21year Old, 32A, 125lbs, 5'7, Size 6/8

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My BA is booked for February with Dr Meleagros at...

My BA is booked for February with Dr Meleagros at Transform. I've decided on 325cc HP overs, I'm hoping to be a full C/small D. Natural looking big boobs, but not TOO big. Kind of 'has she? hasn't she?' if that makes any sense. I know fake boobs look smaller in clothes so shall I go bigger?

Does anyone have the same stats as me? Or has anyone else been with De Meleagros? Thankyou in advance! :-) also I wear a 32A, but I'm probably more of a AA

11 days from surgery. 345cc or 365cc?!

My surgery is next Saturday, I feel like I've waited a lifetime! I'm definitely going to discuss other sizes with my surgeon, he gave me the choice of 325, 345, 365 or 385cc. I originally decided on 325 but after a couple of months of debating, I'm definitely going to ask for a bigger size I'm just not sure which? Has anyone else had Dr Meleagros or similar stats/cc's?! :-)

All done! 365cc HP overs

I can't believe it's finally done, and I can't believe how good I feel. I'm sure over the next couple of days I will feel uncomfortable but right now I just feel like somebody is sitting on my chest.. All of the nurses and staff here and amazing and I can't fault them one bit. I decided on 365cc HP overs and I love them already! Can't wait to start seeing them drop. Good luck everybody! :-)

Photos didn't upload!

Here are some photos, including before

Post op Day 1. 365cc

I've just got home, only had a couple hours of sleep at the hospital last night but I wasn't in any pain or discomfort, I was just wide awake for some reason?! But the nurses came and checked in on me every couple of hours to take blood pressure and see if I wanted anything. I really can't fault the staff at all!

Wasn't looking forward to having my drains removed, but honestly it took around three seconds on each side and was not painful in the slightest. More of an odd sensation, but nothing at all to worry about. All in all I can't believe how smoothly my recovery is going (although I don't want to speak too soon I am only 24hours post op!)

I'm not in any pain, more of a discomfort and a tightness on my chest which is to be expected. But I was expecting to be feeling far, far worse than I am now! I am taking the painkillers but only 1 every 4-6 hours as opposed to 2. And I'd definitely recommend a Macom bra to anyone thinking of getting one, well worth paying a little extra after you've paid all that money for your new babies, why scrimp on the healing?! I love them already and am so so excited to see them start to change! Eeeek. Can't believe after booking my surgery 4 months ago and counting down the days ever since its finally happened! I have boobs :-) genuinely couldn't put a price on how good I feel right now!

Day 3 post op

The only thing I can complain about is the sleeping situation! I'm usually a side or front sleeper so sleeping on my back and being elevated is really taking its toll on my lower back, but no pain no gain I guess? Does anyone have any tips at all that may make it more bearable?

I haven't taken any of the painkillers the hospital gave me since Sunday night (my op was Saturday) so have just been taking paracetamol since. I'm starting to get feeling come back in them now, my right one is more painful than my left but I'm assuming it's because I'm right handed and use it more.. Plus my right boob was smaller to begin with so will be stretched more. I just get an odd sharp twinge around my incisions when I sit up and move suddenly. But besides that I can't really complain, everything seems to be going as it should do!

I've found this site to be a real blessing, when is everyone else's ops? Or has anyone else started a 32a and had 365cc? I'm desperate to know what kind of size I'll end up! They're definitely feeling slighter softer already (still pretty hard though) like Regina George's Mum's in mean girls! Will post some more photos when I change my bra later.

How long until everyone's ops? Good luck! Xx

Anybody else had 365cc high profile, over the muscle?

I'm so impatient and can't stop wondering what size I'll be or how they will look once they're settled.. I'm sure it's just boob greed but I'm already wishing I went bigger!

I'm just hoping that when they drop and fluff they look fuller and don't get much smaller once the swelling goes down. If anyone had similar stats and implants to me I'd love to see a settled result! I think I'm just being greedy. Xx

8 days post op

So I haven't really updated much as there hasn't been much change! I'm completely off the painkillers, haven't taken any paracetamol for a few days now.. The only real discomfort is first thing in the mornings, everything is a little tight and heavy!

I've also had some odd sensations in my right boob, the best I can describe it is like a slight bubbling feeling. At first I thought I was going mad or imagining it as it wasn't really noticeable, more of a niggly annoyance. But I've been told it's just the nerves finding themselves again and the feeling coming back. Has anybody else had this?

As far as appearance, they're a lot softer but I find this changes and they can go firm again throughout the day! I just can't wait to have these plasters removed on Wednesday now as they're peeling away and going kind of gross!

Sternum/cleavage pain

For the past couple of nights and in the evenings I've felt like I've had something digging into my sternum, what it feels like when an underwire can be too tight or dig in. But it's more of a feeling underneath the skin if that makes any sense?! Feels a bit like the bone is bruised when I breathe in.
Well it gets a bit better when I undo my bra fastenings and let them breathe a little but when I touch my cleavage the skin feels very hard and super stretched still, is this why I'm getting the pain do you think and is that normal?

I've had such a smooth recovery up until this and it's not too severe, it just makes it hard to get comfortable at night. Hopefully I'm just worrying for no reason though! Xx

Post Op consultation - 11 day PO

I just had those awful plasters removed and got to see my scars before the nurse covered them back up with steri strips. I can't believe how good they look already! The dark spots are just dried blood so considering they're not even two weeks old I'm very happy. Still no deep baths or showers for a while yet!

The pain I was feeling in my sternum in the evenings is apparently a build up of swelling where it accumulates throughout the day and I was advised its completely normal and I can gently massage the area to help drain the swelling, so that's certainly put my mind at rest. Plus only 3 more nights and I can't sleep on my side again. Yay :-)

My actual boobs don't seem to have changed much yet but I was told everything is healing as it should be so all is well.

I'm already wishing I went a bit bigger, boob greed.

How's everyone else getting on?! Xx

15 days post op. Size doubts and moisturising

I was given the okay at my post op to moisturise from the nipple up if I wish to but was told I didn't have to, apparently I don't have to massage either as I have textured implants which unlike the old smooth ones don't need massaging? Not too sure why, the nurse did say but I have a memory like a sieve!

I've just started using palmers cocoa butter as I've been told anything with vitamin E is good to prevent stretchmarks so fingers crossed! My skin is still super shiny and stretched so I'm looking forward to the day they look more skin like and less waxy. Any ideas when this should happen roughly?

Also I can't help but think I wish I went bigger. I know I already went up 40cc the morning of my surgery but I think I'm just being greedy. I just have to think back to when I had nothing, it's just I got so used to them being swollen and big I kind of liked it. And now the swelling is starting to go I wish I went just a little bigger haha!

Will they appear bigger once they've dropped and fluffed at all? Or will they stay exactly the same size and volume they are now? I'm so tempted to go and get measured but I'm trying to wait the six weeks, I can get measured at the beginning of April so just a month to go :-( boo.

I'd be so happy if I could fill a 32D!

I hope everyone else is looking forward to their surgery/ is recovering well! :-)

Sorry I know they aren't the best photos, I'll take some better ones soon. Also I'm not sure if it's how I'm sitting but the left one seems much higher than my right?!

Lots of love xx

Side profile photo

Nipple sensitivity and spotty chest

I'm really not sure how to explain this, but on my left nipple, on the areola but directly around my nipple the skin is a darker pink and if I touch it is SUPER sensitive. But only the very small, dark pink bit. When I put my bra on this bit of skin is exactly where my nipple kind of folds and pushes in to/ sits on my skin so perhaps it's chaffing maybe? But it's really sensitive!

Maybe you'll see what I mean by the photos but I feel like I want to put some cream or something on it although it's probably not a good idea. Has anyone else had that?

Also my chest is super spotty at the moment which is very unusual for me, I've put it down to my skin being really oily where my skin is stretching. That and a combination of just gently washing with a flannel as opposed to nice hot baths/showers. Just one week and 5 days until I can shower or bath properly again :-(

19 days post op - updated pictures

Not much has changed really! I don't get morning boob anymore (can't remember when it stopped but I think it just gradually got better until I didn't realise). If I go to cough or sneeze it does feel very strange and I try and stop myself, but I'd say I'm feeling normal now and I've almost forgotten that they're there. I can't see a difference in dropping etc but I think it's just because I see them every day!

I'll upload some photos, does anyone think they're dropping yet?!

This website has been an absolute God send since I booked my surgery, I'm not sure if anybody even reads this review but I guess its handy to keep as a kind of diary? Also if anybody is considering a BA with Mr Meleagros I genuinely can not recommend him enough!

Hope everyone is recovering well! Xx

Over the moon with how they're settling

I can't believe how happy I am with them, I think they've even exceeded my expectations! They're definitely getting softer too, some days they're softer than others but I can definitely tell they're starting to drop. And they're starting to feel like part of me now and I forget they're there most of the time whereas before I was always aware of them.

Just 6 days to go until I can get the incisions wet and have a proper bath or shower thank god. And a few weeks until I can get measured and go bra shopping :-) still have literally no idea what size I'll be though, so excited to find out.

If anyone is considering Mr M as their surgeon you really won't be disappointed, he really is as good as everyone says he is!

Scars at 25 days post op

I just removed my steri strips and put fresh ones on because they were starting to peel away at the edges and I wanted to see the scars. I get to take them off for good and get my incisions wet on Saturday :)

This is how the scars are looking at 3 and a half weeks post op. Xx

First real bath/shower since my op! Yaaaay.

I'm finally allowed to get my incisions wet tomorrow and remove the steri strips, but I'm not sure if I can fully submerge them in a bath or if a shower would be best?
It's been four weeks so surely that's long enough now?
Because if I have a bath I want a nice long soak and don't want to worry about getting them too wet.

I thought I could waterproof my incisions with carrier bag and cling film so I could shower, but it turned out a lot better in my head.. The concept was a good idea, the execution let me down!

Also do I just leave the scars/incisions uncovered now?
I feel like the steri strips keep me safe!

Also I was changing support bras earlier and bent over and my boobs felt like they were going to fall straight out of my chest haha! Such an odd feeling

Any advice about the baths/ steri strips would be much appreciated! Hope everyone has a nice weekend :-) xx

Dropping and fluffing?

I'm just curious, comparing pictures my boobs are definitely starting to drop. It looks like my right one (the one with the mole) is dropping a little slower as it's still a bit higher.. But once they've dropped and fluffed will they be/look any bigger or just stay the same?

I'm hoping they look a little bigger if anything haha, so greedy!

I hope everyone is recovering well/ looking forward to their surgeries! :-) Xx

Not much to update. Just photos :-)

It's so strange how in some photos my left boob looks a lot bigger and higher and then in others it's the right. My left has always been bigger anyway.

My skin doesn't look like its about to pop anymore either, they're starting to get less shiny and look more like real skin

Almost 8 weeks post op and getting measured!

I've really neglected this review, but there hasn't been much to update really!

They 100% feel like a part of me now, I'm no longer conscious of them. My boobs are still pretty numb but I do think I'm slowly getting my sensitivity back..

I was measured at a 30E in 2 shops and a 30F in another! Which is making bra shopping SO expensive and inconvenient too. Before my surgery I was wearing 32A's and could just walk in to any shop and pick a 32a up without even trying it on.. I've spent hours and hours trying on bras and they're either all really frumpy or SUPER expensive. I've tried a few 32DD's but because my boobs are still pretty firm the cups feel a little tight, but I'm hoping in a few months once they're nice and soft they'll fit more comfortably into a 32DD.

I also had my 6 week check up with the nurse and she said everything was fine and that I should now massage my scars for 5 minutes a couple of times a day with cocoa butter or vitamin E oils/creams etc. But I'll be honest I've probably done it twice so I really need to pull my finger out.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well! :-) xxx

Bra shopping

I used to live and die in plain black t shirt bra's from primark that cost something like £6. They were so easy because I could wear them with almost anything, so as soon as I was 6 weeks post op and could wear normal bras I was really looking forward to wearing vest tops and actually show a little cleavage instead of hiding my boobs away in my Macom!

But the only bras I can find in a 30 chest are from more expensive shops and are all around £40. Does anybody please have any suggestions as to where I can find nice bras that won't cost me a fortune?

I was so excited to go out and restock my underwear drawer but I'm having absolutely no luck! I never realised how easy life was having no boobs haha.

Thanks in advance :-) xx

Nipples repierced?!

I'm absolutely dying to get my nipples repierced but not sure how long I should wait. Has anybody had theirs pierced after their surgery? And if anyone had them pierced for a second time was it any more painful? I'm hoping I can get them done before I get full sensation back in my nipples! Hope everyone is healing well, I'll upload a more recent photo.

Also I'm going away for 6 weeks in the morning so can't wait to wear some bikinis! Xx

Still firm and numb?

I'm now 4 months post op and they're still not as soft as they should be, is that just a matter of time? And also most of my boob from the nipple down and at the sides is still numb. When did everyone start getting their feeling back completely?

Still love them and how they look, but just want them to feel 100% normal now! ????
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