Hairline Lowering, Browlift, Upper Bleph, London, GB Date changed

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Surgery booked for 18th October 2016 with Chris...

Surgery booked for 18th October 2016 with Chris Inglefield. Hairline lowering, browlift (hairline) and lump above eyebrow removed which resulted from a fall in 2013 and upper bleph. The price above is the surgical fee. The hospital fee's are £5095 on top of surgical fee.
I was very impressed with London Bridge Hospital during the consultation. The staff were warm, friendly and efficient. The consultation was £250 but this is deducted from your surgical fee upon booking.

The forehead

Review to be withdrawn due to upset regarding miscommunications

I am sorry that I am unable to continue my review but due to some miscommunications on here I feel I need to leave the forum. I wish everyone well with their personal journeys.

All the best xx

Photo's re-added following resolution regarding forum guidlines and discussion.

The transverse lines and dome brow

Tried to get a pic of the tram track lines and brow together. This is the only one I can find.

Date re-scheduled to Thursday 27th of october 2016 for surgery

Due to unforeseen circumstances hospital has re-scheduled my surgery date so it will now be on the 27th October.

Hospital venue changed from Weymouth to Queen Anne Hospital and date moved 27th

Hospital venue changed from Weymouth to Queen Anne Hospital and date moved 27th

Surgery day

I stayed in hospital later than anticipated as I took a long time to bring around from anaesthetic. I will give more info as I begin to heal as typing is limited due to swollen eyes.

2day post op

So on day two now. Washed hair for second time which feels like I'm washing someone elses hair from the top of my head to forehead but my own at the back. So weird to explain. Not really needing much pain relief occasionally paracetamol for twinges on brow. Eye's are a little dry and sore but I have drops for those (though they do cloud my vision for about an hour after use). The hilo cooling machine LBPS including for home care is a god send for helping with swelling and keeping area cool.

Day 4 Post Surgery

So today is peak swelling and probably a more down day in terms of mood. Didn't sleep too well last night as left eye was dry and swollen. Think my sleep position slipped a little last night despite 6 pillows wedging me up, so at 3.30 - 5 am cooling eye's n using oinment. Some clear tears running from eye post rest period and now feeling more comfortable around eye. I think this is a normal mood dip as I was expecting one at some point post surgery. I was very up in mood day1-3 and think this will pass in a day or two.
My tummy is super bloated today to as no bowel movement since operation. I am drinking water to help with this.
No pain in head or brow and am amazed at how much tingling is going on. Definitely some knitting together and healing happening. Very reassuring. No noticeable hair shedding as yet but will keep washing and monitoring it daily. Hope all my fellow real self friends are well and enjoy your weekend. X

Day 4 evening pics

Hair washed again and some close ups of edges of hairline. The temples are still tender but I think that may be the endotines sitting proud above rest of head.

Close up temple

Suture lines

Hairline stitches removed today.

Day 11

Hair washed again after yesterday's suture removal. Some rippling of skin near the scar today. I also shed some little stubby black hairs that were growing in the middle of the scab/scar. Scar is quite dark pink and a bit purple in patches where biggest scabs have shed. I have also lost a little of my hair behind the scar post hair wash today. But hey it's only day 11, so very early stages of healing. X

Scar update day 12

Some pictures of how scar is progressing since suture removal.

6 weeks post op

No make up and harsh lighting so you can see realistic progress

brow lift drop at 9 weeks post op/ possible endotine issue

I have had some significant drop of brow position over the Christmas period. The hairline looks good and bleph scars are good but with brow lift dropping back this has made my lid margin disappear again. I have emailed the clinic during christmas period and now await reply. I am however due in for a 12 week check in January 2017 so hope when I go they will be able to resolve the dropping brow lift issue. I admit I am very anxious about what the outcome will be. I just hope they can put brow back to how it was.

Revision browlift needed

Hairline and upper bleph are great but browlift has dropped so needs revision.

Awaiting procedure but Mr Inglefield was very friendly and informative during the consultation.

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