Laser Removal of Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo

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I started removing my large, winged black eyeliner...

I started removing my large, winged black eyeliner tattoo in March 2016.

First session: 3/4/16 with Lorena Öberg. Öberg is a laser specialist (and beautiful soul) who is based in London but was visiting Buffalo, New York for a training session and treated me with one pass of her custom-built Q-switched laser. Right away I could see a chunk of light fading on my right eye. I took 10mg hydrocodone, which I had left over from a previous surgery, for pain management. Pain was significant but ultimately tolerable.

Second session: 5/20/2016 with Dr. David Berman of the Berman Skin Institute in San Jose, CA. Dr. Berman did one pass on me with the MedLite, a commercial Q-switched laser. Again, I took 10mg hydrocodone for pain management, but found this experience to be much more painful than with Öberg's gentler laser.

Third session: 7/15/16. I returned to Dr. Berman for another pass under the MedLite. This time I took only 5mg hydrocodone for pain because it was all I had left in my personal supply, and per tattoo removal protocol Dr. Berman increased the intensity of his laser settings. The combination of these two factors made the pain almost intolerable.

Fourth session: 9/30/16 with Dr. Ronald Shelton of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York in NYC. Dr. Shelton injected my eyelids with anesthetic for pain management and treated the tattoo with three passes of the PicoSure laser. The process of having one's eyelids injected is bloody and disconcerting, but made the lasering process much less painful. This was a more aggressive laser treatment than I'd undergone before, and a small blister formed on my left eye.

More progress photos of healed eyes after second and third laser sessions

Just underwent treatment with the Picosure laser in NYC

I posted about this earlier, but the day before yesterday, Dr. Ronald Shelton of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York treated the tattoo with three passes of the PicoSure laser, which was much more aggressive treatment than I'd undergone before. This photo was taken the day after. As you can see, a few of my lashes have burned off and I have a small blister near my lash line. A significant amount of ink seems to have lifted immediately upon treatment. I am excited to see how the fading develops.

When I told Lorena Öberg (who did my first laser treatment) that I'd had 3 passes with the Picosure, she was horrified and told me that Picosure should never be used on the face. I did some research and found that professional opinions on this differ. Either way, the deed is done. We will see how this unfolds.
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