Botox Was the Worst Mistake of my Life. - London, England

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I thought i'd write a review as iv been a member...

I thought i'd write a review as iv been a member on this site for a few yrs now.

I had Botox for the very first time in july 2011. I dont know the correct medical terms for each individual muscle injected, so will tell you the areas instead. They were my forehead, inbetween my brows, and bunny lines and crows feet. BIG MISTAKE! 3 days after the injections I noticed a triangular dent between my brows, one on either side of my nose, and on the outter corners of my eyes also. To be honest, I didnt really take much notice because as it was the first time id had Botox -I actually thought this was how it was meant to be (bit stupid eh!?) Anyway, As the days went on, my face became more paralised. I could not raise my eyebrows, (actually had to lift them with my fingers to apply mascara! and that went on for a good 6 months.)

I will tell you this now, with my hand on my heart, the botox is still in my face 21 months later! I am near the two yr mark, and my face is absolutely nowhere near better. I will list a few of the abnormalities/deformities that botox has done to my face..

Hollow/caved in temples.
cheek droop/ptosis
sunken in/hollow eyes
brow droop
severe muscle atrophy and skin laxity
I have loose skin all over my face! The skin bunches up under the eyes when I smile with horrible horizontal lines that extend down the sides of my once filled out plump cheeks.

My face is not my face :(. Botox has robbed me of my confidence..

Iv been doing carolyns facial exercises for a good 3 months, and I havent noticed a slight bit of difference BUT that doesnt mean I wont see any changes. Im hopefull that my face will return back to how it was, I have to be.

Please anyone thats considering pumpin this into their face, dont! Its a hit and miss situation, and dont EVER think it will not happen to you because you have to be a pretty strong individual to live with the possible shitty outcome if it all goes wrong (believe me, im living proof.)

made a mistake in original review

I made a mistake in my original review. It was 2012 I had it done, not 2011.

roll on feb 2015

It's been 2yrs and a couple weeks for me..

Im not better, and I know I wont ever have my face back. I still stay hopeful tho :) Im having the facetite procedure done in feb/march 2015 because the muscles in my face have atrophied so much that there is no way the skin will tighten on its own. Been doing carolyns facial fitness on and off since janurary.. (more on than off) hasnt made the lines/ wrinkles worse, but hasnt made them any better either.

Anyway, i have my procedure to look forward too so im smiling wide

No change :(

Ok, so I'm at 2ys 4mo.

What's changed?? Nothing. Ok well not completely nothing, but it's just minor shit really, nothing that gives me hope of my face returning. The only thing I can say that half gives me hope is that I can still feel the effects of botox in my face. I can feel my skin pulling around my eyes, and down my cheeks when i make certain expressions. I feel the pull more in the right side of my face than I do the left (it's the right side that's been affected more)

I'm not giving up hope tho, because like I said, if I can still feel the effects, It's obviously still very apparent (which means my journey isn't over yet :) -iv still got time to heal. I've also read a few stories on real self, from women suffering just like me that have taken 3+Yrs to recover, so I'm guessing Iv just gotta ride this out.

Still no change :(

Ok, so it'll be 3yrs for me this July.. And it really bloody frustrates me to say that there is still no change. My damage is permanant, no doubt about it. I was going to have the facetite procedure done in feb, but have decided against it. My face has lost so much muscle tone and volume etc, there isnt any point in having my face tightened (it'll look 10 times worse) -think im just gonna wait till the 3 yr mark, and then evaluate my options (surgery etc.) Hope you guys are healing better than me. X

Had filler in tear troughs.

So it's been almost 3yrs now.. I can confirm my muscle atrophy is permanent, along with all the other Shitty side effects that dysport did to me. Anyway, I had restylane injected in the tear trough area etc just over a week ago and I'm very happy with the result. Bruising and swelling has gone, and it's definitely improved the under eye area. I had 1.4 of a syringe in under the right eye, and 0.8 under the left eye. Like I said before, the right eye was the most affected by dysport (and that was proven by how much filler I had to have) either way I'm happy with the result. my face is still no where how it was before, but its a start. I went to the milo clinc (London Harley street) it cost me £1200 which is quite expensive but Dr milo is apparently the best in England for this sort of procedure (and the only person il ever trust with my face after what happened with dysport) I still need another syringe between the two eyes, going back for that on the 1st June. Then il make a strart on my saggy upper eye lid hollows, deflated cheeks, then temples. All in all, I will probably spend £4,500 repairing my face, over a £300 dysport injection! Anyway, hope you guys are healing better than what I am :) wishing you all the best xx

3yrs and absolutely no change.

Just thought I'd write an update. Firstly, disfigurements, muscle wasting, dents, dropping etc, are and can be permanent, FACT! I know this, because i am proof. My face never returned to normal, and it never will. I had to have filler under my eyes because of the hollowness, it worked for me, but I still don't look anything like I used to. The saggy skin, hollow checks, the dents, are all still present. My advice to anyone considering dysport. -don't.

My face never returned :(

Well what a depressing 4 yrs it's been! This is the last post I'll write.. (Unless the face fairy pays me a visit and repairs my face haha)

My face never recovered. The damage to my muscles was clearly more then my body's ability to heal.

Hope any of you guys suffering have had a better healing process than me.

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