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Hiya I have been preparing myself for this for...

hiya I have been preparing myself for this for some years. Uk is not an easy place to get cakes, so I have been looking into different places. Some UK dolls have gone turkey but I read that they use breast implants ? I got in touch with cirumed one year ago they seem very good, the results are phantastic. dr.aslani seems to be very experienced with that and I have heard nothing but good. The issue I have is that they use oval implants only and I am very scared about them rotating so I have set my mind on round implants has anyone had round implants with them ?


so I am going in circles. I really think that dr.aslani is the right surgeon for me but I am really somewhat unsure about the shape of the implants. have copied this from their page which is my absolute wish-pic.....

booty girl

I am just giving a short summary, will post pics once everything where it should be, let me tell you you this was rough ! but I also have to say both dr.aslani as well as his assistants were amazing ! the recovery is drastic but also are the results. I have 350cc oval implants and omg my bod looks so phantastic ! However if you want to do this bring somebody with the first three days are horror you just think your butt is about to explode...... but the change is just unbelievable ! will post pics soon, the full recovery story !

the story

as promised I tell the story of my experience ; I did deliberately wait for worst to be over. This is nothing I would like to do every week that is for sure. I think it really helps that you see such a drastic immediate change, that kept me motivated I would not know how I would have dealt with this without this motivation !
I had a very short, but brusk experience heavy pain in the first night. I have had submuscular BA before and it was very similar painwise. Dr.Aslani leaves the drains for 7 days and that is uncomfortable but his assitants kept telling me that it was very important. It is really much easier when the drains are out, I did use a bbl pillow and that was okay, not fine, but okay. I think it is safe to say that this was the right option for me I could never ever have had the same result just with fat

2 months

all pin is gone now. The butt is feeling softer every day, I try to force myself not to touch it all the time, afraid to go butt crazy.


i have been asked for my implant brand I have polytech oval implants if anyone finds that helpful

in clothing

i am posting some shots in clothes four months after having butt implants everything is kind of okay i had very little issues apart from a suture reaction about a month ago it seems that my flesh did not break down one stitch so it came kind of popping out which made me panic but the nurse at cirumed reassured me he said that happens all the time but is not bad.
I am very happy with the look and shape I get a lot of compliments and my way to dress is changing what I wear on the photo I would have never worn before there are days when I want it bigger but don't we all want that ? But I am happy I got the maximum I could have

summer is round the corner

and for the first time ever I am geared up yeah let us rock this show and show some butt !

Half a year after but implants

Not much new to tell.......All now fully fluffed and loving it.I had a couple of occasions when I was feeling butt greed but got it well controlled I am happy with what I have. The only issue I really have is the scar on my right butt .....It has become a bit widened but one can't see when I stand up Dr. Aslani said he was happy to do me a little scar revision under local he wouldn't even charge me since I would have to fly is only 2 hours and I could even go back the same day but I don't think it bothers me that much perhaps after the summer ?

Pic update

last update was meant to come with pic .......

Update in may

Things are going well. No changes in look or feel. I have caught myself thinking about bigger implants !!!! The doc says he is concerned that they may then be too big and palpable. So maybe not a good idea. Overall very happy !

J-lo implants ?

I am still doing well and am very happy with my results I keep getting positive comments about my shape all the time i don't really suffer from butt greed but does anybody know about J-Lo implants ? Dr.Aslani mentioned that to me when I had my last skype review but I didn't pay too much attention any experiences ?
Dr.Alexander Aslani

I have had oval butt implants with this doctor he is the best absolutely delighted with my results !

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