32A to 400cc Hp Breast augmentation, no Kids, 26yrs Old - Riverside,CA

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Hi, I'm having my breast augmentation in a few...


I'm having my breast augmentation in a few weeks! It's so surreal, I have been waiting for this moment for years!
I have a small upper body and waist, but have a curvy butt with soccer legs. My bra band size is actually 27inches (I round up to 32). The biggest my surgeon suggest I should go is 400cc. I'm scared that it will not be big enough! I love the "augmented" look, but also I don't want to be two walking boobies.... Any advice for pre surgery prep, sizing, post op, tips and comments are very much appreciated! Thank you ??

More pictures!

More wish pics and pictures of me!

How to prepare before my surgery?!

I'm trying to get prepared before my surgery! Any ideas of what I should get? Sports bra? Pillows? Bio-oil? I could use any and all advice!

Rice test!

Did the rice test today! I know some surgeons don't agree with this test, but I wanted a general idea of what 400cc looked like on my body! I'm in love!

Pre-op today!!!

Surgery is set for Monday! I'm dying over here! I decided to go with 400cc high profile!

No more itty bitty titties!

I had my surgery yesterday and I love them so far! I got, 400cc HP. I haven't really looked at them because my surgeon wrapped them pretty good! I hope that they come out this big and do not get any smaller!

Two days post op

I'm so excited! It's only been two days and I love them!

3 days post op


5 days post op

I haven't done many updates with a lot of detail. I was a 32A and I had 400cc HP silicon implants put in on Monday.
The pain sucks but is bearable with medication! I have been resting and sleeping most days. I like how my implants look right now.... I currently am wearing a chest strap to help push the implants down.
My surgeon does not believe in massaging so I have no massaged at all. So far I love my size, but sometimes a part of me wishes I went bigger. I think it's all in my head....

Sports bra for after surgery?

I'm planning on going to VS tomorrow to purchase sports bras because I can start wearing supportive sport bras that zip up in the front on Tuesday!

Any suggestions on great bras from VS? Ones with zippers in the front?
Also any suggestions of any other bras that are not at VS?(I'm just obsessed with Vs)

I purchased a "shefit" bra and I absolutely love it but it is too heavy duty to wear everyday all day... I suggest that any woman who gets a breast augmentation purchase one of these bras!!! They are amazing! (They are especially great if you workout)

7 day post op

Tomorrow will be a week since surgery and everyday my breasts are looking better and better! I thought I didn't go big enough but the more days that go by, the more I love them.... For the ladies that do not know, I went 400cc high profile. I'm so happy I went with high profile because my breasts project out more, which make them appear bigger not wider....

Graduated into a bra with no underwire!

No more pink chest compression with the strap!!! I have moved onto greater things! Not going to lie tho, the sports bra and bras I bought (no underwire) compress my breasts too much and are so uncomfortable that I would rather wear the pink chest compression they started me in) I emailed my doctor to find out if I could just wear that instead right now since I won't be going anywhere or if I boobies need to be in a bra....
I'm not sure if I should have compression or support, the sports bra gives me both. But it hurts my baby girls :( (I'm pretty sure it is my size)

14 days post op!

I think they are beautiful! I have to realized it's only been 14 days! I have 6 months of change ahead of me! I have not had much pain, just muscle spasms; especially at night! I believe that the right breast is dropping much faster than the left (I am right handed, not sure if that has anything to do with it).
I have no stretch marks, thank goodness!


I love the projection that my high profile implants give. Not to mention, the projection gets better with time!

15 days post op!

These 15 days have gone by so fast!
I had my appointment with my surgeon today. It went great and I am healing just fine! For those of you who did not know, I did not do any massaging (my surgeon does not believe in this)
My implants are more soft each day and I love them!
I can start to do more things with my arms. I can do light exercise (walking, but no lunges, squats etc.) I'm still only limited to lifting 5lbs. Nothing more!
Obviously I still have a lot of change a head of me, but it all should be positive change!

Happy boobing!


Silicone tape!

Hi ladies!
I totally recommend silicone tape! This tape goes on after your steri-strips fall off and your surgeon says it's okay to use something else to cover your wounds!
This tape helps healing!!!! It works wonders on scars! (I've had five other surgeries, two broken arms and two knee reconstructive surgeries!) lets just say I'm very brave and athletic ;)
It even works on old scares and keloids!
Totally recommend it! I bought mine off of amazon!


This is just two weeks, so they are ugly! But they look healthy & great from my viewpoint (I work in the medical field)
I have dissolvable stitches, some of the excess is skin glue


2 weeks 4 days post op! They kinda got bounced around today... Hehehe.... So I freaked out, but I think they will be alright!
Love them! I'm a size 32DD. 400cc high profile!

Swimsuit shopping....

I bought three swimsuit tops from Victoria secret and I'm so disappointed. They fit my breasts just fine, but are too big around my rib cage!!!! I ordered a larger... Maybe try on a medium? That's the problem I fear that I am going to face. My ribcage being so small!!!!

3 weeks post op!

Hello pretty ladies!

I'm officially 3 weeks post op! I know I haven't returned some messages, but I will get there! I have been so busy with school!
My girls are dropping beautifully and looking different every day. My incisions are looking great as well. The pain is gone, except in the mornings. When I first wake up I'm extremely sore and I have no idea why... Morning boob? Lol
My right boob has a little dip at the top of the nipple..... You can't really see it, but I figured it's part of the dropping process! More than likely it won't be there tomorrow!
Talk to you ladies soon! Hope you are all recovering well!

24 days post op!

I know I just did an update for three weeks, but my boobies are changing everyday! They are becoming softer and my incisions are looking better! I went and got a spray tan and I love how my they look tan! I covered my incisions while getting tanned because I did not want the pray tan color to change the pigment of my incisions!

4 weeks post op

Hello boobie family, It's been 4 weeks post op! I have not been doing much activity. Mostly homework and some walks in the evening. The pain is really bad in the morning and my nipples are so sensitive they hurt (kinda like when I'm on my period) My scars are a little bumpy, probably from the stitches. They have not dissolved yet... Takes about six weeks for them to fully dissolve.... The more my boobs are dropping, the bigger they seem to be in my clothes! I love the projection that the high profile implant gives!


Here are my 4 week old scars

Pain & Morning boob...

Is anyone experiencing pain and awful morning boob?!?! I'm 4 weeks out from my surgery and I'm still having pain! My doctor said it is because I was so active before (I did a lot of push up and chest exercises in my workout routine, making my chest muscle tight) so the muscle was stretched a lot... She mentioned again how small I was and how big the implant is. I think when I look in the mirror I portray myself a lot bigger than what I really am. Making my implants appear smaller!!! Does that make sense?

Botox or latisse

So because I got natrelle implants they offered me free Botox or latisse for six months. I chose the Botox because it is more expensive! I have always wanted to do Botox for my forehead... The wrinkles are only getting worse! I know some would say, "you're too young" The reality of it is, if I continue to wrinkle my forehead (which I do everyday) the wrinkles will just continue to get worse! I am doing this to prevent further wrinkles! I'm planning on buying latisse. The ladies at the surgery office all use it and their lashes are AMAZING!!!! Any advice or suggestions? Much love!

5 weeks post op!

Already at 5 weeks! Time goes by so fast! I'm going back to work around May 19... (6 weeks post op) I work in psychiatry and I have combative patients, so I decided to take off 6 weeks... Vacation? Ah no. I haven't been able to do any activities that I love like, working out, hiking, running and yoga. So it has been a very boring but relaxing 5 weeks! My doctor allowed me to start running, but I dare not even try! I still have terrible morning boob and random muscle spasms that hurt! My boobies have become softer & also more "full" I think that's part of the "fluff & drop" process! I love how they look. I was sized again at VS and I am a 32DDD...sounds massive right? It's not like the saggy typical DDD... Having implants is completely different sizing than someone without implants... PLUS not to mention EVERYONE is different! Honestly if I were to just look at my boobs without sizing them, I'd say I was a full C/small D. My incisions look great! Thank you silicon tape from Amazon! I love The projection my high profile implant gives (especially in swimsuits) I will post swim pics soon... :) I could not be more happy. My implants are the perfect size.... Love! Xoxoxo

6 weeks post op!

I am six weeks post op! They look beautiful! Dropping so nicely!!! They have become more full as they drop. They are so soft and squishy! So happy! I went tanning and covered my incisions.... I used band aids (hopefully I didn't let in any bad Uvb lighting)
I started working out and some exercises I do cause my boobies to be sore after.
I start back to work on Thursday.... I'm a little nervous!
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