28 Year Old Getting 295 Cc Natrelle Silicone Unders High Profile in Manchester, UK

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I thought i'd post on here after finding other...

I thought i'd post on here after finding other people's reviews so helpful in making the decision to go ahead with this.
Since the age of 15/16 I have thought about breast implants but never had the money to do it. In the last few years I have been saving and decided it's still the right choice for me. I have gone for 295 cc under the muscle, silicone, high profile implants based on my plastic surgeons recommendations. I want a natural look and to balance out my pear shape. I'm aiming for a size C. My biggest concerns are they will look too round, too full on top or too gappy in addition to post-op infections and capsular contracture!

My stats are:

Pre op size 30 A/32 AA
Weight- 49 kg
Height 5'4

My op is in 2 days time and i'm terrified! Wish me luck!
Comments are welcomed!

And done!!

Soo I had my procedure done yesterday!
I was pretty scared in the morning and hardly slept all night but found out I would be straight in and the first on the list at 9am which was good. I hate waiting around! Had my boobs marked up by my lovely surgeon Dr Mahdi at transform and more photos taken and the anaesthetist then came in and we had a quick chat.
The nurse then wheeled me straight into theatre which was a little intense!
After I woke up I felt some discomfort - like a tightness (as if someone heavy was sat on my chest. I was given IV paracetamol in recovery and taken back to my room. I tried to eat something but fell asleep with a biscuit in my mouth and woke up an hour latter with it all soggy and finished it off! ;). I would say my pain score with approx 3/10. Bareable with simple painkillers. My surgeon said everything went well. He advised me not to wear a bra for several weeks to encourage dropping and to daily push them together in a massage to help narrow the gap.

I stayed approx 6-7 hours post op and then had my mum and sister to picked me up. I was done as a 'daycase'
At home I was in/out of sleep on the couch. Only peeped at the new boobs maybe 5/6 times and to obviously take the photos but the body change has slightly freaked me out so takin bit slow! So far I'm pleased. They do feel numb and alien and like a sponge (!?) but look about the right size (if yu factor in swelling)
I will post another update soon. Questions welcomed!

11 days post op

It's been a tough 11 days. I won't lie. They are getting better but they are still sore, numb and feel strange!

7 weeks post op

They are definitely now getting softer and feeling more like on body now!

9 weeks post op

First bikini holiday!
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