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Hi, Im a 25 year old, height 5.6 and weigh 54kg...


Im a 25 year old, height 5.6 and weigh 54kg and will be getting 325cc high profile natrelle inspira implants under the muscle. Im currently a 32a. Wasnt going to post a review on this site but since it has been so so useful this site and from looking at others reviews i thought its only fair to share my experience.

Ive been unhappy with my breasts since i was about fifteen and thought about surgery on and off throughout the years. I was on the microgyn pill for about seven years and going off on it recently my boobs dropped a cup size so that gave me the final push too see a surgeon. I wanted natural but large breasts. Looking at other reviews i thought 400cc would take me to about a D cup however when i saw my surgeon he said my rib cage was tiny and the max he would be put in me would be 325 cc to minimise the risk of bottoming out and other complications.

I was really disapointed as i didn't want to pay all this money and come out with a B size cup. However after trying on the implants under my clothes i felt much more positive about the situation cause they looked massive :0 even the 295cc i tried. And as I'm working in a profession where you wouldn't want it to be noticeable that you have had an enhancement i thought perhaps it's for the best for now to not go any larger. My surgeon did say if i got pregnant and after i had a few kids i probably could go bigger then if i wanted to.

Ill be taking a week and a half off work and my boyfriend will be taking care of me the first few days. My parents don't know and i know they ll be totally against it if i did tell them. Obviously reading the risks of the surgery i do feel like i should tell them in case something happens. But fingers crossed hopefully everything will be fine.

In feeling very organised and I'm not usually in life so this is a first wahay. Got my v pillow, wipes, getting some heat pads, frozen peas and the rest of the stuff at the end of this week.

Will update with pics soon!

Ill be putting some pics up soon!


Ok sorry I haven't updated for long!! I got a email saying I had to send in a job application on the day of my surgery for today and been preoccupied with that!! So didn't have any time!!

Ok so day of operation

I was late!! Always late ahhh. But it was ok they weren't too concerned and it was only by 20minutes. My surgery was scheduled for 8.00 and my best mate came with me. Who was excellent!! I highly advice a friend or partner comes with you as it just takes your mind off everything. So the hospital was beautiful, it was definitely in a very wealthy area. I met the nurses, put my gown on, had to pee in a cup it all felt like I was just chilling somwhere going on holiday soon it felt like. I wasn't at all nervous was fine until they asked if I was ready to come down:/ the doctor came in took a picture of my boobs. I had this funny underwear that looked like a diaper I had put on. When he took a picture I couldn't help but think if it was any other circumstance I would be so embarrassed wearing this thing and someone also seeing me in it also topless ahhh! But he sees it everyday so I just embraced it. Went up with the nurse with my surgical gown on and got into the operating table. They said theres no reason to be scared. I felt like there was definitely a reason to be scared ha. but then!! They gave me the anesthetic and I'v had anesthetic before put this had something special in it. At first I freaked out because it was so cold but then I put my head back and it felt like I was just so unbelievably happy and then I blacked out haha but not before telling everyone that the world would be a happy place if were all on this!

waking up

So no pain or discomfort when I woke up just saw boobies!! Loved it! They told me afterwards I had morphine. I couldn't do anything my best friend had to do everything for me from walking me to the toilet, to giving me water to drink. I have to say this again she was absolutely amazing. Obviously the nurses offered help etc but I was fine just me and her. Attempted to eat a biscuit but kept thinking I was going to choke because I have in the last year developed an anxiety with choking sad times! But I ate dinner. Didn't lose my appetite at all Yay!!

They gave me CO codomol which at lunch time made me have a panic attack. I do suffer from panic attacks so I thought it might just be my anxiety. But then when my boyfriend came I had another one after taking the CO codomol. That was not happy times for either of us. I was moving around so much I thought I was gonna cause bleeding. The nurse came in said she seen 4 patients have this reaction to the anaethestic and said I was overheated. My boyfriend removed the blanket but then I started shivering uncontrollably. It was horrible. Think it was because I went from reaally hot to cold. I was scared for him to leave me after that as I was staying in overnight. I took muscle relaxants instead after that. My boyfriend was also great and very supportive.

pics before


more surgical bra pics

after my boyfriend left..

They gave me a sleeping pill. Never had taken one before but it knocked me out. Thought it would make me anxious but didn't. Nurse recommended said since one was highly anxious will give me a good nights sleep.

When I woke up watched a bit of TV and asked the nurses to help me cause I couldn't pour the jug of water as my arms were so stiff. The health care assistants were lovely but then I asked a nurse to pour me some water and she said I should do it. I was so angry and stunned. It was so heavy and I couldn't extend my hands. She did it but that pissed me off!

They gave me muscle relaxants, ibropfen for swelling at 6am which was fine. I wanted to stay on top of my pain meds so I asked them to come then.

boyfriend comes to collect me

So after I bitched to my boyfriend I saw the doctor told him I did not want CO codomol he said he wasnt sure how I'll react to panadal so he said I'll be ok with paracetamol and muscle relaxants...little did I know bad mistake

going home

Going back home was fine no pain or discomfort decided to relax in bed after a few hours. Didn't lie down but ended up dropping down from a sitting up position and couldn't get up. My boyfriend went out for an hour and I couldn't see my phone anywhere to ask him where he was exactly. I knew he wouldn't be gone for to long but he was doing a heavy shop. So bad times ended up peeing in his bed:/ he walks in 5 mins late he doesn't care about that stuff neither do I but Ohmg I just wanted to get out of the bed!!

stuck in bed post open day 1

He tried to push me up from the back. I tried scooting with my bum. No luck!! I was stuck. My incisions were burning it was horrible. Paracetamol was not enough unsuprisingly. So I slept in the pee bed lol. Couldn't change my clothes because it hurt to much to move. My boyfriend called my friend over and she slept on the clean side of the bed to help me in the morning

post open day 2

Woke up in pain, muscle contractions and still couldn't get up. I called the doctor and he was suprised they just prescribed me paracetamol. He was wonderful. I didn't care at the point what medication I was prescribed I just wanted to get out of bed. He prescribed Tramadol. He encouraged me to try and get up as he said the muscle contractions will get worse. With one mighty push I was up it was great. No muscle contractions from them on. My friend collected the Tramadol from then on there was no pain. He told me to stop taking all other meds including muscle relaxants as they delay recovery. I was drowsy all day but pain was gone

post open day 3

Felt much better didn't need or want Tramadol as it made me drowsy so begun paracetamol. Walked around the house. Couldn't do much. My boyfriend was amazing cooking lovely meals and helping me with everything. Still couldn't do anything. I looked in the mirror and wow I looked rough. He gave me a shower. And we ventured out to the pharmacy as I was worried cause I hadn't gone toilet in days. Was given senna. Worked immediately. When I did go out felt unbelievably dizzy and tired. Couldn't speak to the pharmacist myself just felt like I couldn't focus tried to keep drinking as much water as possible!

post open day four

First day I could get out of bed myself. My arms felt better. Could do a little bit more and more but still pretty slow in everything and couldn't life anything heavy. Felt exhausted and fell asleep at 7.30 . Was terrified because my boyfriend had now gone back to work and wouldn't be with me. Also was now back at my parents. They didn't suspect anything. I sometimes look like a hobo and had four peices of clothes on so boobs were pretty much covered. They looked massive naked but the same as me when I wear a padded bra with clothes on. My back was severely hunched asked my nurse and she said it was a protective stance and not to do shoulder rolls. It made pics of my boobs look awful but I googled it and it was clearly temporary. My boyfriend said they were a little too big for my frame but I think it's cause he's looking at my hunched shoulders and they hadn't dropped that much yet. I'm glad I didn't go any bigger my surgeon was correct when he said I shouldn't go any bigger

post open day five

I ventured out on this day felt unbelievably dizzy and buses were not good times. Grabbed my chest and shouted ouch everyone looked at me it confused. Felt a bit anxious being out alone and due to the tiredness and dizziness had two panic attacks. Was still dressed like a hobo and my hair was horribly greasy as hadn't managed to see my boyfriend so he could wash it. So put a hat on which was a bit if a a struggle.

I went to find a non underwire bra so I could wash this bra but it was so unbelievably hard to put on with my hunched shoulders and was so exhausted taking my clothes on and off especially my coat decided to venture back home. I took my band off the relief!! I think that makes me dizzy cause it's so tight and because my heel kept going numb which was weird so thought it was perhaps cutting my blood circulation off. I then freaked out as I saw both my areolias had turned darker and looked brown. I'm a hyper contriact so called my emergency line for my doctor. There was no answer so google was the next option. Immediately I came across necrosis, implants pushing through your nipple which clearly freaked me out more. I called her again and she said because It was both, I still had nipple sensation and it wasn't black there was nothing to be worried about. I cried and started doubting this whole process and went to my boyfriends. He looked at them and said it looked a bit bruised but that was about it. I was a bit stressed as I had to include my personal statement for an important job and hadn't done any of it cause I felt out of it dizzy and tired most of the time so that problem didn't help things. However after sleeping I woke up ok

post open day 6

My movements, ability to do things improved significantly yesterday. Tried to focus on doing my personal statement and not think about the horrible horrible breast band. I stopped paracetamol this day as there was no pain. My shoulders look a bit better however I have been suffering from headaches which I never usually have. Im sure it will go away. O BTW my morning boob got better on post op day 6. Thank god. But dizziness and tiredness are still bothering me.


So today I focused completely on finishing my statement as it was due in today. Tried to do the best I could. Have my post op one week appointment tomorrow hopefully everything will go ok. And massages won't hurt. I have been suffering from the last two from shivers. Im not sick, no fever just feel so cold. Probably my body just recovering. Hope it goes away soon though. Want to feel normal again. I got training after my post op appointment for three hours which involves me sitting there and listening not moving anything. Bit anxious about staying out so long in case I feel dizzy and like I'm going to black out. Hopefully it will be ok. Feel like the dizziness might be an anxiety not sure. So tomorrow will test it out. Bit sad cause can't brush my hair, wear nice clothes cause my back is hunched a bit still so looks like I'm gonna be looking like a hobo again. At least it's winter here

post op not open!!

Sorry just realised been writing post open lol

pics post up

dizziness gone!

Im feeling back to my normal. Yesterday when I went for my one week post op appointment the nurse said everything looked good and I can have showers now Yay. I went for training for my work didn't feel dizzy thank god so went shopping to treat myself and buy some cute non underwired bras. Can't wear them for six weeks but I suppose I could wear there an hour or so if I could go dinner. Need to ask!

anxiety provoking moments and this horrible breast band

So today I went for another training day. Think I outdid myself because I'm so tired and knackered. I had to write up my groups presentation ideas onto a large paper on the floor. I was bending forward getting very hot and out of breathe and then I had to present our ideas to the class. My heart was going mad and I felt so out of breathe that at some points didn't know if the ideas were gonna come out of my mouth. They did in the end but just barely. I then left the class to put my head in my hand on the toilet. Think it was anxiety and tiredness.

I asked my nurse about wearing a non underwire bra she said not a good idea. So won't be doing that again. Still can't wash my hair. But yes I can have sex!!! Very slowly but still have sex! Iv started bring very concerned about blood clots for some reason. She said if your boob suddenly swells to twice the size give us a call. So I'm gonna now try and stop thinking about bad things that could happen!

band off tomorrow yay!

Tomorrow I can burn my breast band lol Yay and finally feel like I breathe fully!! Still find it difficult to put on coats and a bit slow in putting on certain tight clothing but all good in dressing. Can't reach up fully yet but I don't think I should be trying right now. Will update with some clearer photos of how my boobs are progressing later today. I'v decided not to put any topless photos up cause of work but will try and show the shape of it better!


pics update

These bikinis are size ten from h and my and I think intimassi was the one which was a darker pink. Should have taken a picture of me before to show the massive difference I didn't fill these bikinis out at all

before pic


I'v noticed I'v been getting more headaches then usual but I think it's because I'm not sleeping well because I'm trying to be careful not to sleep on my boob and my back aches. I took off the breast band I no longer feel as if I'm suffocating thank god but kinda miss the pressure of it not sure if anyone feels the same.

I had my first drink last night. I thought I would be so happy to have it but actually just made me feel like I lacked control a bit and didn't want to hurt myself by stretching to far or anything. So don't really enjoy it much sadly. Might wait a bit till I have one again like two weeks.

I've been practicing interview questions and I'v been feeling short of breathe like I can't finish what im saying. Not sure if it was the breast band but gonna try today practicing out loud and see if happens again. If so I'll be booking an appointment with my gp

pic of body proportion

recovering smoothly

So I haven't updated in a bit! I feel so much better the tightness in my chest has disappeared and when it gets cold my boobs aren't feeling to tight as before. Have had a few drinks from the last time I posted and feel absolutely fine drinking now. I still am not allowed to lift my arms up and I'm being careful cause my stitches haven't completely healed and I don't want to re open them. Can't wait till I can lift up my arms and do some shoulder rolls as my shoulders are so crooked!! I can't wear any nice dressses or tops cause they look so terrible.

I haven't had any panic attacks for a while def think it was the tightness of my chest which was causing alot of the problems.

update with pics

I'm looking forward to my post op check for five weeks to make sure everything is fine. I'v been having more twinges in my boob and my armpit and where the incision is which i think is because of stress as I had a seven hour interview today!! Ahhh. Here is some pics

dreaded boob envy

OK so for the last week or so I have kept thinking that I wish I could have got implants that were slightly bigger!! Pretty much around 400c. My boobs if I feel literally disappear under my clothes. They look clearly bigger when I go braless then before but when I wear a tight fitting top it looks like I haven't even had implants! My friends have also commented that I don't look different from before with clothes on. With clothes off there's clearly a massive difference but I kinda wish they were slightly bigger still? My boyfriend and friends said it would look wierd on my body if I went any bigger and so I'm trying to keep that in mind. I measured myself yesterday and im a 32c. But I'm going to get professionally measured on Friday. I'm pretty sure the shape will change in the next 6 months so hopefully they will drop and be more fuller in the bottom and I will look slightly bigger in clothes. If not well I'm still pretty happy with how they look now and I will forget about it as there was a massive change and they look way better then before.

5 week post op appointment 30dd!!

I saw the doctor today and he said all was looking good wahay. I demonstrated to him how my breasts disappear under clothes and he said when I get a better bra it will look better cause the surgical bra is pushing it down. So I decided to go shopping! Went john Lewis and found out I've been wearing the completly wrong bra size apparently I'm a 30 and cup size DD woop!! Was so happy obviously il be different in every shop. I got a Freya bra no underwire which cost about 24pounds. No padding. I tried it on under my tops and my boobs look definately bigger compared to before when I use to wear a B cup with double padding. I'll post up some pics soon!! Since its valentines day need to rush and get ready.

So I can resume all activity now Yay. Which also makes me kinda scared as he said exercising might make you hurt a bit. I'm gonna practice strengthening my arms now and he said I can do shoulder rolls gently. So I'm gonna ease myself in with some light jogging and basic yoga to see which parts need building up on Monday.

I also got a massage to do which looks fairly easy however keep thinking im gonna forget it!! I'm sure its on the internet. I have to do it 5/10 mins every night very boring!! But if it will get me fantastic boobs I'm gonna do it properly!

He said you can tell my breasts haven't dropped yet as there still very shiny! So they ll become more fuller in a few months.

I am very happy I can't believe im wearing a bra with no padding (only enough to cover the nipples). SUCCESS

One thing which I'm sure that will happen now is one boob will probably drop sooner when I begin the massages. Which will be annoying but I'm sure they ll sort themselves out!

pics with new bra

So I tried on a dress with my new bra on and I looked massive . I think people might notice!! I did my my massages last night but I don't know if I'm doing them properly! So might go back next week to see my surgeon to video tape it as I would rather know now then in 7 months when I see him next.


exercising / sports bra/taking the underwire out of bras

For everyone who hasn't lifted up their hands above their head after 5 weeks and hasn't used their arms to much iv noticed you ll experience alot if cracking in your arms which I think is the ligaments because of not using them. I'v been stretching my arms up and down and doing yoga style position to get my arms above my head. I'v been very careful and doing about 10 reps of each exercise a day and after 3 days my arms are way better and it's not cracking as much as before. Iv also been doing shoulder exercises as my shoulders are very stiff. I decided I will start doing weights in a week when my arms and shoulder flexibility has increased. Also swimming and dancing I think I can only start when my arms are in a better shape which is annoying as I'm dying to get back into routine!!

If anyone has had their incision under the crease and their doctor has recommended no underwire for a while. I yesterday bought a bra from Topshop to see whether if I cut the underwire out it will still be supportive. It was a balconnette bra and it did still offer some support but the shape did get lost a tiny bit however there are no gaps or anything so I think taking the underwire out of bras is fine.

I bought a shock absorber bra from Debenhams yesterday to start running soon. I think its called run bra and offers maximum support. I reviewed it and it's supposed to be really good for holding your boobies in place it was 34 pounds. Bit expensive but should be worth it. Its not very comfortable very tight on the band but I'll let u guys know if works soon! I had to get a 32d as the 30dd was way too tight. So I do recommend going up a band size as otherwise u prob won't be able to breathe! Other reviewers also recommended this.

pic Topshop bra


Hey everyone just wanted to give a bit of a update its been about 8 weeks, I started running and it's been fine. My sports bra at first felt like I couldn't breathe but loosened up after running and holds my boobs in place . So I highly recommend shocks absorbers run bra for all the runners out there! My boobs haven't really changed at all. The zingers and throbbing have pretty much gone now I hardly get them. Under my nipples I still don't have full sensation but not to bothered about it. Doesn't feel to bad. Also my boobs are getting softer but still hard I can't push them together at all. I'm going swimming soon kinda scared cause I'll be using my chest muscles but I'll let u know how it goes :)

I tried on my old bikinis and had to buy new ones as there was just way too much on show!!

3 and a half months update

Hello all,

My boobs haven't really changed much since I last posted except there way softer now and I actually push them together. I haven't managed to find a good push up bra that will give me some good cleavage sadly. I also don't like the feeling of padding against my boobs feels horrible. But I might get used to it.

I can sometimes feel my implants when I'm doing massages which feels a bit weird but nothing im to worried about

Iv gained nearly complete sensation and I'm loving bikini shopping now. In the gym when I wear my sports bra my boobs do kinda disapear under tight tops which is a bit annoying but its still way better then before


I haven't updated for a long time as everything has been fine. My right boob feels quite sensitive if I lie on it so been avoiding doing that which is annoying but don't think it's anything I have to worry about. Still have the odd twinges but there not really bothering me. Went to victoria secret and wearing either a 32ddd or 34d as there sizes are wierd!!




So strange after 6 months of not wearing a wired bra I thought my incisions would be fine, but one of the incision looks quite irritated from wearing a wired bra two times in the last three days, will call my surgeon tomorrow just to make sure everything is all good. I just wanna wear some pretty bras!!


Friends and family noticing :0

So at work my friend asked my other friend if I had a boob job and people have I noticed been staring at my chest, like my girl colleagues for a few months now, when I wear a tight shirt. It doesn't look fake but my friend said it's because I'm small and then got big boobs so obviously you do question it.

My mum asked me yesterday but I think it might be cause I was wearing a push up bra and threw all my old bras away. I denied it lol since she would get upset but I'm pretty sure my dad knows (he doesn't care)

I don't really care. But I forget that they do look bigger obv then before. I saw a pic of me out and I was like woah they Def do Look big, but in a good way.


Very happy with my breasts, I'm on microgyn the contraception and my breasts look even better then a few months ago, slightly bigger then before - cause of the pill, however they now bounce more when I run which is annoying cause I now have to wear a bra under my sports bra.

I hardly have any twinges anymore except for when I exercise , everything is good and will be seeing my surgeon soon just for my 9 month follow up


Very happy

I am very happy with my breasts, best decision I made to get them done! They make me feel much more sexier then before and I don't feel self conscious with my breasts anymore.

This good experience with my breasts has led me to consider more and more rhinoplasty, I thought if I got my breasts done I thought I could get over the insecurity I have with my nose, but I haven't unfortunately, i feel sad that I feel like I have to get plastic surgery to feel more confidence it goes against what I believe in that it should come from inside. But hey ho hopefully it will go well!? Another year to save...
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