32 Yrs Old, Breastfed 2 Children, Lost 50 Lbs - Lodi, CA

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I'm currently 145 lbs. I breastfed 2 kids for...

I'm currently 145 lbs. I breastfed 2 kids for several years and lost a lot if weight (50-60 lbs) . I'm getting a anchor lift and BA on 7/23/14. My PS was thinking about going 400-425cc's. My boobs are really droopy . Pre surgery size 34-c. Any advice:) I plan in going back to work 5 days post op..

8 hours pre op

In a lot of pain. I threw up my Vicodin and muscle relaxer. In very sensitive to anesthesia it happened before when giving birth. Anyway it hurts to talk and cough. I took 1000 mg of extra strength Tylenol since I hurled the pain killer. Boy I didn't expect this but hey my boobs look great lol

Had my BA and BL Wednesday.

Had my BA and BL Wednesday. I know it's only almost 2 days post op but my right boob looks deformed. Ps sad the muscle will adjust and eventually drop but the implant looks like it's going in my armpit. The left looks fine. I'm do scared. My ps did not put steri strips in my anchor lift excisions says it's not necessary and it can irritate the skin. What are your thoughts. I'm mortified at the picture I can't post it

Feeling better and happier

So I'm 3 days post op and wow what a 360 difference I feel. I took a shower today with hubby's help. My right boob is going DOWN!! Yay. I was afraid if have to wait 2 months the way it looked yesterday . I'm feeling much better I've been taking muscle relaxer and think it's been helping slot. Gravity does certainly win all the time. I was supposed to go back to work Monday but my pS advised to wait if possible. I talked to my job and they were ok with it. Everything is working out . I think I just had to get over that 3 day "hell hump" . It really does get better with time right ladies!?

1 week post op

Went to my 1 wk post op appt. Looking better with each day . Righty is still a little tighty. Lol but it's dropping lil by lil. I am trying my pre 34 d bra on looks like it eill be too small after D&F but we'll see :) so far everything going good

3 weeks post op

My boobs are dropping more each week it seems. No more pain but still having a lot of morning stiffness but other than that everything is going just fine:) I can't wait to hit the gym again.
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