Neck and Chin Vaser Lipo - London, UK

After reading all the info on vaser lipo and the...

after reading all the info on vaser lipo and the so called minimal swelling, gentle, non evasive treatment i went ahead. apparently i was told i could go back to work the next day....not so!! i looked like id been in a bad car crash for the first few weeks and was beside myself with worry.

but.....3 months on, and im finally seeing results, im so relieved cos i thought id made a big mistake, swelling was horrendous and no signs of improvement for quite some time..yet i am only now seeing results. slowly but surely its all going into place, my crooked smile is returning to normal and my neck and chin looks so much better.

i was cursing the day i had it done...but only now am i seeing real improvement., so dont give up...bear with it and the results u expect so quickly do eventually come!! would never have had this procedure done because its taken so long and its made me depressed...only now, am i seeing a difference...3 mths later. so i guess it does a way are u going bk to work the following day, as they say...but its working now thank god!!

A brief update on my previous comments. Well, I...

A brief update on my previous comments. Well, I had the vaserlipo done 2yrs ago this coming April....even though i went through the mill with the after effects, I have to say it was the best thing Ive done. No regrets whatsoever. So to anybody out there whose had it done, and like myself, wished at the time i hadn't....bear with it. I'd say it took at LEAST a year to settle down. You'll be pleased.
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