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HI everyone, I had a closed tip plasty with...

HI everyone,

I had a closed tip plasty with Dr Van Canneyt on May 12th 2012 and wanted to share my experience for others thinking about having work with him.

While the shape of my nose has improved the septum is still deviated which is pulling my tip over more to one side. I'm very disappointed by this as they told me they could straighten it fully without the need for an open rhinoplasty. Also one of my nostrils is higher/larger and they seem to big for my face.

The service at Elyzea is a joke. I only saw Dr Canneyt once before the operation for 5 minutes, when he introduced himself and drew two circles on my nose. You definitely get the sense that you're on a conveyor belt, They kept pressing me to leave only 20 minutes after I'd woken up from the op! I ended up being sick in the cab back to the hotel which was not the nicest experience.

I've expressed dissatisfaction with the result from the beginning and have been given an array of excuses by Dr Sue Dechamps. First she said my septum couldn't be completely straightened but that the deviation of my nose was due to swelling and not a deviated septum. The next excuse was scare tissue for which she suggested massage. Now, she's told me it's due to "skin memory" and that no matter how many operations I have it will always be uneven. This has already been discounted by several surgeons I've had consultations with and I'm very disappointed by the way she's tried to brush my concerns off.

Overall, despite the surgery making a minor difference in my appearance my experience with Elyzea has been mostly negative and I wouldn't recommend them. I rushed into surgery as I've been wanting my nose done for years and couldn't afford Harley St prices, but part of me wishes that I had at least had a few more consultations first before jumping into it. Now I have to have another operation to correct their mistakes.

Re: Update 1 Year Later

I just wanted to give everyone an update on my situation. I was in LA recently and decided to have consultations with several of the most experienced rhinoplasty revision specialists in the world. I found out that not only did Dr Canneyt not shape my nose in any way, but he's removed ALL of the cartilage from it which has caused it to collapse. In order to correct this problem the surgeon will have to remove cartilage from my rib as well as my ear, put it BACK in my nose and then reshape it completely. Anyone who's ever had revision work done will know that due to the higher risk factor there's a much higher fee for performing the surgery.

I was always concerned when at my follow-up appointments Sue said that they'd removed "all" of my cartilage, as it's there to keep the nose in shape and stop it from collapsing! In removing it (a lazy way of slimming my nose down perhaps?) it's causing me serious health issues which are going to cost me a hell of a lot money to have fixed!

Before having these consultations I met Sue to ask about revision, even though I would never let them touch me again. She suggested I speak with Dr (I can't believe I just wrote that) Canneyt but that he would most likely refuse to do any further work as there's nothing more that can be done to improve the shape of my nose.

I'm so upset about this as it just seems like a never ending nightmare!

Update - 20.11.13

I had a meeting on the 20th of November with Sue to tell her how I felt about the results from my procedure and to inform her of my intentions to have revision work carried out with a specialist in secondary rhinoplasty. She was insistent that I see Dr Van Canneyt and this time said that they could open the nose up and improve the shape of it, bring the tip down and reduce the nostrils (all of which had been recommended by the surgeons I had consultations with).

In a way this has put my mind at ease, but given that all of this should've been done during the initial procedure and the less than desirable result from that, I'm very anxious about letting them touch my nose again. My main concern is that because this correction will be free of charge that they won't take as much time or attention to detail in crafting the best nose shape possible. I'm worried I'll be left with another poor result or possible complications.

I've attached photos so you can all see how my nose looks 18 months on. Any advice or recommendations are welcomed!

Nearly 2 years on...

Just had a passport photo taken today so thought I'd share what I think is the best quality photo I could get of my nose from the front. While I'll accept it's not horrible to look at, you can see there's still no definition and it's collapsed on the right side due to the cartilage being removed. Elyzea did offer to correct it but I don't have any confidence and will wait to have a revision specialist carry out the work.
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