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I had smart lipo done on August 9th so 2 months...

I had smart lipo done on August 9th so 2 months ago on my upper lower abs and love handles the whole procedure was awful they say no pain but i felt pain it felt like they were ripping through tissue or muscle, i wasnt small to begin with i gained some weight after doing hormone treatment for my endometriosis and was feeling very uncomfortable with how i looked after that.

i was in no way expecting to magically be skinny and have washboard abs but i just wanted to look better and help give me the confidence back i had lost so i could continue on with my weightloss. i am not hugely over weight but now 2 months after surgery i feel worse about myself then i did before. my love handles are smaller one side more then the other but i have hard lumps which came within days after my surgery. they are painful on top of making me looked deformed. i have smaller ones all on my sides so when i sleep at night it feels like im sleeping on sharp rocks and then i have a huge hard heavy painful spot around my belly button which is where the most pain was when they did my surgery and whenever i eat or drink anything i feel like i may explode. there is so much pressure from the hard mass on my stomach.

I found out the clinic i went to the doctor calls himself a cosmetic surgeon which makes you think plastic surgeon which i found out he is not he was a family practice and er doctor so knows nothing about doing cosmetic surgery. i had one of my incisions that took almost this whole 2 months to heal it had staph infection in it andi just saw an actual board certified plastic surgeon the other day that told me i probably have fat necrosis all over and there is nothing we can do about it for most likely at least a year so i can heal and then at that point i will have to have a tummy tuck.

i just want people out there to be really really careful when choosing the Doctor you are having it done by and only have a board certified plastic surgeon do it. i am now going to be suffering from my mistake it sounds like for a long time and i even missed two weeks of work from this because i got so sick cause i had an infection inside which thankfully the new doctor said is gone. but i am only able to work part time because the pain gets so bad and my legs and ankles swell up huge if i sit for to long which my job is a desk job and i cant even wear regular pants anymore. i have to wear stretch pants or maternity jeans because the pressure from the pants hurts on my stomach and even my stretchy pants hurt. I went into this so excited thinking i would come out looking and feeling good and the total opposite happened. I just want people out there to know that this sounds so wonderful and like it can make you look good which im sure is true with the right Doctor but can also turn out horrible. my new doctor told me he has seen cases from the same guy who did mine where he punctured through into their intestines. so again be careful if i could take having it done back i would because i look just as bad if not worst then before

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