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Hi to everyone! I'm 29 years old with a almost 4...

Hi to everyone! I'm 29 years old with a almost 4 year old and a just turned 1 year old living in North Yorkshire, England. I'm 5ft 7 and 123lbs with a current 32b-c chest. I've always had a smaller chest and never been 'happy' but haven't been unhappy, since EBF my LO for 1 month last year and having fantastic boobs while doing this I have been left disappointed and they basically disappeared when my milk dried up. I'm still wearing the same size, brand bras from before I was pregnant and EBF as that's the size I continue to get measured at but the cups are empty. I've now taken to wearing triple padded bras every day just to get a bit of shape. I've made the decision to have a BA and I've had a first consultation with my chosen Dr (Dr Allen Razai) I'm very confident with Dr Razai, I haven't been to see any other Drs and don't believe I wished to. Dr Razai has recommended HP mentor 350cc implants or 300cc under the muscle. I'm having a really tough time deciding between the sizes as although I would rather regret going too big than going too small I just want them to be perfect. I'm not wanting to tell ANYONE apart from my husband about the BA as it is just for me, I find myself avoiding any type of clothing when I can't wear a triple padded bra with it and it's really knocking my confidence. If I wear anything strapless I have to wear this bra which is basically nothing at all but padding and soooo uncomfortable but I can't go without it. I'm looking to have my BA in January as that's a quiet month for my husband business wise and he can help out with the kids while I recover. I will hopefully be making a second app with Dr Rasai soon to look at sizes and sort a date out.

Oops spelt Dr name wrong ????

It's Dr Allen Rezai not Razai


So after long discussion with my husband we've decided January is the best time for the op. I've contacted my surgeon and am currently waiting for the January schedule to become available. I would have liked to have the surgery as early as possible (2nd of Jan even ????) so now I guess it's a waiting game???

January or December???

Now maybe looking at the available December dates instead of January ???? RS has definitely made my decision easier. Feel a bit nervous now.... Waiting to hear back from Dr Rezai assistant.

Booking in!!!

So spoken to Jayne and I've sent her a scan of my passport and NHS number and am waiting for the appropriate forms to get my date! 16th of December ????

It's all real now!

Spoken to my mum about watching my kids she was actually ok about it! This was the only real thing I was holding back for now, now I am so excited! Paying in my deposit tomorrow! 16th of December is my set date :)

Wish boobs

These are pics from Dr Rezai that I really like, I'm not exactly the same shape as these but close enough. The first set are what I would love!

More wish boobs

This lady is a bit slimmer than me, still love her boobs


Had my pre ops yesterday and made my decision :) I'm having HP mentor 325 cohesive II placed under the muscle. I've found Dr Rezai to be a fantastic man he knows exactly what I'm looking for and said that I've made a good choice. My op is in 2 weeks time and I'm super busy before so it's going to fly round! I absolutely cannot wait!!!


Having a clear out and getting rid of all stuffing and padding!!! Just 4 newish bras left that fit me that will also be making their way into the bin very soon! 11 days to go :)

It's today!

On my way to Welbeck hospital for my op, can't believe it's happening! Feeling a little anxious hoping that they will be what a I want them to be.... We shall see, will add pics later

All done!!

Feeling quite sore, kind of like letting milk dry up and like I've got a concrete block on my chest but I am so so happy!!! Can't really see much but I'm over the moon :)



May upload may not, been having some problems. These were taken 1 hr after the op

3 days post op

I believe this to be 3 days post op? Had my augmentation early on Friday and it's now Sunday evening. I'm feeling so much better this evening! If I didn't have to wear a compression band I'd actually feel great but I have to and it's staying lol. Im very happy with my results so far, my husband says that they look very natural and not big at all which is just what I wanted :) go for my first follow up on Wednesday. Sleeping is my biggest problem as I'm a flat/tummy sleeper but I did manage to get a better nights sleep last night.

14 dpo

14 days since my op on 16/12 :) I'm so happy with my results!! 325cc was a great choice I wouldn't have liked to have been any bigger, I still have a bit of dropping to do but I've had to take off the dreaded strap it was causing me so much discomfort, I will continue to wear it whilst sleeping for another week or so but can finally feel free in the day. I can't believe how much confidence I've gained already, to finally be able to look at clothes and not first of all check to make sure I could wear a triple padded bra with it first of all is fantastic!

3 weeks post

Could not be happier!! Honestly the best decision I made :) feel so much more confident in myself. I didn't want huge fake boobs and I haven't got them! They're very natural looking and you can't even tell the difference in my normal clothes compared to before when I wore triple padded VS bras. Still have some dropping and softening to do but all is looking great! Have my follow up on the 26th with Dr Rezai and I can't wait to see my before and after pics.

11dpo pic

Bad quality but they're not much different then to now at 3 weeks, left is still sitting a little high

6 weeks post

I am now 6 weeks post and I am over the moon with my results. My breasts are dropping nicely and becoming very soft, feeling more natural by the day! Anyone reading this review who is considering having their augmentation with Dr Rezai go for it! I searched and searched for hours as did my husband for the best surgeon in the country who could offer me a natural looking result and I've not been even slightly disappointed with any part of my consultations, op or aftercare. Dr Rezai and his team are fantastic I can't thank them enough.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Rezai and his team, I am currently 6 weeks post op from a breast enlargement with Dr Rezai and had my follow up today and am amazed with my results. I had wanted my breast enlargement to help me gain back my confidence after I lost all my breast volume from pregnancy and breast feeding. From first contact with Dr Rezai and his team I felt reassured and confident with my decision. My surgery ran very smoothly and apart from the expected discomfort of the first week I have healed amazingly well and the scaring very minimal, I am overjoyed with my results. I feel so much more confident in myself and am excited to finally be able to wear clothes that I would have normally steered away from if I were unable to wear a bra. I can't thank Dr Rezai and his team enough, if you are wanting a natural looking kenlargement with fantastic aftercare then look no further and book your consultation with Dr Rezai

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