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Hi, I am so happy to have found this...

Hi, I am so happy to have found this website!

I can relate to so many stories. I had underdevelopment and felt so unfeminine without breasts so I put implants on. I felt so beautiful and my confident went right up. 3 years later I fell the implants dont suit myself anymore, I want to be natural and not have these plastics inside me! I also have discomfort, itching and burnning sensation. I am only 19, 20 very soon, so I know my skin is good enough to shrink back, however I had no breast tissue what so ever! I was completly flat and im even scared after the implants are removed i will have a caved in gap! My implants also werent placed properly, they are too close together and the nipples too high up. My implants are 200cc, under the muscle.

I live in London and still havent consulted any surgeons, any girls have suggestions of clinics I can look into?
Thank you

Today i had a consultation with a surgeon who...

Today i had a consultation with a surgeon who confirmed what i already suspected.. i have bottoming out and symmastia :(
he said removing the implants will solve the symmastia as the muscle which has been lifted in the middle of the breast will sink down and heal.
the surgeon said i should take out the implants to heal symmastia then put them back on after 6 months.. but i dont want to!!! however he said my breast would look horrible without implants. he asked me if i had seen saggy breasts before and i said i had seen my mums (which is a little saggy) and he said mine will prob look worse :O
he said the fact that im so young is not faverable to any better results and only made it seem like it is even worse for me to be so young because i will be unhappy to get used to saggy breasts being so young. he also said he could garantee i would come back for implants.. needless to say i hope i can find a different surgeon. I understand i should be realistic and expect a little extra skin + sagging but i am positive that it wont be that. I would like to know if anyone had symmartia prior to explant?

I have today realised that the surgeons might be...

I have today realised that the surgeons might be telling the truth.. the ladies on realself do look lovely but i need to stop lying to myslef because all of you still had WAY more breast tissue in the first place than i did. i have nothing! the thin tissue i had have been streatched beyond repair. also none of you had such bad complications like mine. i want to be positive but i think i will never be able to look ok after the removal and my fear is taking over me. I need to consider the fact that i might look deformed, and i am not sure if i can live with that. feeling really bad today knowing i will never be able to get rid of the implants and look ok :(

Today I had a new consultation. I am feeling...

Today I had a new consultation. I am feeling positive compared to how depressed I was the last time I saw a surgeon.
I almost gave up on the idea of removing the breast implants after speaking to that surgeon who made me feel I could never look descent without the implants. The new doc i saw was very nice and told me he could do a correction or remove them. He said my breasts would look saggy but i should do what my body feels like, so if i am not confy with them in, i should have them out. He meantioned my complications are not as bad as the other surgeon made them to be, and things can def settle with removing or correction. I am a bit concerned about the fact that the surgeon doesnt want to do any reparing work inside though, no internal stiches to correct symmastia or bottoming out, he said removing the implants alone will correct it all since it will heal back down. Also he is not removing any of the capsule, he said they are thin and more likely to cause problem if he removes them than if he leaves them in.
I am considering sticking to this surgeon, I am still very very scared of the outcome but finally i feel like there is hope.
Thanks everyone for support.

I havent updated this for quite long because a lot...

I havent updated this for quite long because a lot of things have happened.
I was very enthusiastic about the doc I consulted here in London and was thinking about booking the surgery.
However I have been in contact with the surgeon who performed my first surgery and after a lot of emails I decided to go back to have the surgery with him.
It was a hard decision since I will have to travel because he is based on another country. That also means I will have to book a long holiday which I can only do in Dec. I feel it is best because my parents currently live there and I will have their support. The doc wont change me anything for his part, only hospital fee and assistants. He also said it is best to remove the implant and capsule which other surgeons thought it was unesessary, but that is something I can discuss when I go there. At first I hasnt very convinced in having the surgery with this doc because of the problems he has caused me with the first one. But I have to say he is a great surgeon, I have friends who had work done with him and never complained. I guess I just wasnt lucky. He said he would fix the problem aswell if I wanted, but I am decided to have the implants removed for good. He is understanding but has also said my breasts will be deflated and I will have no tissue what so ever. I am fine with this, now I have to face my family and friends, who all think I should do a reparing surgery other than removing the implants.

Ticket bought, consultation set, and if all goes...

Ticket bought, consultation set, and if all goes to plan my surgery will be on the 12 of Dec
I can not wait!
I hope i will be ok..

Tomorrow is the day! i will be having my surgery...

tomorrow is the day!
i will be having my surgery in the morning, sedation + local.
my surgeon will remove all of the capsule and stitch the inside with diseable stitches.
i am so nervous!

Ive crossed over to the other side! :) thank you...

ive crossed over to the other side! :) thank you so much for the good wishes!
my surgery went well, really quick. I woke up feeling a little pain in the incision but that was all.
I was fully awake, unlike last time when i had them put on, someone had to pick me up to take me to the car and i wouldnt wake up for a whole day.
i woke up and didnt know if the surgery had been done or not because it felt so quick.
im home resting now, and i have to say that so far the pain is no where near putting the implants on. it is tempting not to go around doing all normal things.
i have pain on my incision and they are starting to itch already which im a bit worried about because it is so early on.
i can not see my breasts properly yet, but one thing is for sure, im flat as a pancake! it looks so strange not having breasts!
i cant wait for them to fluff at least a little. the top of my breast is very saggy and drops but the bottom seens firm (at least for now). the nipples are saggy too but are getting smaller. the middle is wrinkly and i cant even attempt a cleavage. like i said i cant see it properly, i will have to wait a whole week to get a good view. im all wrapped up.
it is hard not to think of what they look like, but i know i should not think about it because it is way too early, i am very curious though.
i hope everything keeps going well in terms of my resting and that time will sort them out!

It has been 10 days since explant. I saw my...

It has been 10 days since explant. I saw my surgeon for a follow up consultation and he said i can expect the skin to tighten up over the weeks. He used disolvable stiches so i dont have to remove any, but i need to wait for the glue to come off the incisions to start using the micropore.
i can lightly massage the breast and need to wear the surgical bra for another 5 days. I feel my recovery was very quick, im able to do everything now apart from holding heavy weight and doing extreme exsercise. My surgeon said I shouldnt do anything that hurts and take it slow, so im still not running or sleeping on my belly yet for now. I felt pain for the first 3 days after the surgery, but only on the incisions, i didnt even take any medicine. Now the insicions are itchy but no pain.
I did not have to pay the surgeon (since he was my original one) only hospital fee (£600)
As for the results, my breasts are tiny! they do not look anything like they did before implants, but it is still early to tell.
I do not have any extreme extra skin hanging like some surgeons said i would have!
I am a bit concerned about my nipples though. They look inverted, I thought they would end up like that but i took a cold shower and they did come out :) one is more responsive/sensitive than the other, a bit weird.
Overall, im happy and still feel like time will help the results. I am so glad to begin 2013 without those plastics inside me!

Its 4 weeks since removal. I am back in London and...

Its 4 weeks since removal. I am back in London and routine is totally back to normal :) life is good without implants!
My breasts did not change much from the first week :( i feel the skin tightened up a little but they look the same.
I am treating my scars to cream and micropore tape, I hope they will heal up good, they are still fresh right now.
My nipples still look a little inverted, but I feel they keep improving, though one has more feeling and is more sensitive.
I hope my breasts will improve, but it has been 4 weeks so I am starting to think this is it.
I feel better without implants, but still havent had time to go buy proper bras and more suitable clothes, so I guess that is going to be hard. I am still wearing a sports bra during the day and I sleep without one.
Everyone who knows I got rid of my implants, think I am crazy.. but somehow it feels comforting to know I am not the only one who felt like my time with implants was over! It is so weird to look back and think I was so scared to look deformed.. I look flat but in no way deformed! Actually, it feels great to be natural :)

My breasts feel fine but I am still having...

My breasts feel fine but I am still having problems with my scars. It has been past a month and they still look very fresh. Some blood came out today and it still has open bits. The scars feel really thick and they are sore. I never had a problem with scar healing before, in fact my previous scar healed very nicely. I am still having the cream on at night and tape during the day but sometimes i will lose the tape because it is hard to stick it in such cold weather. The scar doesnt look inffected and it doesnt ich or hunt anymore but i might have to go to a doctor to check it out if i dont see improvements. I tried massaging it today, hopefully that will help.

It has been a good while since I have posted...

It has been a good while since I have posted anything..
My breasts are still looking the same and the nipples still a bit inverted when not hard. My scars finally seens to be healing though it looks very red, and to me, it looks like I operated a week ago! It is very annoying because the scars from my first breast implant surgery healed nicely by the first month mark.
However, I am very happy with it all, even with all the imperfections. I dont think this is a big deal and have accepted my small boobs. All my clothes still fit me good, though it is winter so I am mainly wearing jumpers. I guess it will make more of a difference on summer clothes.
I am just happy to have no plastic inside me, and be able to sleep without agony :)

Hi all! It is weird but I still check this website...

Hi all! It is weird but I still check this website from time to time! I think it is because it helped me so much when I needed..
I just wanted to post a quick update. It has been almost 5 months now and I am healing very well, my scars are finally healing properly! They are very thick and still need time but finally they have closed up. I have been lazy lately but now I am going to start massaging them again, with bio oil. I am completely flat but I have accepted this.. every time I get concious of being so flat chested I remember Id rather be like this than have those plastics inside me, and that thought gets me through..
I havent dressed anything low cut yet, but I actually can not wait for summer to dress bikinis and feel natural and free! :)

Me again!

Hi everyone!
Soon it has been years since my removal! i am still very happy with natural bobbies. They are tiny, nipples are inverted when not hard and scars a little visible but they look cute and girly and not deformed at all!
I just want to assure everyone how good it is to be implant free! :-)
My bf loves my bobbies, I met him this year so he has no idea what I went through
I had not told him the full story and made some things up :-( I felt terrible about it...eventually i came clear and said i had breast implants put in before and removed them, but i still feel like i haven't told him the full story...he was very supportive regardless
Im not ashamed of it at all but it does feel extremely personal!
anyway, I feel great about my body :-)
it is funny after it is over it all feels so distant and stupid, (of course at the time it is the worst thing ever and i don't mean to look down on that feeling), but trust me, it is great to realise there is so much more to life than worrying about bobbies..
keep strong girls, x
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