Earfold Safety for Otoplasty Correction - London, GB

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I would like to inform all those who have done it...

I would like to inform all those who have done it or who think of doing it about the following.

The earfold implant is composed of nitinol (nickelium + titanium). Google 'nitinol biocompatibility' and you will read that many studies state that 'there are still many questions unanswered regarding its biocompatibility' while others say that ' no implant is satisfying all conditions perfectly , one such condition being the possibility of carcinogenesis'. There is no perfect implant in terms of biocompatibility in other words.

The plastic surgeons placing Earfold state that it is for permanent use. And they say that nitinol is widely used in medicine and proven to be safe. However, if you google you will see that nitinol is used as the material of stents in heart surgery. The majority of patients placing stents are 60+ years old. So they place it for around 30 years , if we assume they will live up to 90 years old.

The Earfold implant is generally placed by young patients e.g. 20 years old, 25 years old (for obvious reasons relevant to the opposite sex). How can we know whether it is safe to keep this implant for 70 more years? There are no studied on long-term nitinol implantation ! Because the first nitinol implant (in the form of stent) was placed in 1986 ! This is not 70 years ago!

The blood circulates all over the body. So when the blood molicules hit the implant, there is inevitable corrosion. How about the corrosion of nickelium and titanium in our bodies for 70 years? Who knows with certainty what the consequences will be ? No such studies exist.

Also Earfold is coated with gold to reduce visibility ! If you google 'nitinol biocompatibility' it is stated that the coating material may affect the nitinol 's biocompatibility. There are no references whatsoever on gold coattings !

When I went to the doctor for question on the Earfold he said ' we do not provide any data on other patients . Only some general overview can become available.' . I asked for it , and they gave me data of 2014 ! Why do they hesitate to give more data? And how can we know if this data is complete?

There are more than 3000 patients of Earfold. It is difficult to have them all. But even 100 or 500 of them, could be good.

Because if one forms cancer for instance, then not only we are not getting our money back (and that is one reason for not being informed by the doctors) but we will not learn it !

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