Had Dermamelan Treatment, It's my Second Day..still Recovering..praying for Good Results but Not Too Optimistic!! London, GB

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I have mild melasma covering 50% of my cheeks. I...

I have mild melasma covering 50% of my cheeks. I made it worse recently using self treatment. it increased about 50% within few days due to inflammation.

But on the positive side, first time I fully educated myself about this disease and learnt about controlling and reducing it.

I have always been a slim and attractive women. I am 35, and wish to find a man for marriage. But, melasma has somewhat shattered my confidence. I have wondered if I am actually worthy of someone good with a skin like that!!

I still look good with makeup on but without makeup you know how we melasma sufferers look!!

However, I have a treatment plan in place now. I am determined to do all I can for my health and fitness.
I have consulted a dermatologist with experience in asian indian skin. She wanted me to start a mild treatment with Vitamin C and Tretonin and also monthly Jessner's and Mandelic acid peels. She also recommended tranexamic acid injections and claims it can improve by 30%.

But, due to my recent flare up, I first want major improvement before joining her protocol. So, I decided to go for Dermamelan to give myself a confidence boost.

But, my melasma is 4 years old. I have used pigmanorm for about 8 months which didn't do anything. However, last year I had a medium depth peel treatment similar to dermamelan which did reduce the melasma. I must say I haven't been diligent with sun protection especially during winters and it came back again within 5 months.

This time I am well learnt. I know that sun is my enemy and i can never irritate or inflame my skin. There is no point of seeking expensive treatments if I keep on getting new pigment.

So, my plan is to adhere to dermamelan protocol for 3 months atleast, and then consult my derm again so that she re-evaluate a treatment plan for me. I do want to carry on with the treatment until I find something that would have significantly reduce my melasma and I have been able to maintain results.

I am realistic in my expectations and also know I have to take control. No direct sun exposure , always carry my hat with me whether winter or summer, will always apply sunscreen first thing in the morning whether at home or outside, will always reapply sunscreen at work if going out in the afternoon. Also, started taking vitamins, phycnogenol,zinc, grapefruit seed extract capsules, and milk thistle. WIll also use internal sunblock from heliocare before going out in sun.

I am bascially collecting all my armour and don't want this condition to paint my future negatively. If I am able to reduce it's appearance by 50% with my efforts and feel comfortable with little makeup, I will be satisfied and would thank God for all he's given me.

I have recently learnt that I shouldn't look at people with clear skin ( even women much older) and feel bad about myself or try to over-treat( like I did earlier which led to a flareup!!)...We should learn to appreciate what we have and learn that others may not have skin issues like melasma but may have other problems in their lives.

Anyone have any advice or positive comments to help me? Please comment, I am keen to connect with other women who may be in the same boat. Also, one important thing I have learnt that however, it's good to try different products, but with a condition like melasma which is very sensitive, it's best to work under the guidance of a dermatologist. I could have avoided my recent flareup had I consulted a dermatologist. Luckily I have a good job and i can afford to spend money on my skin condition. But the stress I experienced after the flareup, is just not worth it. It's better to pay the dermatologist and let her carry out the in office procedures.
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Young female, with over 2 years experience with dermamelan. She's not a dermatologist but have been extensively trained by a dermatologist.

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