 and 18 year old children were completely cool about my Op, but I don't want to be the embarrassing mum on holiday, cringe!!!! It wouldn't be as much of an issue if they were smaller (the children AND the boobs!)

Wishing you beautiful ladies lots of happiness xxxxx
Mr Luke Meleagros

Mr Meleagros is very professional, extremely helpful and explained the whole procedure, pros and cons very carefully. He performed my daughters BA approx 5 months ago and she had a fantastic result. I went ahead with my BA with full confidence in the surgeon and I am so happy with my result too :-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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