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I had 3 consultations so far, my op is in 2 weeks!...

I had 3 consultations so far, my op is in 2 weeks! Im so excited. I've only had fitting once (yesterday) and me and surgeon agreed we're gonna go for 300cc unders. But now I'm bit worried that it might be bit small. I really don't know what to do. I want very natural look and I'm hoping to achieve big c, small d. I've seen some reviews on here of girls with 300cc and some of them look beautiful. But so many girls wish they went bigger.

My stats and photos before

I forgot my write it in my last update I'm 5'4 and 117lb. I also add some photos just so I can compare it later ;)

Photos did post. Let's try again

Some wish boobs :)

1 WEEK!!

Yay!! Exciting! One week to go!! I'm more excited than a kid while waiting for santa haha I've been waiting so long for this, I cannot wait to finally have boobs, to finally be able to wear lovely dresses, vests and bikinis without worrying about padding and not being able to fill out a bra! I hope this week will go by quickly :) I attach photos with 300cc sizers, sorry they're not the best and were taken from strange perspective coz my arms aren't that big lol

2 days!!!! And ...

Runny nose!! I was so careful last few days, I really didn't want to get ill. I was drinking honey & lemon tea, wore woolly jumpers and overall didn't get out much. But I woke up today with runny nose... ehh I hope I'm gonna be OK and they won't cancel my surgery. I've been waiting so long for it, i was counting down days and now so close to my op I'm unwell. Can't believe that!

Did anyone of you had a bit of runny nose before your procedure?

Today is the day!!!!

After 2 hours drive we arrived at the Highgate hospital in London (7am) even tho I had 4 hours sleep I wasn't tired at all. I am way to excited to feel tired. I was nervous only for about 10 minutes while waiting in the reception, when I got to my room I felt my calmer already. I think my friends and family are more nervous than I am :) maybe coz I was waiting for this for so many years. My surgery is in less than an hour!! Omg. I'm gonna have boobies when I wake up! Exciting!!!! :D

My new boobs! ????????

Finally done! Everything went nice and smooth, my op was at 10am and at 11.30 I was awake already ????I was in so much pain when I woke up but after 2 doses or morphine I felt better. Had some food and a coffee at 2pm and I'm hungry again haha I don't usually eat that much.

I cannot sleep at all, I feel tired but I can't fall asleep. My blood pressure is still quite low so they won't let me go home until that goes back to normal.

Bobbies. When I woke up I stared crying- that's how happy I was to finally feel like a woman. It's an incredible feeling. Even tho some moments I think I went too small. And other moments I absolutely love this them! They are obviously weird shape but it's good to have them!! Now I feel all in proportion coz I always had big thighs and relatively nice bum but because of my flat chest I was always self conscious :/

Just a reminder I had 300cc high profile,round Mentor implants. I attach some photos of my brand new breasts :D I apologise for any spelling or grammar mistakes but my brain isn't 100%clear yet (I was under anaesthetic 5 hours ago)

Pain... from 2/10 to 10/10

So I had my surgery yesterday morning, I got home around 8pm and I was surprisingly ok I wasn't in much pain at all. Went to the shop on a way home and I could move easily. My last shot of morphine was at 11am after I woke up from surgery and I didn't take any pain killers till 11pm so I though I'm gonna be OK from now as I didn't need any pain relief for 12 hours and it's not as painful as everyone says. Ha!

7am (now) I woke up because I needed a toilet and I couldn't get up! I could not get up on my own :/ it took me 10 painful minutes to get up but it wasn't easy. And I couldn't call anyone because everyone is sleeping. Omg this is gonna be a challenge to ask family for help, usually I'm very independent.

I don't know why my photos were showing multiple times on my last post so I deleted them I added them back into here. They should provide us with more editing options.

Definitely worth it!

So the pain isn't actually as bad as I prepared myself mentally for. I'm bit uncomfortable but not in pain. Apart from the morning which was horrible again, getting up after few hours rest/sleep is very very painful (8/10) I can't sleep comfortably and keep waking up so I'm only sleeping 3/4 hours at the time.

I'm taking my meds regularly every 4-6 hours as recommended by the nurse. Today I've managed to do the dishes, swept the floor (3 times-I've got a dog), put my hair in a ponytail and I even managed to reach items from the top shelf in the fridge :) so I think it's pretty good for 2nd day :)

I can't walk my dog just yet because he's quite big, young, excitable and he pulls the lead sometimes (14 months old Rottweiler) so I arranged a professional dog walker for him. So that's all good as well.

I know I'm not supposed to but I couldn't wait !! and I tried on few old bras, bikinis and tops and omg!! I love the way they look on me. Absolutely love it! I even got bit emotional when I was trying them on (silly me) Such a wonderful feeling- I finally feel like a 100% of a woman. I'm not missing anything anymore! I know my boobs will still change a lot but I love them already :) I couldn't not be happier. And I would definitely do it again even if the pain was worse than is it now :) :) :)

And I forgot to mention I feel bit fat and bloated but still I'm happy :p

Day 4-easing off painkillers:)

Hello ladies :)
So it's currently day 4 post op and I must say today was the first morning that I got up without swearing at the pain haha and last night was the 1st night that I only took ibuprofen instead of the strong prescribed pain killers and same this morning. So it's definitely getting better, my chest doesn't feel very tight and I'm not as bloated as I was yesterday.

I love my new boobies even tho I get tiny boob greed from time to time but then I take my sports bra off,try some tops on and I love the size (300cc hp) I wouldn't go bigger, I think that's a good size for my frame 5'4 117lb. I keep checking them out lol I can't help it :)

It's great to feel like a 100%woman!! The worse bit is the waiting for them to drop. I'm not a very patient person in general (fiery red head;)) and I know it takes time but I'd like to forward the time to see what its gonna look like in few weeks/ months.
They are also slightly softer than first two days, they're not rock hard anymore.

Loving them more every day

Hello ladies :) so it's day 10 for me and I must say I've managed to take my dog (Rottweiler) for a 1st walk since the surgery. it was only a short one but I feel so much better. I'm doing all the normal things apart from heavy lifting, pulling or putting up Xmas decorations up high ;) I've stopped pain killers few days ago and even morning is fine as well, I get a random pain from now and then but it's manageable.

They are slightly softer to what they were and they're definitely changing shape. I'm still waiting for my areolas to adjust to the new breast shape (my breasts were slightly tubular before the op)

To all the ladies that think their new breasts are too small. WAIT!! :) just calm down and wait. I'm so happy with my boob size now, I would not change it for any other size. They look absolutely perfect with my body and I'm pretty sure they look bigger than they did during first few days. I showed my new boobies to two of my best friends and they think I look great which made me feel even better. They never actually knew how self conscious I was about my breast size before. They knew it was an issue but they didn't have a clue how much it bothered me really. I never ever took my top off in front of them because I felt shy, embarrassed and awkward but now I feel like I want to run around naked all the time haha I love my body!!

Day 10 photos

Just some of the photos that I forgot to upload ups ;) what a difference between now and day 1 wow !

Merry Christmas Girls!! :)

I wish you all great and smooth recoveries, beautiful results and lots of compliments :) happy Christmas!!

Nearly a month already!

Hi ladies :)
So it's nearly a month for me and I still think it was the way decision I've ever made for myself and my confidence. People from work didn't even notice but I had compliments about my hair and weight loss haha even tho I've probably put some weight on over festive period. So people realise something changed but they don't know what, they just know I look better and I feel better too!

Sometimes I'm still regretting my size choice and then other days I'm loving them and think they're perfect. I'm not very happy about the shape coz my areoles and nipples stick out but too much but I guess surgeon couldn't change the shape of my boob. Even tho I did ask him and mentioned that my boobs are slightly tubular and they might need re shaping. He said I'll be fine. Well I hope they will change a bit.

Now I need to go back to gym and tone up my fat belly haha and then I'll have my perfect, dream body :) I hope you all good and happy with your results xx
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