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Hey, I'm a 30yo male and go to the gym 4 times a...


I'm a 30yo male and go to the gym 4 times a week - like most people who undergo vaser I've been tying to shed stubborn fat around my abs and no matter how hard I try it won't go! I can feel the muscles underneath my flab so have finally decided to get vaser med def after almost 6 months of research (I've seen most of the vaser specialists in London but only felt comfortable with two although one was really expensive!)! I have my procedure booked for today in London for my upper/lower, sides and chest and I'm a bit nervous! I'll be under sedation and the procedure should take 3 hours or so I've been told.

I've read some of the reviews on here and a bit nervous about the recovery as ill be going on my own but have arranged for a nurse to escort for the first 6 hours as I can't leave alone...

Will keep you guys posted!

post op

Finally had my vaser under sedation and I didn't feel anything apart from the last 20/30 mins when I was coming around but it wasn't at all painful!

I was told 2.5 litres of fat had been removed although I'd have to go back to have my sides done as the Dr was unable to do them. I'll find out more when I see him. I didn't feel sick or light headed and no pain at all! Actually went to Starbucks to get a drink too as I was really thirsty by now!

I had the nurse escort me back home via a taxi and I'm glad she was there at by 9pm (my surgery ended 5pm) I was feeling sore and took some codeine although a couple of hours later started feeling sick and light headed - this was a side effect to codeine so I switched to paracetamol and have no issues.

Going to the bathroom at night for a wee wasn't at painful as I'd expected either and didn't have to remove the garment to pee either! I'm not sure what I look like as I'm still wearing the garment.

Vaser Flanks

I had my flanks done this afternoon under local's a strange sensation...a little painful in certain areas but it acts fast I was pretty numb instantly.

The vaser itself isn't painful but you can feel it like a pin prick when the cannula hits the edge where there is no local anaesthetic.

The flanks and back took approx an hour and approx 600ml of fat was removed. In my last session I had 2.5 litres so a total of 3.1 litres.

I still have swelling on my lower abs and this can take a couple of months to look 'flatter'.

I will post some after shots in a few days once the swelling has gone down.

At the moment I'm not in any pain but just tired - also had a lot of fluid discharge than last time as my jogging bottoms are wet! I have open incisions with no drains or stitches this time...

Vaser Liop Touch Up

I underwent vaser med-def lipo in May 2013 for my pecs, upper and lower abs and sides. The immediate result was that I could definitely see a slimmer torso although my lower abs and sides were still swollen. However, almost 5 months down the line the fat on my pecs, lower abs and sides, although less, is still there. My surgeon was realistic and told me in my initial consultation that sometimes a touch up is required so I was prepared from the outset.

I am schedule for a touch up this Tuesday (15th May) to remove the fat that was left behind. I am excited and hoping this will finally get rid of the fat, especially on my upper and lower abs and give me some definition.

I will post some before and after pictures soon. Has anyone else had a touch up or second procedure with vaser lipo, and if so did it finally get rid of the excess fat?

Vaser Touch Up

I had my vaser touch up today. I had 700mls of fat remove you from my lower and upper abs. I was sedated again for the procedure, as the abs are meant to be a painful area with just tumescent. I only remember being marked up by the doctor and then finally waking up fully dressed.

This time it did take me a while to come around because I was more sedated. After the procedure went home in a taxi. I currently feel minimal discomfort. I've not seen what my abs look like as I'm wearing a compression garment but will do so tomorrow morning and hopefully post a picture too.

Day 2

I had my first massage yesterday since having the touch up and it did feel good, although I was pretty sore especially around the belly button and the ribs.

In terms of pain there isn't any but it's uncomfortable in the 1000 sirups sense i.e. getting in and out of bed is uncomfortable but I am perfectly fine when walking or using public transport.

As promised I have uploaded pictures of myself to show my body pre vaser (May 2013), Post-Vaser (Sept 2013) and Post-Vaser touch-up (Oct 2013). I am currently swollen but do definitely feel I need the sides touching up as well but I have arranged a follow-up consultation with my Dr. in two weeks' time do decide.

4 day Post Vaser Touch-Up

I'm due for an update as it's now four days since I had my touch up to my upper and Lower abs.

I will try to respond to all the private e-mails I've received this weekend...unfortunately I have been extremely busy!

At present I my lower abs are still slightly numb and sore and most certainly (I hope) swollen as they look similar to before I had the touch up. Although on Day 2 my abs were pretty flat as seen in my pics...but I know it can take at least 2 weeks before the majority of the swelling will subside. I will post updated pictures next Tuesday which will be a week since my touch up.

In terms of pain I feel none, just achy if I have to bend or get out of bed but again than what it was on day 1. I could go to the gym and do weights but have been advised not too by my Dr. I have a small amount of brusing near my lower abs - but nothing drastic.

Today when I stretched I could feel the skin was tight and it felt as though it was trying to reattach around the underlying muscles - again this is the same as when I had vaser the first time.

Feel free to message me with any questions. Especially interested to hear from anyone who has also have to have a touch up and if so did they finally get the result they wanted?

6 Day Vaser Touch Op Post Op

It's been a couple of days since my last update but not much has changed. I'm still pretty swollen but back to work. Luckily we have desks where we can stand and work as oppose to sitting down which limits skin folds, etc post op.

I saw my Dr. today as I thought I may have a seroma and possible haematoma...turned out to be swelling and bruising! My Dr. was happy to check the area i pointed out that I thought was a seroma as it was much softer than the right hand side - luckily it was just swelling. He told me I'm quiet swollen and it will go down. I have a follow-up next week so will post pictures when there is a noticeable difference.

I've had a number of private messages, many of which ask similar questions, so I will answer here.

Diet: post op as I've not been at the gym I've kept my calorie intake 1000-1500 a day and have seen 0.5kg of weight loss - my guess is this is muscle loss as oppose to weight loss.

Straight after surgery I did gain weight although it's common due to swelling and the fluids injected into the vaser area during surgery. I gained approx 1kg which I lost in 2 days.

Pain for touch up - deffo less than initial vaser although the initial vaser for me wasn't at all painful.

Finally do I think it was worth it - I'm still unsure as I've not seen the final result yet. I can definitely say I look slimmer but I'm in view I'll need a touch up for the sides/flanks as there's still fat left over but I'll be discussing this with my Dr. next week.

Aftercare - been very good and my Dr has given his personal number in case of an emergency which is very reassuring. The nurse called two days post-op to ensure everything was ok and if I had enough dressings/etc.

If you're thinking of having vaser hi-def/med def remember it's not instant and sometimes to get a good result it will require additional touch ups but I prefer that as oppose to having too much fat removed and having adverse or irreversible side effects. Although like most people I do get impatient too!

Garment - I'm using a Macom one which is highly uncomfortable but deffo supportive! Although I'm wearing a size small for better compression and I use surgical pads to stop skin indentations with the metal fasteners...

Hope this answers most of the private messages I've received.

9 Day Vaser Touch Op Post Op

Not much has changed since my last review. I am no longer in any discomfort although I am experiencing the lumps and bumps as previously. Hopefully this should settle quickly and the swelling will greatly decrease over the weekend so I can upload some photos.

I had a followup call from my Dr's office to ensure the recovery is going well yesterday. I think it's going well in the sense I have no complications but eager to see the swelling subside. I did the pinch test to see how much fat I can grab on my lower abs and I can't mainly because my skin is very hard...which I presume is scar tissue. The bruising and discolouration is barely visible now :)

I have a followup appointment on Monday and deffo feel I need the flanks/sides touch up as I can grab a lot of fat at present!

Does anyone know if the fat cells which are broken down by the vaser but not suctioned out by the canulla are they naturally removed by the body or are they still alive and reattach themselves to the skin?

14 Post Vaser Touch Up

It's exactly two weeks today from when I had my touch up to my upper and lower abs. I have no pain or discomfort now but my lower abs are still hard and slightly lumpy due to scar tissue formation.

You can see from the photos the swelling is less than before but still there although my sides/flank refrain from me having a 'V' shape.

I'm seeing my Dr. today so will update later in the week.

Also has anyone else been contacted in regards to appearing on a TV documentary?

14 day post vaser update

I saw my Dr. this afternoon and he examined me and said I did have scar tissue around my abs which is normal and injected me with quatersine (I think that's how it's spelt) which is meant to help with the scar tissue.

I mentioned my sides/flanks and he was really great and said he'd do a touch up :) I also mentioned my chest/pecs still had fat as I had this area down initially in May and he offered to this as well! Pretty awesome of him to do so. I'm booked in for next week :)

I will update my blog with pics of me in May 2013 before I had any vaser and a pic of me today - I'm actually amazed with the difference already!

I've had a number or messages asking why I didn't opt for hi-def and went for med-def. In short for myself hi-def may have been risky and I may not have gained the result I wanted due to my genetic makeup and ethnic background therefore I went for med-def and as you can see in the photos the difference is very obvious! Hopefully more definition will show through but that can take a total of 4-6 months for the scar tissue to fully heal and the swelling to subside.

Touch Up Flanks/Sides and Chest

I had my flanks/sides and chest touch up today under sedation a total of 960ml of fat/fluids was removed. This brings the total to 4.81 litres to date although it's a mixture of fat and the tumescent fluid which is used to numb the areas being treated for vaser.

I had the touch up this morning and it took approx 90 mins. I have four incisions on my lower back and sides and two under my nipples.

I'm currently not in much pain or discomfort just a soreness on my back and chest but I guess from pass experience this will be at it's worse tomorrow and then slowly begin to get better.

I have a lymphatic massage arrange for tomorrow and I'll try to upload some pictures to show the difference - although I am currently pretty swollen and have a bit of fluid which is coming out of the incisions.

9 Days Sides/Chest Vaser Touch Up

I've been really busy so haven't had a chance to write an update until now.
I saw my Dr. yesterday and he said I am still swollen which is pretty normal as it's been 9 days and it's been a month since I had my upper and lower abs touch up.

I will post some pictures towards the end of the month to allow sufficient time for the swelling to subside.

20 Days Post Vaser Touch Up

I had a follow-up appointment yesterday with my Dr. and I'm really happy with my chest and sides/flanks at the moment. My lower abs are still swollen as you can see from the pictures and this I am still swollen and this can take up to 6 months. My Dr said I still have perhaps a litre of swelling which can up to 6 months before I get some definition showing on my lower abs. I can definitely feel where he has gone in with cannula and sculpted the definition although the swelling is causing it not to show through at the moment. I have a 6 months' follow up arranged in April so will aim to do a few updates prior to then as well.

3 months post vaser touch up

It's just over 3 months now since I had my touch up to my upper and lower abs.

The majority of the swelling has gone but I think my lower abs are still swollen as I'm still waiting for definition to show through.

With the recovery I've not had any major issues and I'm at full steam with my gym routine. I have a follow-up appointment arranged with my Dr which will be around the 5 month mark at which stage I think my final result will certainly be visible.

Apologies for not responding to all the messages I've received but I've been extremely busy and will try to answer all my messages before the end of the month.

I've posted a couple of recent photos. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

5 months touch up post op

Well it's been almost 5 months since I had my touch up and while my torso is definitely slimmer and more defined than previously I still have a belly and I can pinch the fat between my finger and thumb.

I've been working out in Singapore and decided to get a second opinion by another certified Vaser lipo specialist who has also been accredited by Alfredo Hoyos.

I had a consultation last week with the specialist and asked if I was still swollen or it was just excess fat. On first examination he said it was definitely fat but he could firm via an ultrasound scan. So I decided to pay for this and have the scan done.

It's pretty amazing the scan as you can see were the vaser probe has gone to do the sculpting and how much fat is inbetween the skin and muscle. Here are my results:

Upper abs - 2.5 cm fat between skin and muscle
Lower abs - 3 cm fat between skin and muscle
Sides - 2cm fat between skin and muscle.

So the reason for my belly is that there is still fat which needs to be taken out. He said approx 1-1.5 litre of fat needs to be taken out in a simple touch up procedure and that usually for vaser sculpting you'd only leave between 1-1.5cm of fat so you get good definition. He was happy to book me in for a touch up but I decided I would talk to my original doctor first and ask him to do the touch up.

I will update my post as soon as I've had a follow up consultation with my doctor.

Feel free to ask any questions.

5 Months' Touch Up Follow Up Appointment

I had my 5 months post vaser touch up consultation with Dr. Comins this morning.

I explained overall I am happy with from how I was in May 2013 to the way my physique looks at the moment. But expressed my concerns of the fat which I could grab between my finger and thumb near my belly button.

I mentioned my consultation with a vaser specialist in Singapore to seek a second opinion in regards to the fat near the belly button and the ultra scan they had done to determine if it was fat or swelling.

When I went to see Dr. Comins initially back in Dec 2012 he had explained to me that I wasn't a suitable candidate for Hi Def due to my skin type but Med def would be a better option for myself and that it is likely I would require a touch up near the belly button area as South Asian skin is slightly thinner and the fat much more fiberous than someone from a Mediterranean background.

Since my initial consultation with Dr. Comins I saw another five Vaser specialist of which two were also accredited by Alfredo Hoyos. Neither of specialist mentioned that as I had South Asian skin that my fat would be more fiberous and they were happy to offer high def. Although I read reviews in regards to other potential surgeons and a number of patients had complained about complications such as seromas, irregularities, loose skin, etc and the doctors have not been responsive when the patients had expressed their concerns. Hence I decided to go for Dr. Comins, even though he is more conservative, I have not come across any reviews where the patient has been left with any deformation.

Today Dr. Comins explained how vaser works and how some of the fat around my belly button can still be taken out safely but some of it would be extremely stubborn as it is very fiberous. He explained there are three levels of fat and that as a Doctor he always has to weigh up the pros and cons or taking enough fat out to get good results but not too much which can cause long term problems. He says that fibrous fat can require using the vaser at full settings and excessive suction pressures which is more likely to have complications such as seroma, narcosis, burns, skin irregularities etc.

I therefore suggested if we did attempt a third touch up could I have an ultrasound scan done in London which he was more than happy to arrange.

As I will be working out in Singapore for another couple of weeks I have decided to get the ultrasound scan done on my arrival and then think careful if I want to take the risks of a third touch or not.

Overall the Vaser difference is amazing and while I have 70% of the result I desire it's the final 30% I'm trying to achieve to get that 6 pac look as I only have definition on my upper two abs at present and a slimmer lower abs region but no definition.

I would appreciate any suggestions or questions.

11 Months' Review

It's been a while since my last update. Just been super busy with working and social commitments so apologies for not responding to messages.

Hopefully this update will answer most of the questions. I'm having the ultrasound tomorrow and I've been booked for the touchup on 13th May for a 90 minute slot. But I will check with Dr. Comins if this is enough time as in Singapore the vaser specialist mentioned it would be between 2.5-3 hours with approx 2.5-3 litres of fat removal from the ultrasound calculations they did! Ideally I was hoping to have the procedure done this Bank holiday weekend and not to take any time off work but unfortunately there are no slots available at present.

In regards to my weight it's 82kg which is the same as it was when I first had the procedure in May 2013. However, my body fat is at 17% which is a loss of 3% and I have gained muscle mass. I have no numbness and the lumps I could feel previously have smoothed out.

The photo I've uploaded shows the areas where there is still fat and I've used red circles to denote the amount of fat (the bigger the circle the more fat in that area). Hopefully in regards to the questions of incisions healing as you can see from the picture they are almost invisible to the naked eye. Slight discolouration which is a bit like when you pop a spot and the skin takes time to return to normal.

Finally, I didn’t have to pay additional costs for the touch ups since the initial vaser procedure just sedation for the abs and then a second time for the sides and chest. But I also had to hire a nurse to escort me home and for further lymphatic massages so the additional costs since the original procedure has been approx £1500.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I thank everyone who has messaged me with compliments with the blog I have created and I’m glad it’s been useful for others.

Second Touch Up

I had my follow up consultation yesterday with Dr. Comins to discuss the ultrasound I had on Friday. I'm now schedule to have a second touch up on 13 May and he will do all the areas where there are pockets of fat from the chest down to upper and Lower abs and sides. I'm hoping this time I get a 6 pac than the 2 pac definition I currently have. I've been going to the gym 4-5 times a week and doing 1000 calorie workouts and mainly abdominal exercises so the muscles are stronger during the surgery.

It will be one year on 21 May since I had the initial vaser and I'm extremely happy with the service Dr. Comins has provided as none of the other specialists I saw mentioned that they would touch ups for free. I have opted to have sedation just as I'm aware the abs are uncomfortable and I don't want to take sedatives and be in pain and thus fat can't be taken out so will have to pay £500 for the anathetist.

I'll now update this once I've had the touch up.

Post 3rd Touch Up

So I had my touch up for my upper lower abs and chest this afternoon. At the moment I'm in no pain or discomfort at all. Dr. Comins said 1.4 litres of fluid was removed which is quiet a bit!

When I arrived home I changed the soaked padding and so far it looks flat :-)

I'll try and take some photos tomorrow once I've showered but I have butterfly stitches I think which will be removed on Monday as well as normal sutures.

I'm quiet excited as I think I'll get some definition this time :-) I'm not leaking too much which I presume means not as much tumescent was injected into me :-)

2 days post second touch up

As promised here's a pic taken two days after the touch up. I am swollen but I think less than yesterday. To date I have had 6.2 litres of fluid removal which is just over 3 full size bottles of coke!

Feel free to ask any questions


8 days post of from 2nd touch up

Seeing the Dr. Tomorrow for a review appointment.

6 months post op from 2nd touch up

It's been a while since I last updated my vaser blog. The journey sure has been long since my original vaser med def in May 2013. It's been 6 months since I had my 2nd touch up by Dr. Comins to my chest, upper and lower abs and sides.

I have attached two photos, one taken by Dr. Comins and the other myself. Overall I am pleased with the results but there is still a bit of noticeable pocket of fat on the lower right side of my abs and sides as well as upper left pec just under the arms.

Feel free to message me with any questions etc
Mike Comins

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