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Had breast re aug July 2014 and wow what a shock...

Had breast re aug July 2014 and wow what a shock to the system as last op was 13 years ago x hate them and want them out have 400 naturelle implants in just wondering of anyone has done this and what's the final results like please x planning another baby so wondering if removal before would be better and cost?


Hoping for some reassurance


Have my surgeons consultation end January still hoping he will find a problem and I can have these bad boys removed for free through transform but if not my actual surgeon operates privately and removal is 2000 wow lots of money as I have a loan for actually operation from last year but my happyness is more important

Hurry up

Can't stop thinking about getting this over with just hope im as lucky as you guys ive read up about and have a good out come x will
Post pics soon nearer the time of my ps appointment

Pics after 11 years and after my last op 6 months on

The first 3 pics are 11 years on after my second capsulotamy and re aug, and two more kids as you can see they have lost volume and dipping above the nipple , the last pics are 6 months after my third op that I had July 2014 I have rippling at the sides and dipping which u can't seem to pic up in these pics
Want them out but so apprehensive as to end result xx

Pre fake boobies

Found some old pics only have these two before implants quote nervous as had nothing so what result will I have


Pics will try again


Just read a review about a lady who has had implants loved them but after a long time decides to explant as ads had had enough but once explant was don't she missed her boobs x now im worried this will be me as. I do like how they look, hate how the feel and how uncomfortable I am , and have thought long term into this as in health, problems that's could arise and cost of future ops x two weeks yesterday and my mind should be clearer as I'll have spoken to my ps x God time is dragging x

Not long now

Just 9 days Until
I see my ps can't wait but im also seeing my gp to see if my low mood anxiety nightmares pain cheast pains and many other lite things ive had over the year could be all connected with habing these implants in for so long x cause what chemicals are actually in them and what actually does go into our bodies x when I had last ps app before my last op he said my implants had lost volume but we're had it gone??

Ps appointment today

Sat waiting to see my surgeon I have a gp letter so hoping this will help my case x not holding my hope to be honest tho x will update after Appoinment x feeling nervous


Had Appoinment with ps today he is prepared to remove my implants x would like to rule out my pain and only way is removal so let's do it x won't be until April tho so I can now make sure that this is the right decision for me

Right decision

Have to get my head straight x yes I love my boobs but hate how they feel x as you have read ive had three ops and the last knocked me for six and recovery was hard x im 36 so not old or young and wish if found this site as would have had out before last op but we live and learn x cost since my first op has increased by a few thousand so looking forward how much will IT be in 10/20 to have them changed or even to explant x this is what has made my decision really and for my own health x I can't honestly remenber what natural was

It's rigjt

It's the right thing to do as when they need re doing i won't be having re aug so now is the time as im only 36 and my skin is stil Young x just need to realise a Lin g recovery and be patients for the out come


Spoke to my ps secretary today he was expecting ME monday 9 feb but I didn't get Appoinment through so today I should get a call that im booked in monday 16 feb can't bloody with so fingers crossed I should be on the healing train early March x still absolutely crapping myself as to the results but possitive and ive three kids with my three sets implants and had driven gain and loss x im worried that I now weigh what undid 15 years ago as ive lost over a stone with stress so hope that doesn't effect my out come x


Spoke to a friend and she has been told that even after a year she will have empty pockets and less than pre BA x yet my surgeon said I'll have what I had before x confused as I've seen ladies on here same time of having implants as me older than me and fab results

Any advice

When ive had my explant is there anything anyone can recommend for a better recovery for me and my skin and to help my new boobs please x hopefully after monday 16/2/15 I should have an idea of when these bad boys will be coming out as mentally im goin mad and all I do is cry x

Date set

Saw my ps today and he has spoken to ME about lots of different options but my heart is set on explant x nieve I must have been as I thought cause I had implants that was me for life didn't realise explant was an option else Id not of had last op so expensive lesson. Learnt x but now is a good time else 10/15 years time I'll be older and Mr skin may not recover as well as hopefully it will now x 24 February is my explant day so I have 8 days to get focused to start my road to recovery x


I know my decision is right but what if its the worst decision I ever make

3 more sleeps omg

Well d day is nearly here x im
More chilled than I thought I woud be x had my pre op cal today so let's do this x

Reality setting in

Been bra hunting today haven't found a front opening bra under £30 so ive brougjt a bra from asda and two from primark asda one is over the head and primark is like boob tube sort
Emotions have been high today as reality is setting in x didn't want a cup size bra and looking in shops and seeing smaller sizes has really got ME down as ive had these bad boys for 15 years so it's all going to be a massive shock to me and the closer it's getting im realising this and ive even thought am I doing the right thing x which I no I am and looking forward to bein me again but on the other hand know it will mentally be hard x
Also seeing how cheap smaller bras are is quite a shock x I brought new sets last July and hopes I could just buy new bras and keep matching pants but m and s have sold the Rosie range off and have all new which is a pain but never mind x
2 more sleeps and im so nervous right now and feel physically sick if im honest x but my partner is beingn very supportive and hopefully won't be as shocked as I am goin to be after x
Today my partner and I were messing around and little things like he grabbed me and put me over his shoulder and all I thought was carefull as U could hurt my boobs were as soon when ive recovered natural shouldn't have that effect on me x

Well that's it

Last night before my explant so fingers crossed all goes well x have to be into hospital by 7am so Leavin home at 5.30 x not slept for days absolutely hanging out my ass my eyes are burning im so tired the general will be the best sleep ive had in days x so see you all on the other side x sending love to all you girls doing this to make our health better x

This is it

4.30 am alarm gone off and not slept a wink x lets do this x
Will update when I feel ok x

Am here :(

Well ive arrive at the hospital not nervous at all x have had upset tummy and felt sick so that's nerves I suppose x Hated leaving my kids this morning x x miss them so much x well im
Smiling as my partner is being a complete plonker trying to make ME laugh xx


All done very sore blood pressure so low xx just had some toast x need to go to bed xx haven't looked to scared x

Well time will tell

Day 1

Had a lovely sleep and not in to much pain x looking at my old pics seems so long ago x im not emotional like I thought I would be but give it a few days lol x and after being on here I feel it's helped me with how I look and im not so shocked x 16 years is a long time so my body needs to re adjust to how it was Pre aug x

Day 1 over

I was a mess before explant was never intending to remove my implants but found this site and didn't realise explant was an option always thought I was stuck with these bad boys x if have never of had my last op last year if have had out x well yesterday being 24 feb 2015 I had them out and wow I feel a new woman they don't look great and im sure I'll break at some point but I know I did it for my health and one had a crack in it so thank god I did it x ive taken today easy and not done much im hurting but I'm ok x still no emotions but feel I will break at some point especially if I don't see any changes x keep smiling ladies who are taking this journey it had to be done


Good mornin world have woke up crying not a good start hoping for miracles x feel that anyone having explant who already had boobs get fab results but us little ones will take time x

Day 2 over

Well what a day of hysterical emotions x that's it from ME for a while x good luck girls sharting this journey x will post later when things change x

Day 6

Well were has the last 6 days gone only seems like yesterday U had been in hospital , well it's been a week of emotions , I went from being on top of the world when U had had them out to crying like a baby for a couple days , my partner saying he loves me and im beautiful didnt help as knowing what my boobs looked like wasn't beautiful, and that id made the choice to go from a young woman with nice boobs to a young woman with boobs of an 80 year old woman. I feel amazing implant free never thought Id say that as they have been me for 16 years and honestly Id not have had them removed as I loved the look but with lots of thinking I made the decision Id not want more surgery and now was the best time with my age to have them out and im so glad I did x
It's been a week of being tired and worn out 3 kids also makes that harder, but how nice is it to go to bed and get comfy, not had a lot of pain to be honest it's been more aching and like someone had smacked me in the chest with a cricket bat x ive had no itching of my scars as of yet,had some tight feelings abit like when I had cc but lmao that ain't possible as I have nothing. There x
I'll post some pics later as I feel confident to let other see what I look like as the last three days my boobs have improved so much from day one x sending love and hugs to all you lovely ladies , if I can do this anyone can


Day 9

All is ok still lots of aching and niggly pains x lots of small improvements. But time is the healer
Found this
pica added

Day 11

We're has the time gone flying by feel fab x not sleeping to good as can't get comfy and still getting lots aches and pains but seen lots of improvements and don't regret this one bit
Still such a Long way to go but from my results I can see the light at the end of the tunnel x good luck to all you girls approaching your explant

Day 13

Had dressings off this morning scars fab x still so much healing before I'll even wear a bra pictures are so deceiving of how people look x not a good day today x

Two weeks after explant

Well girls what an emotional ride this is and more so for us girlies who had nout before implants as I feel the outcome is more shocking for us x
Im happy with my decision and the changes have been amazing but cry don't think I have any more tears to come out x this is going to be along ride to recovery xx hoping that when I see my ps at 6 weeks there will be a nice change and I'll feel possitive x
Don't feel confident to post any pics today as not happy with them at a x


Id like to say a big big thank U to thee amazing ladies who have support me through text messages the last few weeks x im on the other side now and you will be soon x and it's so refreshing believe me hard but it's all worth it x sending love and hugs first one of U will be sorted monday xx

Day 17

All is ok feeling ok not very comfy Wearing my soft bra top it's more comfortable wearing nothing x
One breast is Mis shaped hoping it's like when they went in i had the same and once insicions healed IT all corrected it self , some skin still looks bruised , ive been as of last night massaging them with bio oil last night this morning and will continue twice a day as its ment to be good for them after explant


well were has the last month gone crazy how quickly time goes x I feel absolutely amazing no regrets and im so confident with me again x still quite drained and worn out but there's been so many highs and lows x no pain anymore scars are healing great x have been using bio oil twice a day to massage x
Best decision ive made shame you don't get a refund when you explant as the money i paid could have done so much x they have filled out lovely still a bit flat behind the nipples but still early days x
Good luck to anyone starting this journey x

5 weeks

Well it's been over 5 weeks since my explant and still so happy with my decision and my boobs are still charging on a regular basis it's amazing how your body changes and heals x
Still getting the odd muscle pain but I suppose it's still really early days in the healing process x ive had lots of support mentally off my partner and off a couple of fantastic girls on her who have become great friends over the past few weeks x
Can't believe wasn't so long ago I was a mess and always crying couldnt see light at the end of the tunnel but it's true time is a healer and im so confident with how I look x can't wait to be able to buy some lovely pretty bras , I'll be able to buy so many for the price I was paying for the massive ones I brought before for those fake boobies x hers some pics from 5 weeks

Last appointment with ps

Hadnt last Appoinment with my surgeon today he is happy with my results and said the Mis shape is due to empty pockets , said I have full ness and look ok he also said when I've eaten a few pies and pasties and gain some weight if I want a fat transfer to go back and see him x I can't rate him highly enough duh a gnat antic surgeon and in so happy I've explanted x

8 weeks 2 days post explant

Feeling fabulous still no regrets and it seemsike a life time ago I had implants, still can't believe it's only 8 weeks and small changes still happening which is fab x
They are filling out up top lovely and wearing a bra is great 32b I was measured was so shocked bigger than pre aug

15 weeks and feeling great

Well hi ladies I'm now 15 weeks post explant and feel amazing no regrets and enjoying the sun x

15 weeks pics

12 months gone

Still feel great and never looked back

more changes

Even more improvement x

No payout

Have had a letter off allergen and they will replace implants for me and pay 700 towards theatre fees to have them put in. Seriously thinking because I'm not having any more kids to have more put back in as I never had any issues with them for 16 years . Except after kids x

16 months and still changes

Wow over the last few weeks I've seem such a change yes some parts look empty but wow the crease has nearly gone x I've also started thistle milk tablets and paid for natural cream very expensive but what have I got to loose on day 2 now and will show my progress soon


Been using naturaful breastfeeding cream twice daily for over a month now I can see a difference and can feel one also when I put certain clothes on

surgeons appointment set 17th september 2016

well not having any luck from allergen about my cracked implant, so now ive made an appointment with my surgeon as to weather i could have a fat transer, or what are the risks of more implants. i had no issues for 17 years as such no worry of cracked implants, had cc both times but probably due to kids. so now i have lots of questions to ask, allergen offered me new implants, and i just want fullness again and to feel feminine again, love the natural look but fed up with feeling like a man. maybe cause he suggested i went bigger to fill the skin last time made them crack i dont know, my only concern is that if i have more id have to pay to have them out if they went wrong again, and id have to go through the emotional journey of explant again, but id be so much more prepared if that happened

2 years 2 months

2 years 2 months on. Ye I'm happy but considering having replacements as Allergan won't pay out but will offer free replacements x
Not much upper pole and still Miss shaped on the left. Feel very lucky with how I've turned out after explant

Transform Fab care but no help or reply about explant

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