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Hi all, I am booked into have vaser lipo on...

Hi all,

I am booked into have vaser lipo on my outer thighs on the 17th April. I am very excited but also rather nervous. I have decided to only tell my boyfriend as yet as I am not sure that a majority of my friends would understand so I think I will tell them after if they notice.

I am a regular gym goer (I try to go every week morning) but no matter how clean I eat or how many weights I lift I just cant shift the excess weight from my bottom/saddlebag area so although surgery is quite a drastic decision I honestly think that it is now my only option. I have hated this part of my body for years and will be so happy to wave it goodbye!! I really believe this has had a massive effect on my confidence (or lack of) since I can remember) I love my curves but am just not happy with my out of proportion look (I am a size 8/10 on top but a 10/12 on bottom). I am really hoping this will take me down to a comfortable size 10 all over :). I haven't got the nicest legs and never will but I can live with them ;).

I have found this site really useful when making decisions and doing research so thought I'd share my story and write a little before, during and after to help others with their decision making. I have chosen Dr Mike Comins to do the procedure at the private clinic in Knightsbridge London. I have paid £2,600 + £70 quid(!!) for the compression garment. I have been told this is calf length - sexy not! Does anyone know why it needs to be calf length? Will this be obvious under clothes??

Has anyone else had just their outer thighs done? How painful was it? I wil be having local anaesthetic (sedation is an additional £500 which i just cant afford) What was your recovery time like? I am planning to take about 10days off after but will return quicker if I can? I'd love to hear your stories and see before and after pics if you have them. I will be happy to post before and after pics too. Roll on the 18th April!! Xxx

Sorry one thing I didn't touch upon was my...

Sorry one thing I didn't touch upon was my consultation. I only saw one surgeon which I may now regret a bit but I found Dr Comins a nice genuine person who is just interested in getting the best results. I initially wanted to have inner and outer thighs + knees but he advices me that th skin on my inner thighs would jut appear 'wrinkly' and that I didn't really need my knees doing. I was therefore reassured that it wasn't just about sales as the cost was lower than I was expecting it might be :). I originally saw him on This Morning and was impressed with the results.

Anyway, I would recommend anyone doing their research to have a list of questions to ask and go through each and every one. I was nervous (especially when I literally had to just drop my trousers in front of him) and forgot half my questions! Make sure you do your research and don't put money down until you are as sure as you can be that you trust the surgeon. Aghh wish I could have it done tomorrow!

So I have just

So I have just

So I have just over a week until my surgery. I...

So I have just over a week until my surgery. I just want it to happen now as the waiting is a tricky process! I seem to flit between being really excited to beig quite dubious and nervous but then I guess that's probably quite normal.

I had a few questions in regards to things I had read about what I should and shouldn't be doing pre-surgery so emailed The Private Clinic to ask. I was told it was best to speak to Mike Comins direct so was impressed and touched when he called me back personally. This has definitely put my mind at rest as, even though he said it won't be the most comfortable hour of my life, because I am just having the one area done there shouldn't be a huge downtime. He also said that I can go about daily life as normal in the run up (I had read that avoiding alcohol and not taking the contraceptive pill for a week before were advised). As long as I didn't have a big night out I would be fine. He also didn't advise on taking Arnica tablets in the run up as apparently this can sometimes have the opposit effect and increase bruising..! I have, however, bought some of the cream as he said this can help post surgery. I've also purchased a plastic bedsheet (in anticipation of leaking in the night), plus some Aveeno Skin Relief moisturising lotion which I have read can help prevent/sooth irritation and itching later on. I am also booked in for MLD massage the week after in order to help improve results.

I think I will also purchase an additional Macom garment so that I can wear one constantly and alternate between washes. I have to say I am more worrie about wearing the garment than I am about the I hear it is very uncomfortable. I also love my clothes and have a feeling it will be hard to conceal under my everyday wardrobe. As I say, the only person that knows I am doing this is my boyfriend... I might have to buy a few floaty dresses and hope the weather improves so that no one gets suspicious. Fingers crossed I can be back I the gym after 2weeks.

Bring on my new and improved bottom! Xx

Sooooo! This morning at 10am I finally had my...

Sooooo! This morning at 10am I finally had my vaser lipo on my outer thighs/
Saddlebag area!!

I woke up at 6am like an excited kid on Christmas day but with some nerves too of course. To be honest, I was just pleased the day had finally come!!! So, I went in and immediately saw dr Comins and the nurse who was lovely. They both put me instantly at ease!

I had my blood pressure measured, I was weighed and then I signed the consent form; basically saying things might go wrong. That was the scarest part for me! I was then asked to put the lovely paper knickers, surgical hat and socks on and then I was taken through to the 'theatre'. It was like being at the dentist! Dr Comins took photos and marked up my bottom ready to suck that fat out.

Then I had to lie on the surgical table in a less than flattering position whilst the iodine(?) was put on and then he started to inject me with the local anaesthetic. This was the most uncomfortable part I think. Some of the actual vaser part was a little painful as it sometimes got very hot. But whenever it got too much I mentioned it and dr Comins either numbed the area more or he moved to a different part (I'm not entirely sure as I didn't want to look)... Anyway, all I can say is whilst the procedure wasn't an experience I would chose to do on a daily basis it certainly wasn't unbarable!! It was much better than I was expecting! One of my incisions on each leg was then stitched up? I'm not sure why this was (wish id asked now) as he said it would be better for the holes to leak as much as poss? Anyway once it was done, I was padded up and helped into my compression garment. Not a good look!!! It's high waisted and calf length. I tried to get a look to see if there was much change to my shape but to be honest i couldnt see much if any...? I had abouy 70cl taken all together? The nurse said it was quite a lot and that i had been hiding it well ha. Sweet, bet she says that to everyons! Didn't look like a massive amount to me??? But then I am not that big to start with? Just have a big bum!!

I then was given a coffee and my blood pressure was taken again and then I was free to go!

The taxi ride home was fine! I honestly believe I would have been fine to go on the tube but it was mainly for vanity reasons that I got a cab... I didn't look my best ;) in massive baggy joggers and I was waddling like a duck.
I got in and took two of the strong painkillers they gave me as I was expecting a lot of pain.. It hasn't come!

It's now 18:10 and whilst I am rather uncomfortable (mainly because of the padding under the compression garment which feels hard now?) I don't feel like I am leaking but I feel heavy so when I have a shower tomorrow I'll find out. Painwise, it's minimal at the mo. I am not getting too cocky yet... Im sure theres worse to come but at the moment I am pleasantly surprised. The only pain I have feels like a slight deep sunburn on my outer thighs..

I'll take two of the pain killers before bed! Im not going to lie, they're great! I only have 10 though so might try save them for when I really need them... Eek! I hope tomorrows ok!! Xx

So I haven't written for a few days so will give...

So I haven't written for a few days so will give you a brief update.
Day 2, I woke up with a very painful stomach (maybe the painkillers) but again my surgery parts just werent that painful. Uncomfortable yes, painful, no! So that was a relief. I was expecting to have leaked a lot in the night so I had prepared for it by covering my bed with a plastic sheet and absorbent pads but nothing came out!
I waited until about 12/1pm to have a shower and take a look. I was both exited about nervous to do this. I slowly took down the compression garment and took off the padding (I had leaked some what but not as much as I had expected). I was not bruised at all and the incisions themselves had seemed to have closed up already. The nurse had recommend I massage the area whic I decided to do in my room before I got in the shower... Big mistake. As I moved my hand down my legs, applying some pressure, I was shocked and a little disgusted/amused to suddenly squirt liquid across the room (literally) from the incision. This almost immediately relieves pressure from the area where liquid is obviously building up so I decide to do the other one in the shower!! They both then proceeded to leak so after I got out the shower I padde myself up with clean garments and put my compression garment back on.

As for any change... It wasn't mind blowing to be honest with you. I could tell that my saddlebags were smaller but I felt a little upset that I didn't look smaller... It's funny as no matter how much research you do and how much you know beforehand that you are unlikely to see any/full results for a while it is still very disheartening to not be instantly transformed.. Silly really but this for me has been the hardest thing about recovery. Because I feel alright I think I just assume I should look it too?! I took a couple of snaps though and I will try to post these soon.

Day 3 swelling kicking in big time!!! If anything I am getting bigger! Had a sob today because I was worried I had wasted my money on something which wouldn't even Give me any results let alone live up to the results I expected!!
I am also worried i hadnt been clear enough on what i was expecting.

Anyway, Its now 3 days after my surgery. I have only been taking pain killers (apart from day 1) before bed to help me sleep. I have not needed any in the day at all. I have slept with my legs elevated for the last 2 nights to try to reduce swelling. There is no way I could wear my jeans at the mo, esp over my compression leggings so I am going to have to think of a whole new wardrobe for my return to work this week.

I have tomorrow and Tuesday booked off this week (it's sunday) but I feel like I'd be fine to go back tomorrow! I have a MLD massage tomorrow though which I am verrrryyyy excited about!! The two bottom incisions I have seem to be turning into two massive lumps (theres clearly a build up of fluid behind them) so I am hoping the massage will help reduce these??

I have just spent ten minutes comparing the snaps taken the night before my surgery with the ones taken on day 2 and I can def see a difference although it's no where near as drastic as I was hoping for.. Let's hope these results iMprove over the coming weeks!!!

Summary: I am still not convinced I have done the right thing....!!!
Dr Mike comins

Lovely guy, seems down to earth and honest. Good reputation + expensive which I take as a good sign in these circumstances. He apparently does 2vaser ops per day..!

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