25yo No Kids, Very Petite 105lbs, 5ft, 30A-30C/D, 270/305cc Silicone textured round Nagor London, GB

Hi everyone! I'm new here but have read lots of...

Hi everyone! I'm new here but have read lots of your stories already so wanted to share mine now :) I have always had a nice full B cup up until I fell very ill 2 years ago and lost a lot of weight but also I lost muscle and tissue and was left very flat :(( having always been happy with my boobs/body, this has hit me hard.. my body confidence is rock bottom I have been desperate to have my chest back but nothing I've tried naturally has helped, even putting on weight doesn't work now as nothing will go to my chest it seems lol! So after a lot of researching I've decided to have them enlarged with surgery - i am so unhappy with them now and haven't felt womanly or sexy for a long time now enough is enough! Don't have much to loose now! I have had 1 consultation with a ps but felt he rushed our appointment/didn't really even examine me properly/I couldn't understand him well so wasn't good tbh :/ but it gave me a general idea of what was to come at least and was free. I've already chosen my ps I want to do the op but I wanted to get some other ps opinions first, so have another consultation booked soon so will see what he says and then go see my actual ps with all the info I have and have a chat. Ideally I would like 265cc moderate/plus if my body allows, I was quoted 250cc and the ps said that would make me a big B small C cup but I'm just so worried this won't be big enough for the look I want, I mean.. I'm not into the fake look at all and I know bigger implants can be trouble for really petite/skinny girls but.. I want them to be noticed a little, and to fill a standered C cup would be amazing <3 I also really like bigger boobs no matter the size of the girl, just not massive fake looking.
I really can't wait thou and sure I'll love the outcome whatever.

New cc choice

OK so after doing a lot of research.. I've discovered that I have a BWD of almost 15cm, I'm trying to find implant size charts that's used now so I can see what's the biggest I could actually go to, it seems I've found roughly what I want: a soft round mod plus silicone implant at 350cc is 12.5cm, so this should be fine for me? Anyone that's had 350cc and is petite also like me would love to hear from you! Regarding rippling/being able to see the Implant etc as been told it's worse for skinny girls? This is my biggest fear with wanting to go bigger.. having more complications :(

OK these are my wish boobs... (I know she has more natural breast tissue than me pretty op)

Little update! Cons + finance!

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to update on stuff! So my second consultation is on Wednesday 28th September, and hopefully I can get everything sorted and then book my surgery for 4 weeks time! :D I'm feeling a little winter getaway if everything goes to plan and boobs are settled by Xmas:)
So I've been obsessing about whether we will get accepted for finance, to the point where last night I dreamt I received an email saying i hadn't been accepted! :((( lol, so this morning I've been doing some research and decided to check our credit score and I'm so pleased as it's pretty perfect :D and in the excellent range so I'm hoping all should be good! If anyone has any experience with Zebra finance would love to hear if went well or not? Anyways I'll post an update Wednesday evening with how everything went! Am now going with Dr Anthony Barabas after hearing such great reviews/seeing some of his work and feel very confident he can get the look im wanting for me :) xx

New ps is amazing

So I've had my final consultation today with Dr Anthony Barabas at MyBreast - he was amazing, I felt great energy as soon as we got talking, and have complete trust in him :) I'll be having 300cc or 270cc he will decide on the day which fits best, tried both on with sizers and I liked them both tbh! I think both would get me to a small D which is what I want, he took all measurements and I realised how tiny I am lol, but said there's no asymmetry and a nice shape to start with/good skin and no droppiness lol :) I did favour and say I'd prefer the bigger size but I know I'll be happy with either, they will be round textured cohesive silicone placed duel plane moderate profile. Surgery has been set for 4th November as I move house in 3 weeks and then he's fully booked till then so a little wait now for me but should be a busy month so hoping will go quick!! Really can not wait now :D will update again surgery day x

Not long now!!

So everything is all sorted and paid for. Op is 4th November at 7:45am have to be there for. Have a preoperative assessment on the 26th October to go over sizes I guess? Not to sure what that's for really but yeah! Having 270 or 305cc Nagor round textured silicone. Hoping to achieve a full D. Will post next on surgery day! :D
London Plastic Surgeon

Going with Dr Anthony Barabas now but not sure how to change it here! Never met Rozina Ali in the end as in love with Anthony!

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