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Well I have never done anything like this before...

Well I have never done anything like this before so here goes nothing. I am having my boobs reinvigorated at the end of August. I have shortlisted 2 surgeons. They are advising different things so I am in a bit of a fizz.

They both agree that they should be over the muscle but it the size and type of implant. One is suggesting a round 275 or 300 Nagor gel implant and the other is suggesting a 220 anatomical polyurethane coated gel implant ( possibility of one slightly big as I have a slight mis match in sizing)

Would welcome thoughts of polyurethane v the nagors . I am not so worried about the size as such - I just want to achieve a very natural look but am a bit confused I must admit. I am 5'3 and 60 kg and currently wear a 32B cup. I would like to be a fully cup. All thoughts and feedback welcome!

Decision made and surgery booked

So all done. I am booked for 30 August and will be having the Nagor implants over the muscle. Only thing to be decided is the size (275 or 300) which I have entrusted to the surgeon who will decide which looks better and will give the most natural look. Am very excited but am sure the nerves will kick in closer to the date.

Paid and ready to go

So I have made final payment. I am still terribly excited and obsessed with site. My husband says he has never know a woman look at so many other people's boobs but I have explained that this is 'quite normal'
Will post before pictures so that I have a record of just how sad the girls look now. Am travelling at the moment but will defo do it before surgery on 30th

Also very obsessed with size. Options are 265 or 300cc moderate profile textured and over the muscle. Having read so much about 'boob greed' I am thinking 300 as then I know I have gone as big as I could to achieve a natural look. Ah well let's see!

Anyone else about to have or recently had surgery with Adrian Richards from Aurora?

Would love to hear from anyone who has recently had it is having surgery with Mr Richards if you are out there!

Two weeks to go!!

So with just two weeks to go I thought I would share my two sad girls!
Opinions on size would be welcome! 275 or 300 round textured overs. I want a really natural look and feel and don't want two things that look like they have been stuck on! My girls just need some oomph!
Thanks to all in the community - it is so helpful to hear from you and to get your updates

11 days and counting...

Patience is not my forte! I am driving my husband mad with the count down!
Had a wobble on sizing and worried I was not going big enough so had a chat with PS assistant who did my sizing session with me. She thinks the next size up 330 will possibly risk a less than natural result which is my aim. To be safe ordered 3 sizes and we can have another look on surgery day. Ultimately PS has my consent to try them all and decide which will give me the result that gets closest to my wish boobs.
This website is a godsend!!

48 hours to go!

Am counting the hours. A couple of bikini shots so we can compare post op!! One has no padding ( bet u can guess which one!) the other with plenty of padding! Lol

At hospital and scheduled for 10.30

Last picture of the old girls with lots of markings. PS says his gut feeling is 300 but he has all 3 sizes and will see what looks best. He will use the pictures I gave him as a guide ... Now I wait! Have horrible headache as am dehydrated but otherwise feel fine. I am sure I should feel nervous but nothing yet....

I have reached Boobie heaven!

So I went down to surgery at 11am and woke up with Adrian and the nurse next to me at 12.40.

Just left the hospital and am staying in a hotel until Friday with hubby to recoup.

I feel fine - a bit light headed still from the GA. have eaten etc so that should improve. Pain is fine but obviously still full of meds. Am not going to be a hero and will take the pain relief as instructed for first week.

A couple of early pics. Will post more tomoz. I love them already! Ended up with 300's which is where I assumed we would get too. Adrian was gray and took my wish boob pics into theatre so he could have a look at me with the sizers etc.

Hope those of you I have been talking with and who had their Ba today are all good and recovering. Also thank you to all you ladies who have been supporting through out and sharing your stories. I hope you are all continuing to recover well also.

I am sooooo happy!! ????

Photos - trouble uploading

Can't get them to load for some reason! Will try again

Trying again for pucd

Hope this works

1st sneaky peak!

So here are the two new girls. They look swollen and high ( no big suprieses thanks to you guys I knew what to expect!). But despite their ugliness I do love them and they are what I wanted!! Now I need to rest up so that they heal.

A shower never felt sooo good

Allowed to shower this morning and it was lovely! Also managed to wash my hair so feeling so much nicer.

Still taking pain relief as instructed. Paracetamol during day and codeine at night. Sleeping is okay but my lower back is aching a bit. Hoping that I can achieve a better sleeping isotope in days to come.
All in all going okay. The odd shooting pain and when I woke this morning a bit of burning in the area of my incisions but that went pretty quickly.

Some pictures post shower. They are so shiny they scare me! Obviously really high and swollen but I can see that when they settle they could look really good. Like the way they make my waist look smaller and fit with my hips and balance me out. Let's see...

Well I was warned!

Day 3 - ouch! Things a lot more tender this morning. Going to keep on top of pain relief for the next couple of days and take it really easy! Going home today so am a bit apprehensive about how I am going to keep this under wraps if I am in dis comfort! I will come up with something!! Still jet lagged or just plain tired ;)

Other than the increased pain ( which is about 5/10) and which I take as a positive healing sign , things are much the same. I will take a look later this morning as to any changes and update pictures. I think that will help me map progress and stay patient even if it's terribly dull for you ladies. Sorry!

To add to the pot - I get my period today! It's not due for another 10 days but maybe the surgery has just got me out of kilter! That's probably not helping with the tenderness.

Hope everyone else is going well particularly my surgery date buddies and those who are in their first few days.

Day 5

Much better today. A bit of morning boob but otherwise all good.
I am sleeping through without pain relief except for the ones I take before bed. Just paracetamol now. Off the codeine for two days.
Am still being careful not to over do it as want to make sure don't do anything silly. I am travelling on 18 September ( with ps blessing) but want to ensure that I am doing everything I can to speed a good recovery.
The only moan is the bloating. It's like my tummy muscles have given up! I am sure it will be fine but I don't want my tummy sticking out. I have tried to hide it in the pics. Lol!

Back to work today...

I had my check up with the nurse yesterday. They are looking good. I am pain free and no meds now for 2 days. Zingers in the morning and a bit of discomfort by the end of the day but that's it. Will post incision pics but they are tiny! Nurses words not mine and tight in the crease so am super pleased.
Will post again after I get through day one! Hope everyone else is doing okay and healing well!

11 days post

Well things are continuing to go really well. I have been back at work for 3 days and that has been fine. The most uncomfortable bit is the bra - need to get some others that are more comfy!
They are also softening up. My left side more than my right. The right is still higher and harder. Keep thinking something is wrong but I know that's not rational.
Pictures of my girls this morning. Plus the scars. There is a load of sticky stuff on scars so I think they look worse. They are tidy and in the crease so hope they will continue to improve.
Otherwise all back to normal. My hubby won't take a look at them but I think it's cos he is a bit afraid they will look awful. His loss as he does not know what he has in store. Am tempted to flash them at him but afraid may give him heart attack! Lol
Hope everyone else is okay.

Still making progress

Softening up every day. Had a bit of a panic when I read about bottoming out. I don't think I am but am now worried that have mistaken progress in dropping! What do you think? I have attached pictures including scars . They are not in the crease completely but I can't tell ??

Three weeks post op

I am travelling for work at the moment and I was worried it was too soon but I have forgotten my girls are not mine by birth. They look and feel a part of me. They are really softening up and are beginning to move a lot more ( jiggly!!) and experience I have never had! I have stopped fretting about bottoming out but I am sure I will find something else to fret over!
Hope everyone else still making Great progress. I am going to write my thoughts about boob greed later!

So about this boob greed...

I read literally hundreds of people's stories before I had my op and it's fair to say 90% at one point or another said they had wished they had give bigger. I was worried when sizing that I would be a prime candidate for boob greed. Now so far it has not kicked in so appreciate it may still happen to me. However I can honestly say that I have not once thought I should have gone bigger. When I look at those sad girls and how full and perky they are now I feel very lucky. If anything they still look a bit big so am hoping that once they fully settle they will be a C cup. They are DD at the moment which is bigger than I wanted to be. So I suppose my view would be , listen to your surgeon as they really know what they are doing, show your surgeon wish boobs and if you are petite going for small implants can have a massive change when aiming for a natural look. Now it's not beyond me to be writing about my own blood greed a week from now!

1 month burthday

I can't quite believe that it's a month already. It really has flown by and I feel very fortunate that so far no hiccups and recovery was swift and pretty much pain free.
My girls feel very much a part of me and have done from about 2 weeks.
I have not been measured but I did buy a new bikini with no padding and I have posted a picture of it. I can't quite believe that is how I look now! Just for fun I have a VS bra lightly padded and with underwire and my goodness me they look obscene!! lol
Now I must confess I did gave a pang of boob greed today when I looked back at pics of them at 2 weeks where they are bigger and harder and then I reminded myself that I wanted something that looked and felt as natural as possible :). It has passed particularly when you see them in a VS bra!!


Coming along nicely after 1 month. Small and beat do hoping will heal really well over coming months

New undies

I know it's naughty but I could not resist so I bought this today. I am just over 5 weeks post op and they are a 32D at VS and also at M&S.

They are really soft but hoping they will get even softer. My asymmetry is not as pronounced which I am pleased with. I think they are also looking less stuck on and much more a part of my body.
Cannot wait to get to the point where I can wear my new bras and no tape and start massaging them.
I have been back to my reformer Pilates this week and all fine. I was a bit worried about some of the stretches but all okay.
They also got quite a bit of handling this week by hubby who absolutely loves them now!

Scars - week 5

These are my scars so far. Still on brown tape until I see my surgeon for check up next week. Coming along . They are about 4 cm long and are neat. Hopefully they will fade nicely over the next few months. :)

6 weeks old today

I am posting these mostly for me as I don't see any big changes but you only get that when you look at photos in here that you oust previously. I don't store them in case my daughter sees them - she does not know. I think the have dropped evenly but they are definitely not twins! That's fine as they were not perfect before and I was not looking to achieve perfection at 48! There would have to be a lot more work for that at this stage of the game!
Still numb on bottom of boobs but that's about the only bit that is not back to normal. Sure that will come over time.

6 week check up on Tuesday...

So this week marks 6 weeks and I am hoping that Adrian gives me the okay to stop putting horrid brown tape on scars, allows me to wear my sexy undies and get measured. Will hopefully get the official before and after and will post. So important to remember the journey and where they were and where they are now. I am totally in love with my boobs. Can you tell!!!
I don't think I have ever taken so many pictures of myself let alone of my boobs! I went out with my best friend on Friday night and she was fully expecting to see them out on show. The she remembered that's never been me - I did not do this for anyone except me . I wanted to be able to stand in front of the mirror and feel good and confident about my body. Yes it is nearly 50 years old , it's had two fabulous children but I still deserve to be the best that I can be. I eat well exercise and take care of myself and this has been the icing on the cake. I don't feel in the least bit guilty or selfish. I am a successful business woman and I regularly spoil my family - now Its my turn. Hope everyone is doing well and still on track .

6 week check up

So I had my session with Adrian yesterday. He and Aggie very pleased with my result as am I! No more tape- just massage my scars twice a day. I can sleep without support bra and wear any underwear I like!! He says that they will not change size now - all swelling gone so it's a 32D which is perfect. I don't feel they are too big and they fit my frame. I go back in 12 months time so now I just get on with life with my new found confidence.

Aggies parting words were ' you be a good girl '! She had a glint in her eye ;). Will post the official photos when they come through of before and after.

Hope everyone is doing well. Keep posting as it's great to read how you are getting on.

We are 2 months old today

Hello ladies

I thought I would post pictures of my lovely girls as they are 2 months today.
They are getting really soft and moving about very naturally. Scars healing really well. Massaging them twice a day with bio oil.
It feels like they have been with me for a lot longer than 2 months. No pain or twinges. Fully back to Pilates and doing everything as normal but that's been the case for a good while.
I have been very fortunate so far with my recovery. My only regret - why the hell did I not do this earlier!
Hope all is well with you ladies and everyone is healing and making great progress.
Oh one last thing- I did look at them and wonder for a nano second if I should have gone bigger- that must count as boob greed! Lol. Seriously though I asked Adrian if they would get smaller as I like them now. He said size should stay as they are...

Quick update

They are not changing much now but they are really soft and have dropped I think to where they will now stay. Still really pleased with them and can't stop buying gorgeous undies ! Hope everyone doing well

3 month update

This is the girls at 3 months . They have settled to where they are going to get to. They are really soft and I cannot feel the implant at all. Husband has also tested that!!

Am enjoying being able to go bra less in some of my Christmas dresses and feeling awesome.

No regrets and I have exactly what I wanted - fuller boobs that look as natural as possible and that I can dress up if I want to but the rest of the time they are not noticeable at all.

4 month anniversary

It has flown by. I almost forgot it was only this summer that I got my boobs done. It has by all accounts been an amazing recovery. I have had the odd pangs as others have. Were they way too big , was I too old to be doing this etc. It has given me such a confidence boost and has enabled me to wear things I would not have attempted in a million years. It's also cost me a fortune in new underwear!
To anyone who is undecided I would say go for it! Do your research , choose the best surgeon you can and enjoy the New you! Here are some pics at 4 months. The have dropped into place and are squishy and soft. I love them - I hope you are all in love with yours. ;)

5 months update

Not much to report that is different except perhaps that they continue to get softer and are falling into a nice natural look more and more...
Hope you are all still doing well

7 months old

I have not posted for a good while. I have busy enjoying my new girls . I also forget they are there as they are so much a part of me now. There has not yet been a moment where I regretted this change - only that I should have done it earlier!
They have dropped into a really natural position and move very naturally. You can judge that yourselves from the pictures. By that I mean - are they perfect carbon copies of each other and sit up high on my chest - No. do they look like boobs that could belong to a woman of 50 - yep I think they do!
For anyone trying to figure out size - I would definitely recommend going small if that's what your frame accommodates and if you want to look as if they have not been done.
I have still not told anyone beyond my best friend and my husband but then I struggle to know who else should know :)
I plan to do one final post at a year and then leave this site alone. Wishing all you ladies well.

1 year old

Well it is almost 12 months since I got my new boobies. I thought I would share these last pictures of what they now look like.
I have got what I asked for which is a very natural look . I cannot pretend that I wonder if I should have gone bigger or a higher profile but I think the outcome would have looked more 'done'.
My right is still smaller than my left and that is probably the only thing I would really change ( a bigger implant on that side). I have my check up in a few weeks and should there be any news I will share but for now I am signing off. I wish all of you well with your plans or new boobs if you have already taken the plunge ;)
Dr Adrian Richards

Adrian was one of 3 surgeons I saw and I liked him straight away. He was attentive and reassuring and took time to find out what I wanted. His nurse Aggie is totally amazing and a godsend on the sizing! If you are after a skilled surgeon who us great a giving a natural look as opposed to a very obvious fake look then you could not be in better hands!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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