32 Yrs Old, Implant Removal 215cc Above the Muscle After 12 Years

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My initial BA was strongly influenced by people in...

My initial BA was strongly influenced by people in my close environment. Some had undergone the procedure and I was "promised" a BA from a young age. If they wouldn't develop more by the time I was 18 I could always get one. It was not the wisest strategy but well intentioned. Once I made the decision I had them within 2 weeks. The surgeon (male) emphasized how he totally understood this was not okay and how I should enhance my chest. The operation went well. I was told the smallest ones were mcGhan 215cc (I know now better) so those are the ones I choose. And it made me happy for a couple years.

However two things started happening: my natural breasts grew and I lost my baby fat. Making my chest look rather heavy in proportion to my body, 5.5 and 119 pounds. I was getting more questions and comments about them and I started to feel self conscious at times.

Secondly I started to develop more anymore vague symptoms. Perpetually tired to the point it was influencing both my work and social life, muscle and joint aches, limiting my active lifestyle, insistent headaches and many other random issues. I was not aware of a possible link. And after a couple years and no answers the doctor decided on fibromyalgia.

5 years ago I started informing about removal/downsizing. But was rebuffed by both my original surgeon (who wanted to replace them with bigger and rounder ones to add a lift- no way!). Who gave me exact the same spiel as years before (so understandable you want to improve this situation) and some other surgeon a couple years later (I am not in the business of making you look terrible, just take new ones under the muscle).

They would not hear my wishes. After hearing from them how bad it would turn out, I decided to wait till after having kids.

But this year I started thinking about it again. I had a mammogram and saw I that -indeed- I have natural breast tissue now. I started googling explantation again and this time I found all the info on silicon Side effects and ASIA.

I was in shock. What if all my health issues were caused by my own vain choice?!! I was really shocked and rather hard on myself. But I got through the initial hurt and anger and decided this was it: out! Now! My choices. 12 years is enough!!!

Difficult because it meant saying no to my to the influence from my family. Empowering because I am choosing to be good the way I am, to go back to me, my natural self.

My fiancé was absolutely supportive right away, claiming he would only think me more attractive, more of myself to love (swoon.. Glad I am marrying this one ;))

After talking to several surgeons (female this time, all agreeing my implants were to big and placed incorrectly so that my nipples looked up to the ceiling) and not rushing it like the first time around I choose an explantation with full capsulectomy. I was advised to leave the capsule in, save a lot money and some tissue but I am also now participating in research regarding ASIA. And was advised not to leave it. I was able to revise the plans, my surgeon was willing to do it according to my wishes despite having a different point of view.

Two days ago I had my operation. I was warned multiple times by my surgeon that with removal of the capsule I would loose a lot of my own tissue. And that I might come out flat, but eventually I was beyond those worries. Bring it on!

Surgery went well. And I am so pleased with the results. I think my surgeon was very cautious in managing my expectations. Yes they are droopy and uneven. But the size is perfect for my body and definitely WAY more than I had before! so maybe think twice when you get them young.. Your body type might still slightly change! I thought it wouldn't after 18 but here is the proof...

I did not have drains and could go home sooner than expected, I was under full anesthesia but woke up feeling groggy yet fine. No nausea.

The implants were not ruptured but had been sweating a lot, it was an oily mess in there apparently....

My first day home I felt so well I ended up being overactive. Leaving the house etc. Now I am in more pain and have some bruising, so really taking a step this time back and resting.

The adrenaline of being so happy to be ME and natural and loving my proportions was just firing me up, making me forget that this is still surgery! I had not expected to feel okay in tight tops and I was afraid my belly and hips would look bigger now. But I don't and I don't care, I feel good.

I hope recovery will go well, as they might fluff up a bit as I have seen with others. One breast is slightly dented because it needed an extra stitch because of bleeding.

Reading all the reviews here really empowered me in making my decision and choosing to be myself again. So I wanted to return the favor. Hopefully helping others the way I was enforced in my decision.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Warm wishes,


Day 3!

A bit bruised, but the swelling has gone. Dent has disappeared as well. They are slightly flatter but really starting to even out. So so happy! I look so much better natural and feel really empowered. I know I am lucky to have this amount of tissue left! For the first time in years proud of my breasts!

2 weeks post operation

Doing well. Hardest part is missing my workouts and body pump classes for a few more weeks. Since operation breasts about 30 percent volume, swelling is gone. But really happy they are shaping up nicely, bruising almost gone. Check up with PS was good, she was surprised at how I look better without. Scars itch but guess that is a sign of healing. Slowly increasing my activities. Can't wait to ditch the sport bra and wear some dainty bralettes. For everyone considering this: I am so glad they are out. Best decision in ages. Even if the result would have been different, just glad to be ME. Natural. Taking supplements (antioxidants etc) juicing watching my diet and no alcohol, hoping to assist the detox. Next step is hoping I will get better auto immune wise and that my body will heal. Will see...

3.5 months after surgery: super happy!

Still so so happy. I love the way my clothes fit, how free I dare to be. I did not realize how much I was hiding my boobs before, hoping no one would notice the implants. Also not wanting to draw attention to how big they actually were. Not wearing wired bras yet, just don't feel like it, just sport bras, bralettes or even nothing :)

Using vitamin E cream every day, massaging it in for 20 seconds or so, and the scar tissue is healing nicely. I also gently scrub the scar tissue once a week with a facial scrub.

Good luck to anyone out there considering an explant. I can only recommend it. I feel strong, powerful sexy and more feminine. It brought me so much, not just physically more so mentally. Yay to being perfect as you are!
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Business like, objective but also caring. Not selling me anything. She took a lot of time and called me back when I had questions. She was aware of silicon issues, not necessarily a believer but open to it and to my wishes for a capsulectomy. My fiancé brought balloons as a joke and when she visited me bedside she joked 'hey there are your balloons now' which worked for me :)

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