25 Years Old 300cc Unders HP 34aa To..? - London, GB

I had 3 consultations so far, my op is in 2 weeks!...

I had 3 consultations so far, my op is in 2 weeks! Im so excited. I've only had fitting once (yesterday) and me and surgeon agreed we're gonna go for 300cc unders. But now I'm bit worried that it might be bit small. I really don't know what to do. I want very natural look and I'm hoping to achieve big c, small d. I've seen some reviews on here of girls with 300cc and some of them look beautiful. But so many girls wish they went bigger.

My stats and photos before

I forgot my write it in my last update I'm 5'4 and 117lb. I also add some photos just so I can compare it later ;)

Photos did post. Let's try again

Some wish boobs :)

1 WEEK!!

Yay!! Exciting! One week to go!! I'm more excited than a kid while waiting for santa haha I've been waiting so long for this, I cannot wait to finally have boobs, to finally be able to wear lovely dresses, vests and bikinis without worrying about padding and not being able to fill out a bra! I hope this week will go by quickly :) I attach photos with 300cc sizers, sorry they're not the best and were taken from strange perspective coz my arms aren't that big lol
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