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I want the full round booty I once had. I want the...

I want the full round booty I once had. I want the small waist line, I've never had and a smaller back.

I would like my inner thighs reduced, so I don't get the rubbing when I walk... I always have to wear shorts under my dress and skirt. At the beach or pool, I wear shorts or else I will be raw between my thighs... Ouuuch!

Liposuction to my U/L Abs, flanks and lower back

Due to my job, I was unable to do the bbl. I would have needed too much time off to recover and get the best results. I sit for 12 hr shifts, therefore i chose to do the liposuction. I got my lipo done at SONO BELLO in Tampa on Friday the 13th (6/13/14).

I went in on 6/10/14 for my consultation. I met with Yahaira at reception, she is very courteous, friendly and always has a smile. My consultant Nicole answered all my questions. I observed the concern for my best interest, the cleanliness of the place, friendliness of the staff and they did their best to meet my schedule needs. They set my pre-op for the next day and surgery for that Friday (just how I wanted).

The total for the laser liposuction to my upper & lower abs, flanks and lower back was $5,250. The price covered Dr fees, surgical fees, procedure to areas described, 2 garments, 1 binder, 1 lymphatic drainage massage and my PO visits.

On the morning of surgery, I arrived at 6 am. I was greeted by nurse Alex who took me into a room to be prep. She took my vitals, weighed, measured and took pictures. She gave me the meds and explained what each one was for. I changed into a diposible bra & panty and i put on compression stockings and a gown.

Dr Gershenstein comes in and marks me then we go over again the areas that are getting done. He was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They lefte in the room for the meds to kick in. They had a recliner and delicious snacks.

Alex came back walked me over to the surgical room where everything was bright, clean and sterilized. She steriled my waist area and helped me to the table. She was my friendly and helpful. She took good care of me while the Dr did his work.

Dr. G told me what he going to do and explained the expectations of each thing. The numbing injections felt like a pinch and in some areas there's a slight burning. The incitions were just pressure. The tumescent fluid was injected, it was a little uncomfortable in some areas. The suction itself was sometimes ticklish. Every time I laughed, so did everyone else. We all talked and the hours went by fast. I was out and headed home by 11:30. My husband drove me home and took care of me.

I will post more updates tomorrow

1 day post op

Pics taken 24 hrs after getting a total of 1700cc removed from Upper & lower abdomen and waist (love handles and lower back). Very minor swelling on day 1. Lots of swelling on day 3 - 10 especially on days that I worked. Very uncomfortable feeling, lots of stiffness and some pain. I felt like it would never get better. It was very hard to work a 12 hr shift feeling this way..

Sono Bello is a rip off

Sorry i havent updated sooner.
I was not really upset with my results. The Dr offers one thing prior to liposuction and post op when ur in the garment everything looks great. I complained about some areas since my first post surgery. They said that would go away with time. but 10 months later the concerns are still there.
I went for my 6 month post op visit and talked to the Dr. He highlighted my areas of concern which should have been correctly done. Long story short... they want to charge me extra for going back in to correct their own mistakes... even though I don't think they are mistakes. I think it was intentional so they could charge me again. They won't get another penny from me. what guarantee do I have that they won't do the same cap again to get more $ out of me.

I have lumps and bumps and I look like I have bobs under my boobs. Because they did not suction hardly anything from my upper abs (which I paid for) but removed lots from the middle and left lumps around my belly button area.

Sono Bello Tampa are a rip off.. don't go there!

I don't have pics now, but I will post some soon
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