32 Year Old 5 Ft 6 125 Lbs 445cc Overs Breastfed 3 Kids - London, GB

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So I'm finally doing it! I have wanted this done...

So I'm finally doing it! I have wanted this done since I was 21 but I thought I would wait until I have children. I am a 34b, maybe a now an A. Before I had children they were small but they are full and pert. But now the babies have sucked the life out of them. I am having high profile to try and get some fullness and going over to give a bit of a lift. This is more common in England I know. I am worried I'm going to big for my frame originally I had decided 400cc but I have seen so many people get boob greed so I have gone bigger.

Last weekend with small boobs

So since I posted last, I have been going crazy over what size to gave 400, 420 or 455? Also what size bra to wear after? 34d 34dd 36d or 36dd? The fear is coming now but I'm also so excited, I have no doubts I just don't want to have not any regrets on the size. I have a made rice bags in all different sizes and there isn't a lot in it really! Does any body have any tips too on preparing over the next couple of days body or generally and after too! Also any opinions on size would be appreciated!

Op tomorrow!!!

Just on the way to the hotel! It feels real now. Still worrying about the size! I will chat to the surgeon in the morning.

Going down soon!

Yay I've got boobs!

In recovery now. I was back in the ward by 12 so not too bad! I'm just tender at the moment no pain. they told be that people tend to go home after 4 to 6 hours after. The boobs look great but not as big as I thought they would be so I hope I've gone bigger. At least they will look natural. My main worry was that I had chosen too big. lovely staff here very relaxed. Hope it doesn't hurt too much when they take the drains out X

One day post op

Hi guys so I slept ok last night. I had lots of pillows. I feel quite weak in the arms and mobility but still no pain which is great. I have decided not to take the co dydramol that they gave me as u can feel constipated so I have bought some soluble paracetamol instead. I am pleased with the results although I still feel I could have gone bigger but happy enough. They are quite wide apart at the moment which will get better but I was made aware by my surgeon that because of my wide high chest bone in the middle that there would be a gap and they would have tendency to go out to the sides. I can believe how squidgy they are to touch I thought that they would be like rocks. Getting my three kids back tomorrow 1,2 and 7 so not looking forward to that! I have another adult with booked in for the next 10 days as I can't lift the baby! It's not going to be easy X

5 days post op

Feeling really good! Able to move and lift my arms up further now. I can wait ford them to drop a bit more and go in but I won't expect too mich as I was told there would be quite a gap. Morning I am a bit stiff and once up I'm a lot more comfortable. I can't wait to sleeponmy side! When can i wear normal bras guys? Is it 6 weeks post op and once my plasters are off Friday what should I do about the scars? X

12 days post op

Hey I had my post op appointment on Friday. All was good healing well. Right was more bruised than the left and it also seems to be a day or two behind the right as swelling and pain. I have felt more pain as the days have gone on but not enough to take medication. The odd twinge, bruised feeling on ribs and sternum and my back hurts I think because of sleeping still on my back. As for the boobs love them. They are lot bigger than before which I can't understand as I thought they would have been swollen and got smaller. They are a lot bigger when let loose out of the sports bra. They are slowly softening and dropping.
Mr meleagros

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