29 Y/o with Asymmetrical Boobs Wanting to Achieve a D Cup from A/B - London, GB - needed revision after 2 years

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I am a 29 year old girl booked in for my BA on...

I am a 29 year old girl booked in for my BA on 12th August in London UK. Very nervous! I've chosen 350cc and 300cc moderate plus profile Mentor gummy bear round implants under the muscle, which my surgeon says will give me a good D cup. Really worried about being too big and looking fake, and I'm also worried that my fold isn't very far from my nipples (totally don't want to get double bubble!). Would love to hear from anyone going for their surgery at around the same time, so we can get each other through the worries and the recovery!

Some before pics

So I'm only 9 days away from my ba! Went down to London yesterday to see my surgeon as I've decided to go slightly bigger. Was initially going with 300 and 350cc to correct slight asymmetry but now after reading a few more reviews and looking at pictures I'm going with 400 and 350cc round gummy bear mentor implants, under the muscle. So excited to have finally made a decision and they should take me to a 32dd which will be unbelievable given my current size! I'm keen to keep in touch with anyone who is having surgery on or around August 12th - will metaphysically hold each other's hands!

Post surgery care kit

So I'm reading a lot of info on here about arnica and bromelain pre surgery to reduce bruising and swelling. I ran it past my surgeon and he said it couldn't do any harm, so I've stocked up. Anyone got any insights into this and did you get any side effects? I've bought some silicone strips and vitamin e tablets for after the op but there doesn't seem to be much info on how soon to start using them. I'm terrified of awful looking visible scarring as my skin is virtually see through! Guess I will just have to make sure I follow instructions and don't get the incisions wet for the first week.

I've posted some wish boob pics - keeping myself motivated looking at all of the wonderful results on here helps me to get over the doubts and worries! I've still not told my mum about this - I am pretty sure she will disapprove but it is something I have wanted for over 10 years. I figure it is my body so my decision! :)

More before pics

It's weird, much as I've hated my boobs for years I actually didn't realise quite how small they were for my frame until I started taking pics for this site. I'm posting more before shots in the hope that the after shots will be more impressive given what I've come from! My left breast is bigger by a full cup size (which I also didn't know until the surgeon pointed it out). Anyone had different size implants to correct this and how were your results?

More pics of my pancakes

Just thought I would upload a few more before pics as my op is only a few days away now. God I hate my small boobs and I can't wait to fill out my bikini! Roll on Wednesday ladies!

Admission prep and eating

Ok so I've finally got my admission time - 9am on Wednesday 12th August. I'm glad it is in the morning so j do t have time to worry but the trek down to London is a bit of a pain as it will be over 2 hours. Weirdo they have given me some odd advice about eating and drinking before the op. Most of the stories I've read on here say ladies are told to fast from midnight the night before but my hospital told me to eat a high carb meal 6 hours before admission and to drink 1 litre of sugary clear drink like squash up to 2 hours before admission. Has anyone else had this advice? Seems weird as I don't want to be sick on the anesthetic.

Double d day

Well my op day has finally arrived - I'm I'm sat in a service station just outside of London waiting for my boyfriend to gobble down his breakfast so we can get moving! I'm weirdly not nervous at all - slept only about 3 hours as I had to be up early to start the drive. I pranced about in my padded bra in front of the mirror this morning knowing I would be putting it in for the very last time. That was a strange feeling but I was oddly serene about it.

My boobs looked even flatter and more sorry for themselves than usual this morning - I think they know their time is up!
To all of the other ladies out there going through the same thing today, good luck and I hope your results are as fabulous as you dream about. See you all on the other side xx

I have boobs!!!!!

Just woken up and the op is done!!! I was in a small amount of pain - about a 4 - and they gave me some morphine so now I'm fine just a little tight. Instantly wolfed down toast and coffee and I feel absolutely fine! Honestly girls it's wonderful to look down and know the bumps I see aren't padding! They look smaller than I thought but definitely can see they will drop and fluff beautifully! What do you think? So happy right now x


So I'm s couple of hours post op and just put on my wireless bra for the first time - tried it on this morning and it looked like the equivalent of a little boy trying on his dad's suit. Now I'm bulging out of it and it is a 32 dd! I think they look much smaller than they actually are. Clearly they will change when the swelling goes down but yeah I'm ecstatic!

Day one post op

Very tight and swollen today but looking good. Can't wait for them to drop and the bloating to go down!

Prune juice is the one

I know this post is gross and everything but it needs saying. I started bloating up by the middle of yesterday and by last night was in a considerable amount of discomfort (having not pooped in 2 days). I genuinely looked 6 months pregnant and I'm sure that is a mixture of gas and water retention as well as your body reacting to the meds but all I could think about was that I was full of poop! Anyway I started drinking prune juice immediately after my op to pre-empt this. Slightly backfired on me this morning as I'm never off the loo but at least it worked. I would recommend it to all BA ladies. Thankfully my partner is at work and can't see the aftermath. Tummy still swollen but I feel a whole lot better!

Reflections on operation day

So I arrived at Highgate hospital at 8.30 am for my check in time at 9. The reception staff seemed pleasant enough and took me to my private room which was fairly basic. I expected to be prepped for surgery by about 11, but wasn't taken down until 12. I had never had general anaesthetic before so I had a chat with the anaesthetist about my concerns regarding being sick. She was lovely and reassured me I should be fine. She couldn't find a viable vein for ages and I had a number of plasters all up my arm and hand where she tried and failed to get the needle in.

Eventually found one and next thing I know I'm being wheeled back to my room with new boobs! My partner was waiting for me and we expected to be able to leave after I had eaten something, however we were kept in my room for a further 5 hours for monitoring. Seemed a bit excessive to be honest, although it did give me a chance to properly wake up.

I wasn't in much pain although I know now that was the morphine! Definitely over exerted myself when I got back to the hotel thinking I was fine. Be warned ladies, lifting is a no no. My partner isn't a natural carer so I was trying to do as much as I could. Ended up over straining myself. It didn't help that he got really drunk and elbowed me in the chest accidentally a couple of times in the night! Anyway that's by the by - he drove me home the next day and started looking after me. I have to say the pain is manageable but the muscle spasms are awful. Make sure they give you muscle relaxants and sleep upright even though it's a pain!

Overall my experience of Highgate was good, they were professional but the waiting times were very long.

Day 3 post op

Feeling so much better today! After a very uncomfortable night of spasms my muscles finally seem to have relaxed a bit and I'm much happier. Dropping seems to have started a little bit, although now my nipples point in different directions lol!

Got my first post op appointment later so I will get a chance to look at my incisions. Not really looking forward to it, but it has to be done. Starting to get itchy which I think means my incisions are healing :) still no feeling in my left nipple and only slight feeling in my right. Bring on the zingers I say!
Bloating starting to subside slightly as I have come off the muscle relaxants so hopefully I will fit into normal jeans again soon and not look pregnant :)
Overall loving my new boobs - I know there is a long way to go but I can already tell this will change my life for the better x

Bikini shots

Omg! I've never been able to rock a bikini before. Look at how spectacular they look and they haven't even d&f'd yet!!! Total not blowing my own trumpet here but I'm in love! X

1 week post op

I have reached my 1 week milestone - I genuinely can't believe this time last week I was going under the knife - seems like a lifetime ago! As you will see from the pics my boobs have changed quite a lot this week - they have dropped a little and look much less like a shelf and have softened up loads.
Pain-wise days 3-4 were the worst purely down to muscle tension but I had some tenderness in my sternum yesterday which has now eased off. Still not taking any painkillers which is great and I'm able to lift my arms over my head no problem.
I'm going to try sleeping in my back for the first time tonight as I have been uptight all week so I will let you know how it goes! I'm telling my parents later which I'm rather scared about, so will update you all afterwards. I don't know why I'm so nervous as they are not ogres but I think my mum especially will be really upset with me. :(
Took my boobs out to the cinema last night and it was wonderful to see how they looked in normal clothes! Got a few looks from guys but nothing bad - my boyfriend was with me so I was glad nothing was said. I bought a black post op bra from m&s which you can see in the picture. It is a 32d and fits very well - great for if you want a less in your face look :)
Anyway I'm off to phone the parents now - wish me luck ;)

Just been sized

Ok so I know it's really early but I was in town and couldn't resist being sized and trying on a few bras. I've had a few people comment on here that I still look quite small and yeah I would agree without clothes I do look like a c cup I think but I can confirm I was measured today as 32dd (and that lovely bra in the pics is testimony!) I know they will probably completely change size as they drop so I didn't get the bra but was a great feeling picking it out (it seemed big enough to fit on my head!) they are still too firm to push up into a cleavage but I imagine I will have a killer one soon :) yay!

Finally told my family

Oh gosh I was so scared to do this. I knew I didn't want my folks to know before I had the op as they would have chewed my ear off and tried to convince me to change my mind. I knew I definitely wanted the procedure and I figured it was my body and so my choice. That said, I felt really bad about deceiving them and lying about being at work when they rang. It finally got to the point today where I just had to spill the beans. Oddly my dad was absolutely fine about it straight away and told me as long as I was happy then he was happy. Mum didn't take it so well and got pretty angry about me not telling her. I explained my reasoning and showed her a couple of pics of before and after and now she totally thinks I did the right thing! Lol I was so worried for nothing. To all those ladies on here worried about telling your family, I say just do it - the fear of what they will say is so much worse than actually telling them!

Finally starting to drop

Well I took my new kittens out on the town last night and went bra-less for the first time in my life! Wow what a liberating feeling! I wore a black velvet corset dress and although they are still sitting very high it looked great and I had a lot of comments :) my boyfriend loved it and I felt very sexy. Put my bra back on as soon as I got home but I think the few hours of not being constricted did them good because today they look like they have dropped quite a bit and look a much better shape! Nipples and incisions are starting to get quite tender and itchy but I guess that's all part of the healing process.
overall a very happy girl :)

Picture update

2 weeks update

So I'm 2 weeks post op now and my boobs have changed so much. They are still very high and shiny but a lot softer and rounder at the bottoms. I've started taking vitamin e and massaging daily which I think is helping.

I've started to get little electric zingers in my nipples when I bend over which I'm hoping is a good thing and my left nipple is starting to regain feeling. Lefty is still a lot higher and firmer as you can see in the pics and my nipples are now at different heights! Lol.

I'm desperate to start working out again and I can feel my body getting soft which I hate. It's so hard not to just do a few squats or sit ups on an evening! Must be patient. They look a lot smaller in photos than in real life - anyone else find that? X

Incision drama

So I'm 2 weeks post op - just taken my dressings off to change them and my incisions look really weird. One is raised with bulging cross cross pattern where the dissolvable stitches are/were and the other is flat but red and sore. Is this normal and do you think they will heal the same? I've attached some pics to show you what I mean.x

Incisions at nearly 3 weeks

So my incisions are improving every day. Right one is still raised and less neat but as you can see in the pics they are much lighter and the dissolvable stitches have even started to come out (bit weird as they stick to the silicone strips like long white worms and sometimes pull for ages from my scars inside before coming out!) but no pain whatsoever which is great.

I thought I had ripped them open last night as my boyfriend rolled over on me in the night and I felt a lot of pain and heard a tearing sound but everything seems to be ok this morning.

Left one is still much firmer and a bit higher despite the massage. I'm hoping beyond anything that I don't get capsular contracture. Anyone else 3 weeks out having the same phenomenon?

Clothes and dropping

I thought I would post an update clothed to show what they look like every day. I'm wearing a plunge wireless moulded bra from tesco here so nothing special or push up yet. They are still pretty high and have that round look on the top but my fella is pleased with them. I think they look much smaller in clothes but then I am used to wearing super padded bras. I get a bit self co scopes about too much cleavage during the day as I don't want everyone to know they are fake. Perhaps when I wear a proper bra this won't be an issue.
Also my nipples are erect all of the time so wearing the post surgery bra in public is a challenge as they are clearly visible :( perhaps I need some of those silicone nipple covers.

1 year post op

So I'm a little over 1 year post op. I live my books although I'm a little concerned that they haven't dropped into place properly. Also my scars are very red and hypertrophic. I'm back to see the surgeon at the weekend for his opinion. What do you think?


Not sure if these are normal after 15 months... Other girls seem to have flat white ones.


Ok so pretty much 2 years to the day after my first surgery I've opted to get a revision to correct the fact neither breast had dropped properly and I had a capsular contracture in left breast. Both scars were hypertrophic too.
Same implants going back in so fingers crossed it goes well this time!
Last pic of my pre revision boobs attached...

Some pics of revision

Ok so I'm now 6 days post revision and it couldn't gave gone better. Boobs were instantly lower and better shape. I had the same implants back in which I was worried about but they seem fine, sifter and bouncer already. Had more pain in the incisions thus time but my recovery has been mega quick - I could lift my arms above my head within 2 days. See attached pics of just after surgery and a couple if days later. I'm so pleased with them!

Dropped overnight!

OMG they have dropped overnight and they look amazing! This is how they should have been all along! I can't believe I went 2 years with my bad surgery boobs. Saw the scars yesterday and they are so neat!
Also I got measured today and come up as a 30h which is more than I could have dreamed of! So happy.

So I'm now 4 weeks post 2nd op

One month after my revision and I have to say I couldn't be happier. After a dramatic start where I got an Infection and the left one was really inflamed and swollen they are both almost the same size and squishiness! Still got very painful nipples but I think it's a price worth paying. Massaging every day to ensure even dropping and they still have a little way to go but so much better than they were.

6 weeks post and back to the gym

So I'm now able to go back to the gym properly and have a bath (finally)! Feeling a bit emotional about how much of a journey I've been on to get to this point. I went to the gym today and did light bicep curls and back extensions - taking it very slowly and I now have some muscle pain in my left breast (possibly through not using it for a while?) I will keep an eye on it

Been using the silicone scar strips and dermacol stem cell cream that my PS recommended and the scars do seem to be healing well although still very red. How hard are you meant to massage them? I don't want to hurt myself but want to make sure I do them properly. Let me know what you think anyway. Bought some new bras from ann summers today and I will post pics of my boobies in them tomorrow :)

Thank you so much to the ladies who have commented and reassured me that my progress is going well. I have up and down days and it's really comforting to know I'm not alone in this xx
Dr Allwin, Harley medical group

Very professional service in my consultation phase and I felt he really explored what I wanted to achieve. The surgery went well and I will update more when I see the proper results! Overall a great experience.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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