19 Years Old, Breast Reduction - London, GB

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I'm 5'7 , my left boob is a 36E and my right is a...

I'm 5'7 , my left boob is a 36E and my right is a 36F, I have my breast reduction operation this Saturday (5th November 2016) and I'm beyond excited and just a little bit nervous!

This is the 3rd time I'm rewriting this as the first 2 times I have clicked the wrong button :( so fingers crossed! 3rd time lucky...I have had big saggy boobs for the past 3/4 years , as I have got older they have just grown bigger and bigger and heavier , having such large breasts has really not done any wonders to my posture or my self esteem , I'm hoping this reduction will change my life for the better!

My journey to where I am now with only 4 days and 19 hours until my operation , started back in 2015 where I tried to get a reduction on the NHS but finding out I didn't fit the criteria which I was devastated about , after a year of just getting on with life and living with boobs I despised , I got the courage to ask my dad if I could borrow the money from him to go private and get the operation I desperately wanted! He asked me to go and do my search so after 2 weeks of research and speaking to friends with personal experience I choose Transform in Brentford , from the first appointment with my Non Surgical Co Patient Coordinator Emma , I knew this was where I wanted my BR.

My mum came with me to my first consultation where we met Emma , she is so lovely! She answered all the questions me and my mum had and then once I confirmed this has something I wanted to go through with she booked in me for a pre operation appointment for my surgeon , he was nice and professional and also answered all questions me and my mum had and looked at my boobs , took measurements after that we booked in the date and the deposit and booked my next app which was the last one before the op, which was with the nurse she asked me lots of medical questions, took my weight and height and took some before and after photos.

I am super excited to finally live my life like a normal nearly 20 year old and be happy with my body at last! I will attach some photos of how my boobs look now and will keep updating when anything new happens :) xx

Some before photos! 3 days to go yay!

One week post op

It's exactly a week after my operation and I'm feeling fantastic! First few days were super tough! Not being able to go to the toilet by myself and couldn't pull my knickers up or down for the first 2-3 days , literally had my boyfriend and my mum doing everything for me! after Wednesday it all started to get better! I can do pretty much everything by myself now, no heavy lifting though! My next check up is on Monday! So I will update after that and here's come before and afters that I have so far and some pictures in the hospital!
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