Black British Caribbean, 23 Y/o - Belgium

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I've wanted a Rhinoplasty since I was 12/13 years...

I've wanted a Rhinoplasty since I was 12/13 years old. I remember looking at various Ethnic Rhinoplasty before and after results and being in awe. However, I wasn't vocal about wanting Rhinoplasty myself as I saw a lot of black women getting shit for doing so, because it's 'self-hating' ( That isn't true at all, it's all about 'refining', 'improving' or 'enhancing' your ethnic features, I can name 1000 more reasons why anyone would consider Rhinoplasty other than - "not wanting to look black").

At around 17 I found out about non-surgical nose jobs and wanted to do that as an easier and more subtle approach. I just wanted to lift the bridge of my nose as I have a low dorsum. I'm actually the only member of my family to have a low dorsum which I find weird. My parents have straight noses and my sibling's noses are quite proportionate and balanced!

Anyway, I was doing more research into non-surgical nose jobs and heard that if you ever were to consider rhinoplasty afterwards, it may be harder for you to achieve the results you desire. So after some consideration and evaluating different Rhinoplasty surgeons, I think I'm going to go with Dr Oelbrandt in Belgium. This is mainly because I've seen great results from some of his patients on and it is much closer than going to the US. I want to have my surgery early next year so going to Belgium would also be more cost-effective.

I'll be sure to update you all on my journey x


I did some manipulation photos myself online to have an idea of how my face could look after surgery. I noticed when I manipulated the photo my attention was drawn more towards my eyes, which is great because I love the shape of eyes!

I showed my mum the photos because she's probably the only person I'll tell other than the (real self family of course) about having the procedure done and I keep going on about getting it because I just want it now!! I noticed it isn't so easy talking to people who don't understand why you'd want something so bad even though she agreed that the manipulated photo does draw your attention to my eyes more so.

I've included a photo of myself, the left is me now and the right is the manipulated photo. Not sure if you'll be able to understand what I mean by my eyes as I've blocked them out slightly but let me know and I'll possibly upload another photo.
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