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Hi girls, I'm from London, I can't really find...

Hi girls, I'm from London, I can't really find many ladies from the UK on this site, but that's ok! I've enjoyed reading about and seeing all your beautiful American and Canadian boobies, I've probably obsessively read every single one of your reviews :)

Well, my stats are that I'm 24, roughly 114lbs (we don't really go by pounds in the UK) and I'm currently a 32AA.
Ever since I was a teenager I knew I wanted this, I always got "jokingly" teased about being flat chested at school, i always laughed along with everyone but inside it crushed me and completely destroyed any confidence I had. As I got older it only got worse, I've never let anyone see me naked, even my very patient boyfriend of nearly 5yrs :( we were friends before getting into a relationship, so unfortunately I know all his past girlfriend history, all very big boobied (hate them girls lol) I've always wondered why he was with me as he's quite clearly a boob man! But anyways I've finally taken the plunge and got my surgery booked up :) we're going for either a 260cc or a 300cc, my PS wants to wait and see on the day as apparently even tho I have small boobies, I still have a good amount of breast tissue, but he's assured me I won't be any smaller than a C cup which I am so happy about! I can't wait to finally stop feeling rubbish about myself...79 days and counting :)

I really should upload some before shots

I really should upload some before shots for future reference, I've loved looking at people's before and afters...but I even feel abit shy to show you guy, even though I know you won't judge me...I always think people will laugh! Lol hopefully I'll pluck up the courage soon :) x

Boobie obsession :/

I am 100% obsessed with titties at the moment! Honestly, I feel like a 13yr old boy haha never looked at so many boobs in my life! I've been non stop sending my boyfriend my "wish boobs" to the point that he's now asked me to stop as he feels he's starting to look like a bit of a pervert to his work colleagues haha oops! Sorry babe.

Now the excitement and hysteria of consults and finally booking has worn off, I'm now feeling abit uneasy as I never actually got very long with my PS, I begged them to squeeze me in on a certain day so had to meet with him Inbetween surgeries (he was in his scrubs and everything) but because of that we literally only got to have a quick chat, he did answer all the questions I had and was lovely mannered in doing so (think he could tell I was nervous) but now I feel as if I missed a 10000 questions out, not even sure whether we discussed profile? Hmmm, I feel very safe in his hands and confident he will do an amazing job...will provide all his info AFTER my op, I have a pre op with a nurse next month so will ring ahead and ask for another consult with my PS also, just do I can get a few things straight in my head :)

Thanks for listening (listening?) girls, hope wherever you are in the world right now you're smiling xxx


I know I'm thinking quite far ahead but I have a quick question, my op is December 20th and where as I plan on doing pretty much sweet FA over the holidays I no doubt will be going out on New Years Eve, it will be around my 10th-11th day post op, so I'm thinking I should be well enough to socialise abit (fingers crossed) ANYWAYS, I don't want to wear a big ugly sports bra :( do you think for one night only i could maybe just wear a soft (no underwire) bra with thinner, subtle straps? I know all surgeons have different opinions on what we should wear and how long we should wear it, has anyone done something similar? Is it too risky? I obvisouly want to take care of them as best as I can so if that means humongous bra then so be it! Ha :( xx

Pre op done!

Hi ladies, yesterday I went for my pre op, for some reason I was super nervous and the poor nurse had to take my blood pressure 3 times, oops! But overall everything went well, I'm 95% sure I'm gonna go silicone 300cc under - I'm very indecisive tho! Had my before pictures taken and got told all my vital info, no garlic 48hrs before surgery was a shocker, you learn something new everyday, nurse told me the only thing I should take prior to op is arnica tablets so gonna stock up on them ASAP.
Made payment in full also which was a bit gag worthy lol will be worth it tho! Got told in detail what would happen on the day, the nurse really eased my mind on the whole being "put out" thing, which was my biggest worry...but yeah all went well :) 20 days to go xxx

Aargh one sleep!

Well, D-day is in less than 24hrs now and to say I'm nervous would be the understatement of the year, second guessing myself massively at the moment but I guess that's normal? Really just can't wait to just have it over and done with now...eek! Will report back once my new plastic friends have arrived :) :)

I've done it!

So girls, I've officially had boobs for 24hrs! I got to my hospital just after 7 yesterday morning, was shown to the day ward by a lovely nurse who gave me my sexy outfit of gown, paper underwear and the ever sexy cap, she also took my vitals and checked what sandwich I would like once I came round! Little while later anesthesiologist came in and chatted to me, he was a very chatty, hyperactive individual but very nice! Next thing I know I have a surgical nurse come to my room and lead me upto the theatre, she was such a lovely lady! She laid me on the table and immediately held my hand, the anesthesiologist was in there as was another man (not quite sure who he was but he was another doctor) they were all chatting to me whilst setting me up, I could feel a little tear roll down my face, last thing I remember was tasting a horrible taste in the back if my throat and the mystery doctor rubbing my cheek saying "night night sweet girl" and that was it!

Woke up literally an hour after going down to surgery, woke up with a another lovely nurse holding my hand, they gave me a quick peek and then put an oxygen mask on me, once my vitals were steady I went back to my room.

The day from then on went smoothly, hardly any pain, no headache or nausea from the anesthesia. My PS came an saw me alittle while later and said surgery went perfectly, he managed to fit the 300 in (he wasn't sure he would) so I was overwhelmed! Got checked on every 30 minutes by the nurses, just to check my blood pressure was ok, all was good and got discharged at 1.30pm! I'm abit sad as my boobs are so tightly strapped to my chest with bandages that I can't really have a good look, I'm filling my DD sports bra tho and to be honest there doesn't seem to be too much swelling so I'm hoping I get my C/D end result :)

Will take some pictures later for you anyways, everyone's asleep in my house at the moment and need help getting this granny bra off!

Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well and once again thank you sooooo much for the support xxxx


Just a few pictures girls, very hard to get a good one seeing as I'm bandaged up to the eyeballs but you can get a rough idea on size! Oh and excuse my angry nipples lol they definitely don't normally look like that xx

Nearly one week PO!

Hi Girls, hope you've all had a great Christmas! I have my one week PO appointment tomorrow, I finally get these horrid bandages off, will finally get to see my twins in all their glory, very excited! They're so friggin itchy aswell, longest week ever!

Anyways, I haven't really updated much this week as in all honesty there hasn't been much to update on, I've been a very lucky girl and have has virtually no pain since PO day 3! Have complete use of my arms now, even washed my hair a few times over Christmas, I have been having the dreaded morning boob tho but usually once I've gotten up and started moving it eases off.
During the night I've woken a few times and had to release the girls from the granny bra prison for abit, a combination of the bra and the tight bandages has just been abit too much sometimes!

All in all I've had a pretty smooth week :) it's even compfortable laying on my left side, although I don't allow myself too just yet, trying to stick to the 2 week-laying-on-my-back-rule, don't want to ruin my pain-free boobs op tomorrow so will hopefully update with some pictures over the weekend :)

Lots of love to you all, enjoy the rest of your holidays xxxxx

Post op went great!

Hey girls!

My post op appointment was yesterday and it went so well! Had those horrid bandages removed and the last of my stitches felt with, so happy to finally see them, they look better than i could have ever hoped :)

The nurse was so happy with my progress, she said she'd never felt implants so soft after 1 week! She put it down to me just being absolutely lazy over Christmas and being a non-smoker, she said she can always tell who's been over doing it just by looking at the implants, so definitely listen to your doctor when they tell you to "take it easy" it truly does make a huge different in your healing boring as it maybe!

My incisions are looking abit angry at the moment but the nurse was happy with them, scabbing over already so no need for redressing...I don't mind that they're alittle red as they're positioned beautifully in the crease of my boob so I can't really see them to be honest! I have very dry, sensitive nipples tho so have been told to moisturise them frequently, I guess that's what happens when your skin gets stretched like that.

Anyways, all is still good, they're definitely feeling alittle more sensitive since my bandages got removed but I've been very lucky up til now so shouldn't complain! I'm gonna shower in a bit so will take and add some pictures shortly.

Lots of love xxx


Few pictures girls, they're not very flattering as I've had to take them myself but you get the jist of size atleast! Swelling has gone down a lot in the past week, the outer sides are very squishy now xx

Hmm pictures aren't adding

Hmmm my pictures don't seem to add properly - when I click on them they only really show half the picture, is that what you guys are seeing? It's infuriating me lol xx

Big boobies

Haha you'll all appreciate this picture girls, I couldn't resist buying this bra today (it was £4...I mean, come on!) it's the 32D and it's too small *secretly dances* I think in a few weeks once they soften up they'll fit nicely into it...or so I hope :) xx

Two week PO!

Hi ladies, happy new year!

So I'm 2 weeks post op now and it feels as if I've hit my first milestone.
Still been very lucky and had very little pain or discomfort, my biggest tackle has been the backache I've acquired from sleeping at an angle, I've also had a bladder and kidney infection since NYE so that has made the pain in my lower back even worse, had to take pain meds yesterday for the first time since post op day 4! On antibiotics now tho so it's steadily clearing up, just typical I would get all this in one go!

Everything seems good with the boobs, getting squishier and squishier by the day, my only annoyance with them is the numbness I have from my incision to the nipple, feels all tingly when I touch it, just abit irritating really.

Went shopping yesterday and couldn't help trying on and experimenting with bras, I know it's too early to start purchasing but I felt like a kid in a candy shop, still busting out of a D cup abit but I think that's only because they're still alittle hard so they don't mould easily into the cups yet.

Added a few pictures, they're not great as I'm awful at trying to pose AND take a picture...boob selfies aren't my thing lol xxx

3 weeks!

Hi everyone

I feel slightly guilty at the fact I don't update alot but in all honesty, there's not been much to say! Will definitely try and update weekly - atleast until the much anticipated 6 week mark :)

But anywaaaays, post op week 3 has gone swimmingly, my first full week back at work and everything seemed to go well, not sure if i've mentioned it but i'm actually a nanny, so avoiding heavy lifting isn't exactly easy. but I managed to lift little one with ease when I absolutely needed to. I've actually found pushing heavy things (doors, pushchair etc) alot more straining than lifting. I get a twinge from the top of my boob to my armpit, nothing excruciating tho! All in all just got abit more tired at the end of the day than usual, however that could also have something to do with the fact I had to go back to my 5.30am wake up calls after 18 glorious days of sleeping in! lol my poor body was in shock.

Incisions seem to be healing nicely, am going to add some pictures later...i'm in need of getting a smaller sports bra, the DD is just abit too big now, supports them but not enough to stop them jiggling when running up the stairs! Bit excited about the jiggle, not gonna lie lol

Will add pictures later and update next weekend - maybe sooner if something dramatic happens, but lets hope not...take care ladies! xxx

3 week pictures

4 weeks PO

Hello ladies,

After 4 weeks of plain sailing I've hit my first bump in the road *cries* all week I've had the worst, sharp shooting pain that stems from my incision all the way to the top of my right breast, it isn't constant but boy does it hurt! I've been taking my sports bra off for a few hours in the evenings as the pressure from the waistband seems to aggravate the pain more! It seems to come on at night time, I'm guessing my body isn't happy about my long, busy work days but unfortunately life doesn't stop just because I have boobs now, am doing my best to slow down tho.

Anyways on a much happier note, I got messured today at a 32DD, I very nearly fell and cried into the poor woman's arms, for someone that started this journey longing to fill out a C cup, I am absolutely overwealmed right now!

Think that's it for updates, hopefully the annoying pain will subside soon, have a great weekend girls! X

5 weeks!

I actually can't believe it's been 5 weeks already! For something that felt as if it took YEARS to come around, the recovery part is flying by, I really do look back on my op day with nostalgia, I almost wish I could relive it as I kinda see it as the day my life changed (cheesy I know) I know I've said it before but for anyone that really, truly believes that breast augmentation is the right thing for them, but for whatever reason haven't done it yet, PLEASE PLEASSEEEE do it, my only regret is not doing it sooner, I think anyone that regrets getting it done, didn't truly want it in the first place.

Anyways, enough with my rambling...this week has been soooo much better than last, had no more of the annoying nerve pain and they are softer than ever :) I think my body is really getting fed up of the sports bra tho, feeling more and more suffocated my it as the days go by, cannot wait for next Friday when I hopefully get the all clear up wear whatever bras I want...very excited! I get to start putting things on my scars aswell, any recommendations? Gonna do some amazon ordering this week!

Added some pictures of my incisions, I don't think they're looking too bad, they're alittle red in the pictures as my sports bra had ridden up and aggravated them in the night, on the whole tho they're ok, because I can't really see them they don't tend to really cross my mind much...

Have a great weekend girls, will let you know how my 6 week PO check up goes xxx


Today I bought my first bikini without crying lol I used to dread summer but now I can't wait :) x

6 week post op appointment

Hey ladies! Had my 6 week post op appointment on Friday, went so well! The nurse was shocked yet again how soft they are for 6 weeks, said she'd never seen implants this soft so quickly so I'm very chuffed about that :) she's more than happy with the scars aswell, told me just to get a pure form of vitamin E cream for them as they're already fading considerably quickly! Yay! Have been signed off for normal bras and exercise, just can't wear push up bras yet, seeing my surgeon again in March and he will give me the all clear then (hopefully) and then normal life can fully resume! Am still wearing my sports bra at night, wasn't specifically told this by surgeon/nurse but 3 or 4 girls that I know that have had BAs in the last few years have told me they wish they'd slept in their bras for abit longer, so it can't hurt!

Anyways, all in all everything is great here! Hope you're all healing nicely xxxxxx
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